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Love Text Messages | Missing You Text Messages for your love ones

Love text messages and Missing you text messages are lovely messages you could send across to your love ones to let them understand how much you cherish and care about them not minding the distance between you both. Here are a list of text messages you could send across your love ones.

Love Text messages

Below are the list of text messages for your lovers

  1. I prayed for a life partner and God blessed me with such amazing, cute, lovely and charming woman like you. Honestly you are the sweetest thing of life and i will love you forever.
  2. We started as just as a friend but today you have shown me the real meaning of life. The care and protection you have brought to my soul will remain forever.
  3. Most times i wouldn’t know the best word to describe my feelings towards you,

each time i hear the sound of your voice my heart will be filled with happiness knowing you are my life.

4. I never know i could ever found love before i met you,

your coming into my life has made me realized how sweet the life is. i love you darling.

5. Life actually showed me many reasons for me not to be happy but God brought you into my life to wipe away all me tears. I promise never to depart from you because you already gave me life.

6. When i met you i was discouraged with friends that you are not gonna make a perfect match with me but today i’m proving them wrong because i found the true life partner in you.

7. I know you would think i’m going to let you go but listen my love for you is here to stay, you are my favorite.

8. Words are not just enough to tell you how much you mean to my life,

the courage you gave has made me who i am today. You will forever have a special place in my heart.

9. Today i’m not gonna hold the feelings anymore,

You are truly the best i have met and am not letting you out for another.

Missing You Text

  1. I have waited so long hoping to see you again, please how long more will i have to wait darling? i’m here in loneliness.
  2. Each day when i remember our distance i only wished we could fly so i could fly to you.
  3. Without you here makes me feel so empty, please come home soon.
  4. You always give me courage to always be strong but this time i finds it so hard to deal with the feelings. Missing you so much.
  5. We argue and fight but still miss you, please find a place in your heart to forgive me….you are my everything.
  6. Life has really made me to know where my heart belong to, each night i could not sleep but life in regrets for all the stupid things i did knowing i can’t live without you.
  7. Baby please come back to me, i never know i could not deal with this on my own,

each and every night all i think is about you, i’m going mad if i stay longer than this without you.


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