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List of Canada fully funded Scholarship announced in 2021 for International Student

The dream of most international student is to study in Canada but the real problem facing most of  them at the same time is that  to study in Canada is costly.

Looking for undergraduate, masters or PhD scholarships in Canada for international students? You’ve found it. Canada is home to 21 of the world’s top 500 universities. Checkout study in UK for international students

In 2019, there were 578,621 study permit holders in Canada. If studying abroad is your plan, Canada should be at the top of your list.

thanks to most of the universities and the government including individuals that have opted to give scholarship to international students.

Pursuing higher education in a foreign country requires a lot of investment.

International students typically fund their higher education expenses through family sponsorship or through student loans.

But many international students are unaware of the fact that there are several scholarships available to alleviate some if not all of the financial burden.

We have  made up our mind to always bring to you the list of the fully funded scholarship in Canada for international students.  below are the list


University of Winnipeg Manitoba Graduate Scheme(UWMGS) The scholarship is brought about in collaboration University of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba to provide scholarships for international students in Canada who are interested to do masters related to research.


Pierre Arbour Foundation – Scholarship for Master and Doctoral level study in Computer Science and Engineering  This is open to all the Canadian citizens

And also to the international students with study permit who are going to pursue their masters in McGill University in the field of Computer Science or engineering. Ph.D.

Candidates are also eligible except MBA candidates


Armand and Denise LA Barge Graduate Scholarship in Multiculturalism  This scholarship is eligible for both current and incoming students and should pursue a full-time master course in the field of study.

Preferences will be given to students whose work relates to Multiculturalism, Human Rights, Cultural Diversity, Racism or similar areas.


University Provost’s Scholarship Program for Graduate Study.

The student who is admitted to a master’s program at the University beginning

with the Spring 2013 semester and who plan to register for at least 6 credits may apply for a University Provost’s Scholarship for Graduate Study.

Students must have an undergraduate CGPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)

And standardized test scores (GRE, GMAT or other) that are acceptable for admission to the master’s program of their choice.


University of Waterloo International Student Entrance Scholarship.

It is presented as one of the scholarships for international students in Canada to twenty international students who admit in the first year of any UG program.


General Undergraduate Scholarships: In this category there is an availability of a number of scholarships for international students in Canada:

    • International Entrance Leadership Scholarship– This will be awarded to the international students who study on a study permit and who execute leadership qualities.
    • University of Alberta Centenary Scholarship– This is awarded to students on a Study Permit with superior academic achievement entering the first year of an undergraduate degree program at the University of Alberta.

University of Alberta Global Citizenship Scholarship for IB Diploma International Students  Awarded to student(s) on Study Permit(s) from Aga Khan Academies operating under the AKA agency of the Aga Khan Development Network, with superior academic achievement, entering the first year of an undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta.


International and U.S. Admission Scholarships and Awards This University provides scholarships for international students in Canada who want to enroll in Queen’s University after their post-secondary education are eligible.


  • Provost International Fellowship – This will be awarded to the highest achieved international students who are going to enroll in the SFU.
  • Graduate Dean’s Entrance Scholarship (GDES) – This will be awarded to the international students who will enroll in the masters and postgraduate studies and should have a minimum of 3.5 GPA in their undergraduate studies ( for masters) and in their Graduate studies ( for doctoral candidates).
  • Arthur and AncieFouks Graduate Entrance Award in Public Service – This is one of the scholarships for international students in Canada who enroll in SFU full-time masters or Ph.D. program who excelled in academics and has a high level of public service qualities.
  • Bert Henry Memorial Graduate Entrance Scholarship – This scholarship will be presented to the candidates who enroll in the masters/Ph.D. program in SFU with high academic achievements and made a contribution to the field of study they are going to pursue.
  • Judy Graves Graduate Award – This will be awarded to the candidates who are currently studying in SFU/ going to study in SFU and has done community service for those living on the margins of the society (such as homeless people, mental health and addiction, HIV/AIDS).


    • Entrance Scholarship for 2019-2020 – This is one of the scholarships for international ships in Canada which is  applicable to the high school, transfer and B.ed students who are going to start their Undergraduate program in UNB for Fall 2019.


  • University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards: This is one of the scholarships to international students in Canada presented who enroll in this University for the first time. And it will be presented only once based on their academic achievement.


  • International Major Entrance Scholarship:  It is awarded to the exceptional international students who enter into the UBC to pursue UG on a Canadian study permit.


  • University of Toronto Scholars Program : This is awarded to the most outstanding student applied to the university to pursue their studies.


  • International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships: This is to award the international students who got good grades during their secondary school and enrolled to pursue their UG in the University of Manitoba. Study guide  for international student in Canada 



  • International President’s Entrance Scholarships :

This will be awarded to the international student who enrolls in University of Western Ontario as a full-time student and has outstanding academic skills, creative

And innovative thoughts and significant achievement in extracurricular activities.

Students must complete a  National Scholarship application which includes an essay and a nomination from their school.


  • President’s Admission Scholarships:

Awarded to the students who are entering into the UG studies into the University of Calgary for the first time in the fall term and have good academic skills.


  • General Entrance Award Program :

By filling the single application the students are eligible to many entrance awards and bursaries.

This is applicable to the students who are going to enroll in the Dalhousie University for an undergraduate program.


  • The Memorial University of Newfoundland International Entrance Scholarship  This is one of the scholarships for international students in Canada who apply for Memorial University and must pay a full international fee and should pay full tuition fee and should have 9 credits for two semesters in 1st year for UG


    • Entrance Scholarships for American and International High School students :

If you are into the Carleton University for the first time as an international student and meet their admission requirements with an average of 80% then you are directly considered for this scholarship.


  • Entrance scholarships – It offers scholarships to the students who are entering into HEC Montreal for the first time and have a good academic record and will be considered during your application to the university.
  • Admission Scholarship for Foreign Exchange (M.Sc.)


  • David Strangway Award for Excellence–This is one of the scholarships for international students in Canada who achieved very high levels of academic excellence ( 90% with 3.75 GPA) with outstanding leadership qualities and services. It provides full tuition fee for four years.


  • Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit :

This is applicable to all the international students who enroll in the college for the diploma or graduate certificate program and should have a minimum GPA of 3.0.


  • International Student Scholarship :

This is one of the scholarships for international students in Canada applicable who enroll in the college for the full-time in any program and in any year.  Study in Norway without IELTS Exam for all International Students

And should display financial need and should have a minimum GPA of  2.5.

Most of the university listed above have more than one scholarship opportunities for international students.  You have to check up to know how many scholarship opportunities that is available for you in the institution.

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