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Universities To Study Business Management Program In Canada – Best Universities 2021



Today Earthprex presents the best universities to study business management in Canada and why these schools are the best. Why they are very good at lecturing business management across students all over the world. However, as a foreigner you still stand a chance of getting admission in these schools as long as you meet up with the school requirements.

Canada University And You

If you are looking for a good course to study abroad especially in Canada, then business management is what you need. This does not mean that other courses are not really important or necessary, they are good and also presentable just like business.

All you need is just to make a good choice and get yourself a nice certificate that will make many companies run after you.

Therefore in this article or post I will be presenting these universities and the basic things they do to stand out for management courses. Also the business management as a course allows you to grab more information on business strategy, business plans, and other related business guidelines.

However, these schools below might be very expensive but I know that they deliver quiet well. Here you consider the quality of education you tend to gain while studying there and not how expensive they can be.

Most importantly, you should know that education is the key when you have the best information you really need. These below listed universities are known worldwide and recognized, so it will be much fun to study there.

Universities To Study Business Management In Canada (Best)

Here are what you should know today:

1. Western University

This mention university above became know officially as western university in the year 2012. the university was formally called university of western Ontario <UWO>. however, you can as well call it a more public university in Canada occupying about 455 hectares of land.

Amazingly, I was shocked to know that this university has a very big library, the library contains more than 2.45 million books in last 5 years (2015).

There are 24,000 students and over 306,000 living respected alumni around the world. Also, the western library contains e-books, series book titles, database and more records.

The university’s campus offers  students housing at an accommodating price. On records count, the school contains nine residence for 1st year or final year. You are free to live on campus or not, there is more students applying every year for admission here.

The western Ontario university is among the top rank universities in the world. Internationally it ranks 201-300 universities In the world  but in Canada its rank is from 10-12. recently, rank and records show that the university is 8th in Canada today.

2. McGill University

This is another top rank university in Canada, also rank among the good university in the world. Many students in Canada dream of becoming a student in this university, it is simply innovative and projects driven.

Above all, Mcgill university provides its students with the latest skills to inform and inspire decision makers, scientist, and innovators. It treats business management in a professional level making the students to grab more.

In addition to that, the university helps students to manage their careers  thereby offering free, online courses available in English and French languages.

One of the top most goal of Mcgill university is that it ensures best and accurate learning experience for all students. The best among all is its built up packages in foundational skills and creative thinking which can help in problem articulation.

Tuition expenses might be expensive and its tuition ranges from: teaching, administration, cost of accommodation, transportation, and annual registration fee.

3. University of Toronto in (Universities To Study Business Management)

To me, this is the best university center for research and academic excellence at the heart of Canada’s capital. University of Toronto poses as a formidable catalyst for innovative learning, insights and management.

They are always available to impact to the society and create more values and good norms to the society. Also, the visitors are well satisfied after the visit to the school, all the activities are well coordinated.

However, as Students grow and advance in their career, new innovations will start to emerge. Some researchers utilizes their knowledge and insights, more favor thinkers.

Still on same note, students tends to get the feeling of creating more, growing impact, and transformation options. Do you know that many students acquire the best of their knowledge in this school.


Toronto full-time MBA degree tuition ranges from $92500  for Canadian citizens while the $120680 for international students.

Most importantly, you should know that Toronto goes deeper into a rigorous, model-based problem-solving approach for all its students in various courses.

Most potentials pass through rough stages here but will emerge victorious. it makes students see their potential as a leader, scientist, and entrepreneur.

4. University of Alberta

This is one of the oldest universities in Canada. It has been in existence for long, some say it is up to or over a century.

Note that before and after graduation you tend to grab more experience from the university. However, students can choose to study at one of many international partner institutions with them.

The University of Alberta is among the best institutions in Canada having a good profile in research, academic quality, graduate career success, economic impact .

In addition to that, it also supports for innovation and entrepreneurial thinking free environment. The university is just like an old lady and has many students applying each year from different countries.

Tuition fee for domestic or citizens is 5500 Canadian dollar while for international students is 20500 Canadian dollar.

5. The University of Montreal

The university of Montreal is a French-language university open for all students across the world. Montreal university is the old lady herself because it has been in existence for long.

The university is the first university in Canada to start learning in management courses and business in particular.

Also, the university is Located in Montreal, rendering quality of education and research, and many great leaders and scientist. Its research campaign helps students to create more in their society and making the world simply easy.

Still on same note, Montreal university encourages students to acquire a variety of skills and aptitudes during school study.

Finally, The University of Montreal offers its students an exceptional learning environment and experience. top undergraduate business schools in Canada business management courses in Canada for international students.

6. Queen’s University

This is another top university that attracts top students from across Canada and beyond to gain admission there. However, this is what every student need to succeed: knowledge, skills and personal abilities.

The School maintains exchange partnerships business. The partnership business extends to over 100 respected institutions in 37 countries.

Moreover, 300 international exchange students annually are in contact with the school. One can call the Queen’s University a pioneer in critical areas of academics or studies.

However, its task compilation is more sophisticated and integral than plans used at other institutions. The aim of which is to help students graduate in a well prepared and productive style.

In queen’s university Students put theories and practices to the test through research, internships, and other opportunities.

Finally, students support programs, coaching services, help students realize their goals and ambitions.

7. Concordia University in (Universities To Study Business Management)

The concord university is accredited by AACSB and other accreditation bodies. This is one of the best universities you should attend when in Canada.

Therefore, the university provides enabling environment for learning and research for the development of the society. I know they represent the standard of achievement for business schools worldwide.

Also, The Programs by this university appears in a number of international rankings world. They are the best in Energy and Environmental Design <LEED>.

Finally, the school has 157 full-time faculties and 55,000 alumni graduates worldwide. The best thing that makes students happy worldwide about the school is that tuition is affordable and it present good quality education. Students however are allowed to pay in installments until they finish studies.

More are on this list

The universities to study business in Canada:

  • University of Waterloo: Ranks #10.
  • Université de Montréal: Ranks #9.
  • McMaster University: Ranks #8.
  • Queen’s University: Ranks #7.
  • York University: Ranks #6.
  • McGill University: Ranks #5.
  • Western University: Ranks #4.
  • University of Alberta: Ranks #3.

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