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Computer Maintenance: How to Care for (Laptop or Desktop) System



Technology keeps upgrading in World and a Need is here for Computer Maintenance as a part to help our Tech Products like Personal Computer(PC) Laptop, Desktop and Palmtops.

Computer Maintenance – System Care review

Get it well done than said; Meaning that you have all you need on this page to care for you PC. Understanding the Need to extend the life span of your Personal computer is one of the best thing you ca do to keep your technology Going.

Seeing that most people don’t really Know what to do in other to care for their Computers either Desktop or Laptop or other, we made this Tips to help you on the long way to maintain the Usage and Durability of your Device(Computer Maintenance Guide).

Well, let us take a clear glans to the Questions and Answers on Computer Maintenance Tips but before Listing the Questions and review the answers on how to extend the life span and durability of our computer technologies, there are more you need to know:

  • What is Maintenance?
  • What is Computer?
  • =What is Computer Maintenance?

Starting from the first part of Computer Maintenance, we Need you to be very Active and Follow us on all we are going to talk below, But before we provide you will the list of Discussion Point, Here are what you should Know …

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance is an act of keeping a things Clean. Once, you make it a point of Interest to keep things you have like Gadgets, Electronic devices, other Objects. It happens that they Objects in Question will maintain it’s neat and It’s Durability will Last longer.

What is Computer?

A computer is an electronic device which Accept Data as input, store Data, Process Data and Brings out Result as Output.

In Computer we can say that there are various kind of Computer via Classification but for Home use, we will just give you the Common Personal Computers”PC” which you very popular in the Homes today.

  1. Desktop
  2. Laptop
  3. Palmtop

What is Computer Maintenance?

This is the kind of type of care given to a System or Computer be it a laptop or Desktop or Palmtop or Other Classes of Computer for them to Last Long”Durability”.

Now, the reaming Part if this Computer Maintenance Problems here are on this list:

  1. The computer gets too warm
  2. Your computer has malware
  3. Your hard drive is full
  4. The RAM cannot cope
  5. Old Version Operating System
  6. Stone Age Computer

Get it right, Most Problems which we en-canter today on our PC to 80% comes from us. Well, with the above list of Computer Maintenance Issues and the Solutions below we on the long or short run will not face those problems again.

The computer gets too warm

How is the temperature of your PC this days? … are you getting any sign of Warmness on your PC? … make it Know to you that once a Computer Temperature Keep Increasing, you Should Meet with the Tech Engineers for PC and Make your Complain will if the problem is not well solved, You may face these issues later:

  1. Processor Failure
  2. VGA Failure
  3. Abnormal Processor Fan movement
  4. Hard disk Failure
  5. Battery will not last Long as usual

Do make it a point of duty if you value the Technology your have at hand be it Laptop, Desktop, Palmtop and so on.

Your computer has malware

That your PC has Malware is and will always contribute to one of to problem onto the life span of that Computer.

Technically, Virus can course more Damage to a PC at any point in time, There for if you in any chance have it in the Back of your Mind that you can always get files either offline or Online from your friends on free from the internet, then, you must be Joking.

Well, there are various was in which Malware can go into our PC without you knowing and These part or process that bring Malware to our Computer systems includes.

  1. Through Offline File Transfer like Movies, documents and Audios
  2. Online Files download
  3. WiFi share
  4. Bluetooth share
  5. Email sharing – Learn how to Create a secure email Address

Now, we have that once Virus inter into your PC, then, you need to download the Latest Anti-Virus to clear the exiting Virus.

Well, not every Virus already existing can be Removed from the PC that is why once you have a new Computer or your reinstall your PC Operating System”OS” Then you immediately install an active Anti-Virus before other Files can enter.

Meanwhile, in anti-Malware or Virus has different Types and form  like the list explains:

  1. Free Anti-Virus
  2. Paid Anti- Virus

Kinds your can find in both free and paid Anti-Virus are:

  1. Internet Security anti-virus
  2. Offline Anti-Virus

Most people just make use of normal Offline Anti-Virus and still their Computers will be Affected with Virus. Wee, the reasons being that Not everyone knows that offline anti-virus will only protect your PC offline Line Files but not when you are on the Internet”Web”.

Your hard drive is full

See from out Technical advisers, Once your Device Hard disk is Filled up you will Start to en-canter some of the problems with your device:

  1. Slowness of PC
  2. Incomplete Files
  3. Operating System Disorder
  4. Hard to Boot and reboot
  5. Page and Apps can’t respond

Solution to hard drive is Full

Recommendations, on the go with Hard drive or disk management, you need to …

  1. Get a External Hard disk
  2. Delete some Old Files
  3. Free up %temp% Folder
  4. Save some Files Online free with the Help of Google Drive or Microsoft Ondrive

The RAM cannot cope

What is your PC RAM Size? … Most Times, I tell you these things don’t work the way you Think it should and The reasons can be with There …

Meanwhile, you should Note that No matter how good a computer(Core I series of 8th Generation) is and how much RAM it has, if it does not have proper maintenance it will end up accumulating more and more programs, many of them are unnecessary, and it will end up making the RAM work harder (which, among other things, will mean a great slowdown in your system).

However, we should always make a point of Duty that we will give attention to the current Application in use and better still have it in the Back of your Mind to Finish a program before entering another to avoid over loading the RAM at a spot.

Old Version Operating System

Did you know why it is better? … Always do your best to make sure your PC is currently on the latest version of OS”Operating System”. However, we have more to tell you on the use of Old Version PC OS Today.

Why use old Version OS? …

Now, you will keep seeing these things happening …

  1. Programs not responding
  2. Slow Booting and rebooting processes
  3. Some Files will not exist
  4. Blue Screen Display
  5. Incompatible File Installer

The Benefit of Using OS Latest Version

Once you have the latest version of Operating System on your device you will benefit from the Following …

  1. High Processing speed
  2. HD Display
  3. Secure online and offline file installer program
  4. Top and High level of Program usage
  5. The Use of Second Keyboard Functions

Stone Age Computer

Just like Alien Dell PC, you will Fell Need To get the Current Version of PC today. Well, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and Many other Computer production companies are there for you to By New and High Version PCs in a very Low price.

However, Stone age PCs should be far Gone on the Go because of the Following reasons:

  1. Low Processor Size
  2. Lower RAM Size
  3. Very heavy to Carry
  4. Old version of OS
  5. Very Warm always

The Benefits of Modern PC

  1. Faster Processing Speed
  2. Maximum use of System Ram
  3. Latest Operating System
  4. Shared Memory
  5. Dedicated High Graphics
  6. High Gaming PC

In Summary

A need to Secure and affordable Computer system Maintenance is calling on your Now to Avoid damaging or reducing your PC Life span today.

Contact us Now other Technical issues with your PC or make a comment below with your email Address like Gmail or Yahoomail or any other of your Choice now!

How you take care your Personal Computers matters a lot, please, do make it very easy and save to use any of our maintenance links below for more inquiry.

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