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University of Pretoria Doctoral and Master Bursary 2021 for African Students

The University of Pretoria is offering its Doctoral and Master Bursary scheme to African students who have been admitted or register at UP in 2021.

Following scholarships are open for African students to study at University of Pretoria Doctoral and Master Bursary South Africa for undergraduate and masters degrees. Start your Application Now >>>

University of Pretoria Doctoral and Master Bursary for African Students

  • Application Deadline: 23rd October 2020
  • Eligible Countries: African countries
  • To Be Taken At (Country): The University of Pretoria, South Africa

Field of Study:

1. Faculty of Law
2. Faculty of Humanities
3. Faculty of Education
4. Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and IT
5. Faculty of Health Science
6. Faculty of Veterinary Science
7. Faculty of Economic and Management Science
8. Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
9. Faculty of Theology and Religion

Type: Masters, Doctoral


Hon-ours, Masters and Doctoral students who are admitted or registered by 28 February 2020 will be considered for the UP Postgraduate Bursary. If provisionally awarded as an admitted student, you must register at the time of being informed by DRI that the award has provisionally being granted to you. DRI will send an agreement to all provisionally awarded nominees.

Note, it is a NOMINATION process. You DO NOT apply for it.

Number of Awards: Not specified

The Need to easy Online Application Approval

The list below are what you should be mindful of when making an online Application:

  1. Maintain Single Profile
  2. Read the instructions carefully before Applying
  3. Ask questions in any were you are not clear
  4. make use of our correct and legal details
  5. the document should be in the recommended format
  6. You Should make sure the Passport is in the recommended size
  7. Review your Application before Submitting
  8. Follow up your Application for other updates

How to Apply:

Students who register for Masters or Doctoral degree programmes at the University of Pretoria are automatically considered for this bursary but no guarantee that an award will be granted.

Provisionally awardees will need to complete an agreement that will be forward to their primary email address as per the UP People soft system.

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