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Top places in Europe to study Abroad for all International Students



Education is very important and getting a certificate from any university in Europe is one of the best thing any scholars could ever pray for, Europe as a continent is very good for studies and other necessary activities therefore this article presents the top places in Europe to study abroad.There are a whole lot of good destination in Europe to study, destinations such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France are amazing with the best training and teaching equipment for all students.

Why study in Europe?

This is the first question i will like to explain because many scholars want to know various things that they can gain or achieve in studying in Europe.

When it comes to Europe, just know that you are definitely entering a country with the best institutions of learning completely.

However, with Europe it can be quite difficult to decide what country, let alone city, to decide to live and study in; each country has its own unique culture.

Europe is incredibly overwhelming with one of the most popular study abroad regions in the world. Europe is the best place to start in your research findings.

According to survey, over 20,000 international students agreed to study abroad and also choosing Europe as the best destination to move to.

In this article we have we have complete list of the best countries in Europe to study abroad in. This is also a popularly ranked and truly exciting places to experience throughout Europe.

Finally, below are the most important factors when choosing a study abroad destination in Europe…

The factors for studying in Europe

  1. To experience a new culture or lifestyle
  2. To have an adventure
  3. Also to access higher quality teaching
  4. To achieve my career goals
  5. Easy decision-making process
  6. To develop myself personally
  7. Then learn a new language
  8. To make new friends or widen my professional network

Europe as a destination

The most popular destination to study in Europe, comes in as United Kingdom, Germany and France, they are countries that comes to your mind.

Making decisions where to study abroad in Europe; choosing the country you’ll study in can often be as important as choosing a university.

However, there are many other European study destinations worth considering and all of the following countries feature in the top 50 of the new QS Higher Education System Strength Ranking.

Below here are just a few of the region’s top study destinations considering solid higher education systems, exciting study abroad experiences, and great universities.

Top places in Europe to study Abroad for all scholars


Firstly, you can’t be talking of studies in Europe without mentioning UK. The UK as a country, has plenty to offer to students.

UK is home to many of world-recognized universities, many of which consistently rank in Top University lists around the globe.

Uk have rich historical and cultural heritage, a mix of vibrant cities and English countryside landscapes, best universities in the English.

Many students from all over the world seek out undergraduate and post graduate programs in the UK, and they offer the best for that.

A good amazing thing about UK is that its teaching quality has been ranked first in the world, and it boasts one of the highest satisfaction among English speaking countries.

In addition to that, Students move to the UK for the superb cultural experience, best universities, and the opportunities after graduation.

Therefore, studying in the UK means you’ll be at the entrance to the rest of Europe countries. This means that you will be able to participate in many travel and extra-curricular activities.


Germany earned excellent marks in our research and is a top contender for your study abroad destination especially for international students.

Therefore, they rank second in Europe for access to higher education offering a unique education and exciting student life in urban centers .

Germany study programs combine theory and practice, giving you fantastic skills and experience for your future career.

It is mostly known for its low study costs, high potential in achieving career goals and a high quality of teaching as well.

Universities here are among the best in the world, and tuition costs for public universities are all free for international students.

As the largest economy in Europe, Germany is in good place or position to help you achieve your career goals just like you want.

There is a lot to achieve in Germany like beer festivals, enchanting castles, giant pretzels, fast cars, and countryside landscapes.

Finally, living in Germany will give you the opportunity to learn about the country’s outstanding history and success inventions.


Even though being a small country in Central Europe, Switzerland is a country that is able to offer an impressive quality of life and fantastic opportunities for education and careers.

Switzerland is known for its beautiful mountains, delicious cheeses, decadent chocolates, and clean, natural picturesque towns.

Switzerland’s offers four national languages; German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Therefore any region you choose to study, you have the opportunity to learn not one but four new languages.


They are among the top best in Europe for teaching quality and research filled career goals. Switzerland offers an excellent array of universities, beautiful landscapes and rewarding educational possibilities.

