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Iran Travel Insurance: Insurance Guide, Health and Requirements for All

Iran travel insurance; So travelling to different countries, and visiting new places will always bring joy to our hearts. However, we humans are always exposed to various dangers and so our adventures are wrought with a certain amount of risk. For this reason, humans have made measures to reduce their anxiety concerning that amount of risk present in their lives. Travel and health insurance is one of the ways human beings have come up with to reduce their anxiety concerning the risk that might pop up during travelling periods.

Iran Travel Insurance

Core details of the Iran Insurance

Iran is the second largest country in the Middle East, and is bordered by Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, the Caspian Sea (with Kazakhstan and Russia across the Caspian Sea), the Persian Gulf.

Majority of inhabitants of the capital city, Tehran, are Persian-speaking, and identify themselves as Persians.

Also, the climate of Iran varies from arid to subtropical, has a cool semi-arid climate. Tehran is usually dry and hot in the summer, and cold and wet in winter, with a mild spring and autumn.

Tehran is one of the main tourist locations in Iran, and offers museums, art galleries, beautiful architecture and design.

Attributes to this Policy

  1. Repatriation of accompanied minors
  2. Juridical Comradeship
  3. Medical transfer
  4. Imbursement of treatment expenses up to 10,000 euros
  5. In the event of any medical emergency, Bimeh Iran shall provide the insured with the required information.
  6. Repatriation of the corpse
  7. Loss of document
  8. Undertaking the attendant’s travel to Iran from their country of origin.

Is Healthcare in Iran Good?

This is very important for your travel to Iran. Therefore, the healthcare system in Iran depends mostly on which part of the country you are into.

If you are in a large city such as Tehran, then you will likely find that the quality of health centres and hospitals is up to international standards.

Can I Buy Iran Travel Insurance From an International Company?

Most International companies offer Iran Travel Insurance but their price is very high compared to the local providers.

This can be up to (about 50 euros) due to the fact that their medical coverage is very high. Most local providers cover theft, luggage loss, however this does not apply to some international companies.

Can I use my existing travel insurance?

This is for those who have travel insurance before, therefore if you already have a travel insurance, be careful because a travel insurance for your trip to Iran can be different from a travel insurance to other destinations.

Explicitly, many insurances sold outside Iran are not valid for a travel to Iran or at least some parts of Iran. The problem is that, due to the long history of political tensions between Iran and west, many insurers do not put Iran in their destination lists.

So, if you want to use your travel insurance for getting your Iran visa, make sure ‘Iran’ is clearly mentioned in their list.

Can You Get Iran Travel Insurance at the Airport?

You might have to stand in long lines in order to get your insurance for this option to be really available or reach you.

If your current Travel Insurance doesn’t cover Iran and you forgot to buy Iran Travel Insurance, don’t worry, the authorities will help you to buy it at the airport.

Countries that don’t need Travel Insurance in order for you to enter Iran

Yes this happens and this countries can offer it but however, it is advised to get travel insurance in case of an emergency.

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bolivia
  • Egypt
  • Georgia
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela


Firstly, there are two reasons for having a travel insurance for traveling to Iran; First, a travel insurance is required to collect your Iran visa; without having a printout of your valid insurance.

Second, you don’t want the unexpected mishaps to ruin your long-awaited trip. A good travel insurance can protect you against problems and cover many unexpected costs.

Is Iran Safe to Visit?

Many people consider Iran as one of the safest places to visit, although according to many travel risk indexes, Iran is considered a “moderate risk” level country.

The people in Iran are known to be nice and hospitable, but it is worth remembering that it is an Islamic country, so different laws and social norms will apply than what you may be used to, especially if you are from a Western country. 

Policy coverage for Iran Travel Insurance

check out the policy coverage for your Iran insurance….

  • Coverage for emergency medical expenses. If you get into an accident or become suddenly ill, then your travel insurance covers the costs of medical treatment or emergency services.
  • Coverage for trip disruption. If you have to cancel your trip, miss your flight or your flight is delayed, then your insurance policy will cover all or part your lost expenses related to flight ticket.
  • Coverage for lost, stolen or damaged luggage.

Additional coverage like:

  • Expensive items or gadgets. Typically, normal policies cover your lost luggage up to a certain amount, but expensive items such as designer clothes or electronic gadgets are excluded.
  • Adventurous activities. Travel insurance policies will not always cover activities that are considered high risk. If you want coverage for such activities, you have to purchase it extra.
  • Terrorism coverage. For any injuries, losses, or evacuation needed due to a terrorist attack.
  • Personal liability. In case any of your actions result in bodily injury or property damages to another person, then the insurance company will pay expenses related to it.
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