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Get a Dominican Citizenship: Dominican Passport and Investment Programs for Citizens and Foreigners



Dominica is one of the beautiful places on earth to visit and and also reside on if there is need for you to do so, this article on “get a Dominican citizenship” gives details on the citizenship requirements, passport details, areas and a little info on the Dominican residence. It (Dominica) recognizes a dual citizenship which favors a lot of people. Dominica is no doubt the most breathtaking island in the Caribbean nature and people from far and wide comes along to visit. The cost of a Dominica passport is one of the cheapest in the world and as citizen you are free to enjoy more benefits.

However, i hope you know that your passport is part of your travel identity, you cannot move over to Dominican just like that.

You must have the passport and other necessary documents that will allow you to live and stay there depending on the year given to you.

Therefore Dominica passport offers you global mobility and visa-free travel to more than 130 countries in the world for you and your family.

More FAQS on the Dominica Passport Citizenship

Is it worth having a Dominican Passport?

This is a very nice question, Dominican is worth it and is really a worth living country to absolutely be with in this world.

Therefore, Dominica passport offers you and your family, tax exemptions, a beautiful place to live or retire and a relaxing vacation home.  Also, the passport is very fast to get  surely a fantastic asset to have.

Voting Rights (Get a Dominican Citizenship)

Yes, the Dominica citizenship investment program offers successful participants same rights as people who were born on the island. This makes the person good to go for voting and election purposes.

Do I need to stay in Dominica?

This is not a must for you to live in Dominica before you can obtain a Dominica passport. However, all you need to do if you are not in the country is to pay the application fee and make your investment. Therefore, if you decide to stay permanently on the island or not is your own choice to make.

What are the visa-free countries for Dominica passport holders?

Dominica citizens have access to 140 visa-free destinations, such as the Schengen area countries, Singapore, Hong-Kong, and South-Korea.

Is there a Dominican Passport by Investment?

The Dominican passport by investment program is the second cheapest way to obtain a second passport in the country.

Therefore two options available to apply for Dominican citizenship: Donation to the Economic Diversification Fund or an investment in real estate.

You also get the passport within 3 to 4 months with investments starting from $100,000 for a single individual  and $200,000. for a family of four.

What process are involved for Dominica Passport by Investment?

Firstly, you should know that the Dominica Passport by Investment application process is simple and straight and easy. you choose your investment option, choose an authorized agent to take care of your application.

Then after that is application submission, your documentation will usually be assessed within 3 months by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU).

Finally, You will then be issued a Certificate of Registration and you will be able to apply for a passport any time.

Any Dominican Passport Application requirements

Below are requirements to apply for Dominica citizenship:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have an outstanding character
  • Be in excellent health
  • Have a basic knowledge of English
  • Have no criminal record
  • Pass a due diligence background check
  • Letter addressed to Minister for Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labour requesting citizenship
  • Police Record
  • Birth Certificate
  • Four (4) passports sized photos
  • Medical certificate including HIV test
  • Bank statement/recommendation from banker
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Two testimonials
  • Application fee of  EC $250.00 to be paid at the Treasury Department
  • Treasury receipt as proof of payment of application fee
  • Recent copy of work/residence permit
  • Copy of the bio data page of passport and the pages with date of issue and expiry date
  • EC $20 stamps* for application forms
  • Oath of allegiance
  • EC $20 adhesive stamps* for oath of allegiance
  • Stamps are available for purchase at the General Post Office in Roseau and at its branches.
  • If the Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labour approves the application the applicant is required to:
    • Take an oath at the Registry
    • Pay registration fee of  EC $2000.00 at the Treasury Department

How strong is a Dominica passport? (Get a Dominican Citizenship)

According to Henley Passport Index, Dominica Ranked 38th.  Also, it is a strong passport allowing for global mobility and tax exemptions.

How much does the Dominica citizenship by investment cost?

To be able to go for this, then you must have this; Dominica citizenship can be purchased starting from $100,000 for a single applicant, and it racks up to $200,000 for a family of four.