However, it can be expensive to live in Switzerland, tuition at most public universities is the same for all international students, irrespective of nationality.


Netherlands ranks among the best in Europe for access to higher quality teaching, Known for its café-culture lifestyle and love of cycling.

The Netherlands is a home to some world-renowned museums, like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank Museum.

A good student academic performance can lead to the Dutch government retaining international scholar, with the option to apply for a one year residence permit after graduation.

The country has very high English proficiency, there’s a diverse range of English-language programs to choose from.

Netherlands own oldest and most reputable higher education systems in the world and a great student life experience for all.

This cheap, easy mode of transportation also keeps you healthy as you indulge in delicious pastries, pancakes, and cheeses.


France is one of the oldest and historically rich nation in the world, France and its people are well known for their fine cuisine, fashion and art.

book your study abroad destination to France immediately if you dream of living in the capital of fine wine and fashion.

Paris is home to world’s largest and most visited art museum, high-end fashion houses, and some of the best universities.

The French boast themselves on their cultural influence, cuisine, from aromatic cheeses to hearty stews to seaside mussels. They are also renown for their perfectly production with diverse wines.

In addition to that, they have top tourist destination, study abroad options are also prominent and more accessible, with low study costs.


Studying in Spain will give you a chance to learn the second most commonly spoken language in the world or across the globe.

Spain joins few countries with one of the largest populations of study abroad students in the world. Have you considered joining them?

A good feature to  about Spain is it’s adventure and culture with the cost of living being low. Also, they have over 70 universities to choose from, and a rich historical and artistic landscape to navigate.

Finally, Spain has it all considering the delicious wines, to the colorful national dress, to the rich history, they are just a full pack.


Danish education system prides itself as being incredibly rigorous and academically fit, they promote creativity, innovation, and analytical and critical thinking.

Students that want to study where the people are happy and the quality of life is high, look no further than Denmark universities.

Danish people love biking, in fact more than 50% of Copenhageners cycle to and from work every day. Bikes are a primary form of transportation in the relatively-flat cities.

Denmark have array of educational options like 700 degree programs and 1300 courses taught entirely in English, there are many options available.

Denmark is definitely a top study abroad destination with excellent links to industry to help you gain high experience.


Italy is, quite possibly, the most romantic country on this list of places to study abroad. Italy is also the birthplace of pasta and pizza – two of the world’s favorite foods.

Italy is a study abroad destination in Europe that is not only popular, but is more easily accessible for all scholars across the globe.

You must know that American and British schools have branches in Italy, increasing the number of English-taught courses for international students.

They rank best in terms of finding adventure and experiencing a new culture, becoming a home to multinational schools.


Sweden’s rapidly growing start-up scene and the country’s high English proficiency, as a scholar you’ll fall in love with Swedish culture.

The country also boasts for low study costs in Europe, making all your dreams of living a Scandi lifestyle very much easy.

Therefore, in Sweden You’ll find the biggest universities in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, and Lund, but there are over 30 universities to choose from.

This means lots of opportunities for international students for their career goals category because of the many degrees to earn from.

The Scandinavian country known for its flat-pack furniture, meatballs, and ABBA, Pastries and coffee are enjoyed with friends.

Students who bring their studies to Sweden gets experience in incredible sense of well-being and work-life balance especially in English proficiency.

Working features include: multinational companies into a global community full of exciting opportunities in terms of tech industry.


Portugal is small but wonderful, Portugal is known for its football, surfing, and golf courses. Therefore, Portugal ranks second in the world for students seeking adventure.

Amazingly, Portuguese lifestyle involves new foods like port wine and regional specialties, witnessing its architectural triumphs.

If you’re looking for a way to mix up some adventure between studies, look no further than Portugal. They have some of the best beaches in the world, you can enjoy them year-round.

You can take a move to Lisbon, Faro and the southern coast – where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean.  Embrace Life like no other with Portugal.


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