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Tips to Keep the Brain Healthy – Best ways to keep a Healthy Lifestyle



Tips to keep your brain healthy; although genetics play important role in memory loss. However research has shown that diet and lifestyle has a major impact on the brain too.

Tips to Keep the Brain Healthy

The same way you exercise the body that is the same way you are to exercise the brain for more healthy living.  Brain training is the way to sharpen your mind and boast intelligence in this ‘Indomy’ generation.

While many cognitive scientists suggest that the claims surrounding brain training are both exaggerated and misleading. There is an abundance of research suggesting that certain type of activity can be beneficial for your brain’s health.

The brain

The brain plasticity allows it to adopt and change even as one grows older. Understanding that you learn new things as you create and straighten the neural pathways and networks. It can make the brain stronger.

At the same time more flexible and adaptable change. Knowing the tips to keep the brain healthy makes you smarter. According to research challenging and novel brain exercise can be use to protect and strengthen the mind. This benefit can be useful for keeping the mind sharp as one get older.

Keeping the brain healthy

Now let’s tackle some brain exercise that you can do at home. While these brain game are not design to make you more intelligent. you might find out that you are mentally sharper and cognitively stronger if you practice them regularly.

Now one of the best way to straighten the mind takes a bit of commitment but it is also one the most effective and most rewording, found out what you needs to do to get that your brain in tip-top shape.

Simple Tips

The brain is the most amazing part of the body. It comes up with the creative ways of expressing thought  and emotions. The coordination of the daily activities ranging from running the house work, to the complex of solving human problem.

All this activities can easily take for granted by someone who doesn’t know how the brain stein to control them.

  1. Sleep
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Good Feeding
  6. