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Study in Japan without IELTS Exam for all International Students



Studying in Asia is one of the biggest dreams for many African or international scholars, and japan being one of the biggest Asia countries will be a very good idea for all internal students to study, therefore this article presents in full details the possibility of international students to study in Japan without IELTS exam.

Getting to know the IELTS test exam Features

Firstly, let’s throw a little more light on the English (IELTS) proficiency exam so that the layman will easily understand.

Therefore, the question would be; what is an IELTS exam all about?? The IELTS exam is an International English Language Testing System.

This test exam is very much acceptable in various institutions across many countries and a good grade in the exam becomes a pass-mark for admission progress.

IELTS has become really common in this present day and age making it globally-recognized test of English proficiency. I you take an (IELTS) test before, you can still re-take the test again.

A high IELTS score is the best way to prove that they have the English language proficiency to enter a top university.

Therefore, one thing you must know is that, without IELTS certificate, you can still be able to open doors by yourself to international academic and professional opportunities in many institutions across the world.


  • IELTS is not necessary when applying to an English-based program in some Japanese institutions.
  • IELTS does not affect your chance of being accepted or rejected by some Japanese universities.
  • Without IELTS, you can still apply for some prestigious universities in Japan.
Yes, Japan Japan has an entire new horizon of possibilities open for all, they also have some of the best university programs in the entire world.
The country consistently ranks in the top ten in education. Also, the Japanese scholarships for international students are offered by the Japanese government each year.

According to Records, there’s an estimated of approximately 298,000 international students in Japan, involving both graduates and undergraduate students.

However, majority of them are Japanese language students but undergraduate students follow them closely. Also, Japanese universities have a wide variety of programs that are taught entirely in English.
Even thou the students (undergraduates) do not know Japanese they can still be able to get the admission and further their studies.
in addition to that, below is a list of Japanese scholarships provided by the Japanese government and other public and private universities in Japan.
Finally, one could ask, is an IELTS necessary when applying to an English-based program in a Japanese institution? Not always. We have some alternatives so that you can study in Japan without IELTS.

Note: If you plan to study in Japan, there are Japanese scholarships without IELTS. Hence, you can enroll for Japan scholarship on undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

Securing a scholarship without IELTS (Study in Japan without IELTS Exam)

Well is easy to study in Japan as compared to the USA, Canada, UK, etc also Japan is famous for having the Most highly Educational Universities.

There are three many different ways to study in Japan without IELTS. This will result to making out a guide for Study in Japan for international students.

You can also get Japanese scholarships even without IELTS. we encouraged you to must apply for the Japanese universities.

However, you must know that there are Some Top Universities in Japan where you can study without IELTS certificate.

Japan has Some of the Best University Programs in the Entire World. I will give a rundown on some of the Japanese Universities without IELTS.

Alternative English certificates just like IELTS

Aside from IELTS, there are many other language certificates that are accepted by Japanese universities. This can serve as proof of English proficiency, English certificates  are accepted by Japanese Universities below:

  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).
  • Cambridge Tests Scores.
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test).
  • ACT (American College Testing).
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
  • EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students).
  • High School Curriculum (more information below, in #2).
  • Standardized Exam Cutoff Scores for Universities with English Programs.
  • IB (International Baccalaureate).

Five Ways to Study in Japan without IELTS Exam

1. Study in Japanese

This is all about having that zeal or interest to be able to focus on studying in Japan, then follow up the necessary steps for it.

Therefore, If you have been interested in Japanese culture for years and have been taking language courses, you need a level sufficient to take your higher studies chosen language.

What must you do for this? The scholar need to prove proficiency in Japanese but when they do that, the language will stop being an obstacle.

The test to examine your ability on Japanese-Language Proficiency. This is the simplest way to study in Japan without IELTS.


2. Attend a Japanese language school

Another step to do this is to join the over 90,000 students that are currently learning Japanese in Japan. If you’re determined to not only learn the language.

Therefore, Learning the language while focused in Japanese culture and being able to practice will help you speed up your learning process.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in pursuing higher studies after this, you can wait until you have gotten to the necessary stage. After that, you can apply to a program that’s taught in Japanese.

Finally, at the end of your career, you will be completely fluent in the language and you’ll have greater chances of pursuing job opportunities there.

3. You don’t need IELTS if you’re a native speaker

To be able to follow up this process, then you will have to provide a copy of your passport and, in some cases, your birth certificate.

If you prove that you’re a native English speaker, then you won’t need to present the IELTS as proof of proficiency in the language. 

4. Your high school education was in English

This is another step because If you went to school in an English-speaking country, you won’t need to take the IELTS.

Graduating from the English institution is proof enough that you speak the language, even if you’re not a native from said country.

Furthermore, You can study in Japan without IELTS if your school was not located in an English-speaking country but they taught the classes in English.

Note: You need to provide sufficient evidence that your education was in English.

5. Submit other English tests

Just like I mention above, we have other Proficiency test like TOEFL and Cambridge. Therefore, You can also submit your scores in tests like the TOEFL and Cambridge tests.

IELTS are not the only English sufficiency tests accepted by Japanese universities as proof of proficiency in the language.

Finally, the proficiency test scores necessary for admission might vary between universities and between the programs offered.

Scholarships in Japan 2021-2022

Japanese Scholarships for the year 2021-2022 for the candidates who want to Pursue their Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral Degree Programs.

  • Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship Program
  • The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
  • Asian Development Bank–Japan Scholarship Program (ADB–JSP)
  • JASSO Scholarships
  • Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship 

Nut-shell Universities to Study in Japan without IELTS Exam Requirements

The list is below and will explain few of them below after this:

  1. University of Tokyo
  2. Hiroshima University
  3. University of Tsukuba
  4. Meiji University
  5. Waseda University
  6. Keio University
  7. Tokyo Institute of Technology

Universities to Study in Japan without IELTS Exam Requirements

Below are some of the universities that offer English-base programs without the need to present IELTS scores in Japan.

1. University of Tokyo

This is one of the popular universities in Japan, and it is considered as the best institution Japan. Also, you can study in Japan without IELTS if you received their high school education in English. this could last for at least four of the five first years of basic education and five of the secondary six years of education.

However, considering English-based programs, students can present TOEFL scores or Cambridge English Qualifications, which vary according to the programs.

2. University of Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba is also located in Tokyo and it offers English programs as well for all international scholars.

The requirements for admission to these programs include presenting TOEFL scores, which vary according to the studies. This will happen when we consider the scores requirements are higher for their program giving to medical scientists.

3. Hiroshima University

This is another good institution that offers English-base programs and it requires proof of English proficiency to get admission.

Therefore, they just accept TOEFL scores unless you are a native speaker of the language in which case no proof is acceptable.

If you’re not a native speaker but attended school in English, then a letter from a professor stating your proficiency is sufficient proof to get accepted here.

4. Meiji University

Here, Meiji University offers a variety of ways to prove your English proficiency by giving a minimum score of 80 if you present your TOEFL results.

These are only some of the universities with English-based programs that accept proofs of English sufficiency different from the IELTS.

In addition ti that, you can present your SAT scores or your ACT results to prove you are proficient in the language for the study.

However, there are not many options for undergraduate programs in English because these universities offer two options, one in social sciences and one in medical sciences.

Finally, the Japanese government is looking to increase the number of international studies in the country and this can bring more development.



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