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Turin Scholarship University In Italy Programs For International Students 2021

I bring to you the 2021 Turin Scholarship in Italy. The university of Turin scholarship is a great scholarship offer for both citizens and foreigners across the globe. All invitation and applications are considered until the successful candidates are selected for the scholarship.

If you really have plans of studying in Europe, Italy is one of the countries and Turin university scholarship awaits you.

Details About The Turin Scholarship

Firstly, the Turin University Scholarship is open to all International Students from around the world from any country.

It is worldwide open for MS Degree Programs Scholarship in Italy. University of Turin Scholarship is available in any Academic field of study in the University.

However, the duration of the Masters Degree Programs Scholarship will be for 2 Years. Note that the Turin University will Fund for 2 Years to International Students.

They marshal out scientific research and handle courses in all disciplines, except for Engineering and Architecture.

Therefore the Scholarship in Italy is one of the Great Scholarships for International Students. Also, It is one of the oldest universities in Europe, and plays a significant role in research and grooming.

As a matter of fact, the University of Turin is in the city of Turin in Piedmont region of north-western Italy. University of Turin is ranked among the top 5 Italian universities and third for research activities in Italy.

Therefore, University of Turin offers 15 two-year scholarships to deserving foreign students willing to enroll in UniTO.

candidates will be evaluated on the basis of Revised General Test results. If applicants don’t have a GRE test result, they cannot apply for the scholarship.

The duration of the Postgraduate Degree Program at the University of Turin is 2 years. The University of Turin will fund all the programs and courses for Two years.

Finally, all students are advised to apply for this Scholarship Program as it is one of the best programs for International Students.

Turin Description And Details

Host Country: Italy (Europe)

Host University: University of Turin

Eligible Countries: All Nationals are eligible

Duration of Scholarship: One year

Number of Awardees: Thirteen- fifteen (13-15)

Degree Offered: Masters Degree Program

Scholarship Value: Total amount of the scholarship is 9,000 euro, 750 euro per month for 12 months during studies.

Fields Available: All academic discipline

Application Deadline: 30th April 2021

Financial Assistance During Studies

Furthermore, the Turin university scholarship will cover the Following Expenses Such as:

  • Scholarship Value: 9,000 Euros Per Year, Gross of all Charges for each account.
  • Deserving Students for Admission, Accommodation, and Living Costs.

Total No. of Scholarships: 2020 Turin Scholarship In Italy

The fact is that there is a total of 15 Masters Scholarship in Italy For International Students. Also, the Duration of the Master Degree Scholarship is 2 Years.

  • 3 Scholarships for students with Japanese citizenship
  • 3 Scholarships for students with Mexican citizenship
  • 4 Scholarships for students from any citizenship like: Algeria, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, Tunisia, Gabon; Mali, Morocco,
  • 5 Scholarships for international students with any other citizenship different from those listed above.
  • NOTE: In the event, the scholarships specified in the above sections(A, B and C) are not awarded, they will be assigned in addition to those reserved for international students.

Selection Technique on 2020 Turin Scholarship In Italy

Application is open totally to students who are in possession of all the following requirements:

  • Applicants have never been enrolled in any first, second or one-long-cycle degree program at the University of Turin.
  • Applicants are not 30 years or older on the deadline of this Call.
  • Regardless of candidate’s citizenship, qualifications for admission to the chosen second cycle degree program were gained in an institution outside of the Italian education system.
  • Applicants fulfill access requirements for the chosen second cycle degree program or will fulfill such requirements at the time of enrollment (for further information, check admission requirements for the chosen second cycle degree program.

Eligibility for 2020 Turin Scholarship In Italy

  • International students across the world can apply for these endowments.
  • Entrance Requirements: Taken or considered an international student reward and what you need:
  • Students should hold a valid qualification providing access to a Master’s degree program obtained outside the Italian education system
  • if not or not to have Italian citizenship.
  • are not residing in Italy.
  • English Language Requirements: Students who gained their high school diploma abroad or from a foreign school in Italy will be allowed to get an Italian language course.
  • Hold a Valid Qualification obtained in a foreign education system providing access to a postgraduate degree program
  • Make sure You are 29 years old or younger
  • Applications will be on verification level & on the basis of the GRE General Test

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