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Stratford University Scholarship programs for International Students

The stratford university scholarship for all international students does not only helps the students to gain absolute fresh knowledge, it also helps the scholars to be able to bring self development and create more new ideas that will help them within their environment and from the developing countries where they came from. This scholarship by the university serves as the financial aid for International students  that really wants to study in the university.

Therefore, the University offers awards to International Students especially those who pass through the international student Office during entry.

Also, students must meet up with the rules of scholarship admissions requirements for the scholarship, be in good standing and have a valid F-1 status.

Below tasks should be carried out by international students 

  1. To give future advice to prospective students about their academic options at Stratford university.
  2. Providing relevant information to promising students about the Visa application process.
  3. Issuing Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) to eligible applicants.
  4. Also to ensure ensure a safe and timely arrival in the United States.
  5. Then making sure students receive a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) employment authorization.
  6. Giving recommendation to USCIS for Optional Practical Training (OPT) employment authorization.
  7. Finally, providing information about transferring from another institution to Stratford University.

Overview on the Stratford University Scholarship

Firstly, you must know that the stratford university is located in Virginia, united states and Founded in 1976. The University is a private, public benefit institution for all scholars both far and wide.

The university is prominent with a good record and having many accreditation and badges. They come along ad ”Guinness World Records Record Holder” badge, ”Virginia Value Veterans’ badge, ”Perseverando” badge and ‘Approved Stemjobs College 2016’.

Furthermore, the university offers many types of programs such as certificate, diploma, associate’s, bachelors and graduate programs.

These programs are offered in a variety of fields and the university has three campuses located in different parts of Virginia in U.S.

Then, Locations for three campuses falls within Alexanderia (Eisenhower Ave), Falls Church (Tysons Corner) and Woodbridge (Potomac Mills).

However, the university has a number of affiliations and clinical affiliations situated far and wide. It has a campus in New Delhi, India, in collaboration with K.K. Modi group to form Modi-ATI Academic Institute. Also, there is one campus in U.S. state of Maryland situated in Baltimore.

FAQ on the Stratford University

How Does Stratford University Serve International Students?

Stratford university is always open to attend to international students at any time, they can always go to the official site to read more information and fill up application forms.

How many international students are at Stratford University?

Stratford university has many international students and more to be admitted​; they make up 5.2% of all total students.

What is the cost for an international student to attend Stratford University without scholarship?

Tuition fee for international student in Stratford University​ is USD 15,130 per year. However, it does not include room and board fees. Finally, about 25.0% of new students gets this kind of financial aid for their studies.

See also:

Is there financial help available for international students?

There are various kinds of scholarships, grants, financial aid available to you as an international student.

What Stratford University Financial Aid Are You Eligible For? Students are free to enjoy the financial aids of the scholarship, they are offered aids that comprises of scholarships, grants, loans, and possibly work-study opportunities.

What is the purpose of this financial aids? Financial aid helps reduce the cost, or the full price of the study program you applied for. However, be aware that the only true financial aids are scholarships & grants.

Different departmental Schools in the University of Stratford

The University School of Business Administration

University of stratford school of business administration offers programs like: MBA, International MBA, M.Sc. in Accounting, BBA, B.Sc. in Accounting and Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration.

School of Computer Science

The school of computer science and information technology offers M.Sc. in software engineering, M.Sc. in information systems, M.Sc. in cybersecurity, M.Sc. in networking and telecommunications, M.Sc. in cyber leadership and policy, M.Sc. in digital forensics, B.Sc. in information technology, and Associate of Applied Science in Network Management and Security.

The School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts 

The school of hospitality and culinary arts offers programs such as M.Sc. in international hospitality management, Bachelors of arts in hospitality management, Associate of applied science in advanced culinary arts, Associate of applied science in baking and pastry arts, Associate of applied science in hotel and restaurant management, and Advanced culinary arts professional diploma.

The School of Health Sciences

The school of health sciences offers programs like M.Sc. in healthcare administration, B.Sc. in healthcare administration, B.Sc. in health information management, B.Sc. in health sciences, Associate of applied science in medical insurance billing and coding, an associate of applied science in pharmacy technician, and associate of applied science in medical assisting. The school of nursing offers programs such as B.Sc. in nursing, and BSN completion program track.

Financial Aid per Family Income

below is just a table representation to show scholarship and grant allocations by family income for first year students.  Students will be able to get any type of federal Title IV (This is a federal aid from the government including loans, grants or work-study) assistance, such as Federal PLUS loans.

Income LevelPercent of FreshmanAverage Assistance
Income 0-30k0.0%N/A
Income 30k-48k25.0%$5,466
Income 48k-75k0.0%N/A
Income 75k-110k0.0%N/A
Income 110k +0.0%N/A

Requirement for the Scholarship

Full view: The university award is given to new initial or transfer students who have gained admission to Stratford University. it is offer under represented populations among international students.

Application Form: All international students should See International Student Office for application form.

Award Amount: Students receive awards but maximum of 15 awards can be granted per term (Award value: $1,500). Award will be credited to the student’s tuition after the third term of continuous enrollment. Finally, initial status students must enroll within 6 months of the award of the scholarship to get the award.

Application Deadline: Scholarship application must be submitted when applying  for enrollment to Stratford University, students should make sure they submit before deadline.

Official site of Stratford UniversityFinancial Aid Department Website:

Grade: Applicants for undergraduate programs must demonstrate high school GPA minimum of 3.0 on a 4-point scale. Candidates for graduate program must demonstrate minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.5. Applicants must meet all admission criteria to their desired program.

Countries to apply: Students eligible for this scholarship must be new or transfer students from one of the following countries: Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, South America, Afghanistan, Europe, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Jordan, Oman, Palestine, Mongolia, Canada, Sudan, Korea, Taiwan, Libya, Tunisia, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Japan, Thailand, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan.


Stratford University offers various types of programs such as certificate, diploma, associate’s, bachelors and graduate programs. The University is a private, public benefit institution for all scholars both far and wide. Students are free to enjoy the financial aids of the scholarship any time they apply for it. please all students should submit application with the right documents and then submit before deadline.


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