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Top Places or Countries to Study Abroad: Best Study Areas for Certificate Programs

Education is in no doubt among the best information one should get, no matter how good or smart your natural senses are, you must try to back it up with a good education so as to widen your scope of creativity or intelligence, therefore it will be nice to graduate with a certificate program (, Master’s, P.hD) in one of the best areas that can deliver it very well to you, this in turn leads to the top places or countries to study abroad.

This have made many people both far and wide to travel to countries of their choice in pursuit for success and a big academic portfolio.

Most schools abroad have also helped students of developing countries on their studies by providing scholarship for any student that qualifies for it.

Therefore, it is pertinent to note that studies abroad helps improve the student academic performance, provide room for more research work as well.

However, in this article we will discuss the areas or places that will most definitely give in their best and all to international students.

Why study abroad?

Firstly, there are good qualities and benefits that one can enjoy in studying abroad. Therefore, most individuals who wish to study abroad might be wondering about this questions; where is the best place to study? will they be offering my course of study? what are the research benefits I can gain as a scholar there?

Studying abroad brings great potentials like academic and language skills, also adding a unique light to your university study experience.

In addition to that, it helps bring a competitive advantage when it comes to finding employment, bringing out ways that can proactively broaden your experience.

Furthermore, getting an international education is an opportunity many students want and so we will make good  highlights of popular study destinations:

Finally, below are considering completing all or some of your university studies overseas, check out below on the summary of the best countries to study.

Top Places or Countries to Study Abroad

below are the various places where students all over the world can settle with a good academic background and more benefits via the research programs.

  1. USA

United States is a big country having basically good features like mountains, seas, deserts and bustling cities and a lot of beautiful people.

Therefore, this will help Students to be able to choose between areas and cities that have different things to offer equally.

Amazingly, the U.S has thousands of institutions that accept international applicants, and students that find the program good for all. No matter how it is, every student have the opportunity to add more experience to their knowledge.

However, it is one of the most expensive countries to study, this key factor makes the US a top study destination choice.

Despite the high tuition, Over 750000 international students attend university in the US every year, and more are willing to have the chance.

There are more to gain in studying abroad, U.S also offers scholarship to all international students but there are certainly more to explore. Students can also learn more in bigger competitive environment when they have to to study in UK with a good scholarship grants.


New Zealand is another top place for students to visit and continue their education, they ave more to learn and more to explore.Therefore, students can gain more in terms of experience, glacier hiking, field research works, as part of your studies. yes, with the mentioned benefits and national parks, any student who enjoys the outdoors will be sure to fall in love with New Zealand.There are other qualities that make New Zealand stand out as a place to study abroad like it’s low crime rate, excellent health benefits, and the fact that English is the national language.


Firstly, you cannot mention the best among all the places and you do not mention Germany as a country with good benefits to study.

It is pertinent to note that Germany is the country with the highest number of international students. Germany is continuing to grow in popularity with international students, has more scholarship offers for them.

Therefore, Germany has a higher education institutions and modern learning and research facilities, it is a good destination to study.

There are no tuition fees charged at undergraduate and PhD level at all public universities, there are a range of English-taught courses, mostly at graduate level.

Adding towards the good educational support and assistance, Germany offers  range of culture, history and unique traditions.

4. CANADA (Top Places or Countries to Study Abroad)

Canad is among the world’s most educated country, Canada proudly features top universities and among the best in the world.

Also, a country known for its diversity and inclusive values, studying abroad in Canada will be easy to adjust to for all scholars both far and wide.

Toronto ranked recently as the most desirable city for students, among an active three Canadian cities for studies.

Finally students learn culture, great natural environment and massive regional variations, Canada offers lots to explore for visiting students.


Firstly, Australia is one of the world’s most popular places for international students having high number of institutions making the top hundred for university academic rankings.

Students will have plenty to enjoy outside the classroom too considering its big cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia is unique in its range of habitats, from rain-forests and deserts to alpine mountains and underwater ecosystems. This beautiful attributes attracts a diverse range of animals and wildlife both on land and in the ocean.

Finally, it is just a good perfect place for sun, sand and academic success, although they have small population, Australia is just the perfect destination.

6. FRANCE (Top Places or Countries to Study Abroad)

France is often chosen as one of the top study destinations is because of its culture and history. Its universities consistently place well in worldwide rankings of educational institutions.

In France, there is always somewhere new to visit where students can learn outside the classroom, also the country is known as a home to renowned business schools.

Two languages available for all scholars to use for studies undergraduate teaching; French, graduate education is often available in English.

Academic excellence, reduced tuition fees and diversity are three things that potential international students should consider when choosing where to study abroad.


Today, Taiwan is recently ranked as the most affordable city for students around the globe. Tuition fees are low, and the high quality of education make them more selected.

Therefore, Taiwan offers more than 120 courses taught in English, for 40 universities, also a popular destination in which to learn.

Above all, Taiwan also offers a good quality of life with relatively low living costs; accommodation costs as little as TW$88,000 (~US$2,900) per year.

Students also have the opportunity to learn local history and politics, as well as experiencing life in a new culture, where old and new come together.

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