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Block Someone on Facebook – Steps Needed To Block someone on Facebook

On this page, we are going to teach you how to block someone on Facebook if you have this boy/girl that is disturbing you on Facebook and you don’t know how to block him or her.

On Facebook, You can block someone Today

Facebook is a social networking website where users can post comments, share photographs and post links to news or other interesting content on the web, chat live, and watch short-form video.

Divya Narendra is the real founder of Harvardconnection, which was copied by their hired coder and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

Divya Narendra is the founder of an idea, not the implementation and mark implemented this idea with his skills which he named facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg first found Facebook in July 2003, but not the main founder of Facebook.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Steps for blocking someone’s facebook.

1. move to privacy shortcuts

2. Tell Facebook who bothers you.

3. confirm if you want to block them.

Here are what you should know about these steps on how to block someone on Facebook;

Step 1. move to privacy shortcuts

Now, first of all, log in to your Facebook account. move to the right page where you will see a question mark, click on it; then it will take you to the privacy shortcut. Also to facebook policing point and more enlightening.

Step 2.Tell facebook who bothers you

On the privacy shortcut, this always an option designed; how do I stop someone that bothers me on Facebook.

Now click Facebook will now show you where you will enter the person’s name that you may like to block.

Step 3. confirm if you want to block them

Before you block someone on your Facebook, this is always a choice; in the sense that you have to confirm the name, you want to block by selecting the name from other names on the list of your friends. While Facebook sends the name back is for you to be sure if you want to block him or her, that is when you will be asked to confirm the name by re-sending the name.


For you to block someone on Facebook, you have to know it that is a personal choice. that is after blocking the person, you will not expect to see or chat him or her as your one of your friends anymore neither does he or she sees you, or chat you as a friend not until you may decide to unlock the person.

Click at the top right of Facebook and choose Settings. Go to the left side of Facebook and click Blocking. Enter the name of the person you want to block and click Block. Select the specific person you want to block from the list that appears and click Block [name].

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