However, the price above does not include processing fees, due diligence fees, passport application costs and legal fees.


Can my family also apply for Dominica citizenship by investment?

A good question and an answer to it is a Yes, children under 18 and spouses are among, along with dependent children aged between 18-30.

Also, mentally and physically challenged dependent children, parents and grandparents above 55 can also be included.

Does Dominica allow dual citizenship?

Absolutely Yes, Dominica law allows dual citizenship. if you have been worried about that, then worry no more.

Advantages of Becoming a Citizen of the Dominican Republic

  1. Normal naturalization period is two years. Investors can be naturalized in one year.
  2. Low bureaucracy.
  3. Friendly and amazing people.
  4. Stable economy and favorable tax system (low taxes).
  5. Business opportunities for investors are available in all areas, including tourism, services, imports and exports.
  6. Dual citizenship is allowed. You can keep your previous citizenship after becoming citizen of the Dominican Republic..
  7. Beautiful tropical climate all year round and pristine nature.
  8. Paradise for divers.

As citizen of the Dominican Republic you benefit to the following:

  1. Full Dominican Republic Citizenship.
  2. All rights equal to native Dominicans, except from the ability to run for presidency.
  3. You will get a Dominican Republic ID, same as Dominican natives.
  4. Dominican Republic birth certificate
  5. Dominican Republic passport.To qualify for citizenship in Dominica, applicants must fulfill the below: 
    • Be of outstanding character.
    • Hold no criminal record.
    • Have excellent health.
    • Have a basic knowledge of English.

See also:

Documents needed submit application for temporary residence

  1. Notarized copy of your birth certificate with official translation into Spanish
  2. Copy of each page of your passport with official translation into Spanish
  3. Police clearance certificate from home country (showing no previous convictions)
  4. Medical Exams must be done by Immigration Doctors appointed to perform these exams by the Dominican Republic government. The exams consist of Blood Test and X-Rays.
  5. Three sets of photographs. Each set must have a front and side view of your face
  6. Guarantor must be a citizen of the Dominican Republic
  7. Mailing address in the Dominican Republic

NOTE: Translations into Spanish must be done in the Dominican Republic Language. All the documents (copy of passport, copy of birth certificate, original Police clearance certificate) you bring into the Dominican Republic for immigration purposes must have apostil.

Two Category Option available to Apply for Dominican Citizenship (Get a Dominican Citizenship)

1. Economic Diversification Fund Donation

Single Applicant: A single applicant is required to make a nonrefundable contribution of US$100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund.

Spouse: here is a nonrefundable contribution of US$50,000 for a qualified spouse.

Siblings: Also, a nonrefundable contribution of US$50,000 per qualified sibling aged 18-25 of the main applicant or the spouse.

Dependents: A nonrefundable contribution of US$25,000 per qualified dependent of the main applicant or the spouse.

Family Option: Yes a  nonrefundable contribution of US$175,000 qualifies a family of four including the main applicant, the spouse, and two other dependents other than a dependent sibling.

2. Real Estate Investment option (Get a Dominican Citizenship)

Here, Applicants may purchase property valued at a minimum of US$200,000 in a government-approved real estate development. The investment must be well taken care of for about three years. If maintained and sold after five years, the property qualifies the next applicant for citizenship.

However, there are exceptions to this, and this is for applicants who have been legal residents in other countries for 10 years or more. Also, whose investment funds do not originate from one of the above-mentioned countries.

The benefits of engaging yourself in Economic Citizenship Program 

  • Inclusion of dependent parents and grandparents over 55.
  • No education or managerial experience required.
  • No physical residency requirements.
  • Inclusion of dependent children under 30.
  • You can add up unmarried daughters under 30 living with and fully supported by the main applicant.
  • Inclusion of financially-dependent unmarried siblings of the main applicant or spouse who have no children and are under 25.
  • Visa-free travel to over 125 countries, including Europe’s Schengen zone, the U.K., Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.
  • No taxes for nonresidents.




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