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Real estate licensing in Canada



Real estate license is an authorizations issued by state governments, which give agents and brokers the legal ability to represent a home seller or buyer in the process of buying or selling real estate.

Before becoming a real estate Agent or broker you must first of all obtain  the real estate licensing from the government of Canada checkout our Real estate website in US 


Real estate agents and real estate brokers are required to be licensed when conducting real estate transactions in the United States and many other countries.

How to become a real estate Agent in Canada 

If you enjoy meeting new people and like having control of your work/life balance

A career as a real estate agent might be perfect for you. In this post, we’ll describe how to become a real estate agent in Canada.

Part of your role as a real estate professional will be to meet with purchasers, listen to their requirements  their likes, dislikes, needs, style preferences, etc.

And help them find a property that matches their specifications.

You’ll work with the listing agent (if it’s not you) to arrange property viewings, negotiate with the seller and help finalize the sales process.

The other part of the job entails meeting with those looking for an agent to list and sell their properties.

You’ll need to inspect the property, list it in your various advertising mediums (online MLS portal, website, magazine, newspaper etc.)

show it to interested buyers and prepare the various purchase documents and legal contracts to finalize the sale.

Buying and selling homes can be a tedious and lengthy process that might leave some dizzy.

But with an organized work schedule and proper client-management skills, you can make life as a real estate agent a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

How to get into the real estate industry in Canada

Becoming a real estate agent who can legally buy and sell property in Canada is fairly straightforward and involves these 6 steps.

  1. Begin your real estate certification.
  2. Join a brokerage agency.
  3. Apply for licensing and take the licensing exam.
  4. Get errors and omissions insurance.
  5. Complete an articling/professional practice.
  6. Get your first clients.

The following steps provide a general overview of what is required to become a real estate agent in Canada, from licensing requirements to supervised training and articling

Start selling property in 6 steps

To start, there are several prerequisites you must satisfy before start training for work in the real estate industry. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have graduated grade 12.
  • Be a citizen of Canada.

Some provinces have more stringent application requirements, including pre-application articling experience, preparatory coursework, background checks and more. For more information about what is required to work in the real estate industry in your province. checkout Top 100 real estate agent in US

1. Begin your real estate certification

The first step in the process is successfully completing the basic real estate licensing course in your province. Each province administers their own certification courses through sanctioned real estate councils or association boards.


British Columbia provides real estate education through UBC Sauder’s Real Estate Division.


Manitoba, on the other hand, offers training through the Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA).

Each province handles educational certification in a different manner from the others.

While education requirements, institutes and courses vary between provinces, the basic real estate licensing requirements appear to be fairly consistent across the board.

2. Join a brokerage agency

find an agency to sponsor your real estate license application.

You’ll want to meet with various brokers to find the ideal fit.

Ask questions about their work style, agency setup and brokerage fee structure.

Since you’ll likely work with this agency for at least your first couple of years, you’ll want to make sure that you enjoy the work environment and staff.

If there are any aspects you’re unsure about, address and resolve them now so they don’t become an issue later on.

3. Apply for licensing and take the licensing exam

With your new-found agency to sponsor your application, it is time to submit your application for a real estate license.

While licensure varies across provinces, most provinces require a written licensing exam in order to receive your real estate license.

If your application is approved, you’ll need to pay your licensing fee.

In some provinces, you could also be required to become a member of a professional organization and pay applicable dues.

Once the application is approved the will you have to pay the license fee. and in some places you may be required to join a member of a professional origination and pay some Dues .

4. Get errors and omissions insurance

In order to become a fully licensed real estate agent, you’ll need to get errors and omissions insurance through your province’s real estate association.

This will insure you against any mistakes, damage or other mishaps that might happen while on the job.

5. Complete an articling/professional practice

Upon approval of your real estate license, many provinces expect the new real estate agent to complete certain articling educational requirements.

This is essentially a period of supervised training where the freshman real estate agent receives mentorship from a more senior professional in the real estate industry  most likely with their chosen brokerage agency.

6. Get your first clients

Once you’ve finished your articling period, it’s time for you to hit the pavement and get your first real estate client.

 Benefits of a real estate license

The benefits of a real estate license are unquestionable.

The advantages that come with a real estate license are well worth the time, effort, and money it would cost to obtain it.

Few strategies, for that matter, can offer investors more leverage in growing their business.  That said, the benefits of a real estate license are not something you can simply ignore;

you have to acknowledge them if you want to try and realize your full potential.

It is not uncommon for investors to debate whether or not they should get their real estate license. While you certainly don’t need one to be successful, every advantage helps.

Getting licensed, however, may take more than most realize. Getting licensed takes both time and money – not something every new investor has.

If you can use your real estate license for deals, networking or to save or earn more money, it is worth the investment.

Of course, you can always work with licensed people, but sometimes having your own avoids a lot of hassle.


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