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Antarctica Travel Insurance: Requirements, Types, Insurance Policies Needed for Antarctica Vacations

Travelling to a new country looks pretty much amazing and full of fun because you get to leave your country to a new one for greener pastures or studies, many people know Antarctica, to some it might not be their destination country but if you are really interested in travelling to Antarctica then you should read through this article to learn more about “Antarctica” and “Antarctica travelling insurance”. However, is not just the travel alone but getting an insurance that gets you covered and insured against the risk you might encounter during your travelling periods.

Antarctica Travel Insurance

Antarctica, is a land with the most uncertain weather condition and southern most part of the world is a must place to visit.

The best time to enjoy or explore Antarctica is in the months from November to March when the weather isn’t too tough. Travelers and vacationers visiting Antarctica are most times from countries like ArgentinaSouth AfricaNew Zealand. They are advisable to buy travel medical insurance.

However, purchasing a travel insurance will encompass the following coverage: Medical care expenses, Emergency Evacuation, Trip cancellation and trip interruption, Baggage loss, Adventure activities.

Where Can I get Travel Insurance for Antarctica?

Let me throw in this as the first question for all… You can get travel insurance to cover Antarctica from international travel insurance companies.

There are many travel insurance comparison websites, like VisitorsCoverage, You can go to a local agency or purchase your plan entirely online.

Also, the websites will help you use to browse through different companies/plans and find one that’s most suited to you.

Finally, You will have to submit information regarding your trip, like the destination(s), duration of travel, time of travel, cost and age.

So what time is it available to Purchase Travel Insurance for Antarctica? (Antarctica Travel Insurance)

The best advise for this is that You should buy a travel insurance policy for Antarctica as soon as you are set to travel.

Therefore, many will ask you to submit proof of adequate travel insurance weeks or even months in advance.

However, there is always a risk of delay or cancellation with trips to Antarctica, getting travel insurance. This will make you eligible for reimbursement in those events.

Finally, the nature of these insurance plan coverage depends on the specific plan you decide to purchase.

How Safe is to Travel to Antarctica?

Due to a long and isolated journey, with a harsh and temperamental weather conditions, as well as the fact that the trip is almost entirely on a boat, a trip to Antarctica does not come without risks.

Although, most cases manage the passage without any incidents.

Antarctica Travel Insurance Requirements (Antarctica Travel Insurance)

The required amount of medical coverage can vary depending on a traveler’s itinerary and tour operator. This can come with a minimum of $100,000 in evacuation and medical coverage is often required.

The Medical Evacuation benefit can transport a traveler to the nearest adequate hospital in the event of a medical emergency.

Emergency Medical benefit of travel insurance can reimburse travelers for the costs of medical treatment in the event of an illness.

Trip Cancellation insurance for Cruise travel

Trip cancellation insurance not only offers coverage for trip investment expenses, but also covers medical expenses.

In case a traveler missed a cruise because a flight was delayed, or had to cancel a cruise vacation because he/she fell sick or for any other reason.

However, trip Cancellation insurance will cover non-refundable trip investment expenses. It will also cover medical expenses such as falling sick and needing medical assistance.

But if in case, the injury or sickness is severe the traveler may be asked to get off the ship at the nearest port to get immediate medical care.

If adequate healthcare treatment is not available at the place you got off the cruise, then you may have to get to the nearest hospital.

Things a Travel Insurance for Antarctica should contain (Antarctica Travel Insurance)

When you look for a travel insurance plan for Antarctica, you should look at whether it covers the following:

  • Medical evacuation.
  • Out-of-country medical care.
  • Trip disruption.
  • Baggage loss, theft, or damage.
  • Additional activities.

1. Medical Evacuation

One of the main things tour operators to Antarctica will require from a travel insurance plan is adequate coverage for medicals. You will likely be required to get emergency evacuation insurance amounting to at least $100,000.

The country Antarctica is isolated and there are no medical care facilities, if you get into a serious accident or become ill, you will need emergency evacuation services.

Evacuation coverage includes any medical services you receive while on the flight to the nearest hospital.

Also, it does not cover the cost of your medical treatment once you reach the medical facility.

2. Medical care

Still on the note of medical services, you need travel insurance for medical care in a foreign hospital once you really get there. Considering the national health insurance, receiving medical treatment can easily add up to very high costs.


Comprehensive Antarctic Medical Travel Insurance policies include:

  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation in remote areas, including Antarctica.
  • Evacuation travel insurance coverage of $150,000 per person (limits vary by cruise operator)
  • Insurance to cover flight cancellation & change of dates
  • Out-of-country medical treatment
  • Insurance for loss, damage, injury, and delay, or other inconvenience occurring to or otherwise involving a passenger.

3. Trip disruption (Antarctica Travel Insurance)

A trip to Antarctica comes with a lot of uncertainties. This is why it is important to have coverage for trip disruption as well, which includes cancellation, interruption, and delay.

If the weather is not suitable for travel, the trip could be delayed, resulting in additional costs.

Reasons that are considered eligible for cancellation or interruption reimbursement include illness, injury, death, bad weather, unexpected natural disaster.

4. Baggage loss

This type of travel insurance will cover you in case your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged (through no fault of your own). You will be reimbursed for any losses up to a certain amount.

5. Additional activities

When purchasing your travel insurance plan, make sure you know whether you will be covered if you leave the ship.

In some cases, your insurance company could refuse to cover you if you got injured due to activities like kayaking, trekking, or expeditions.

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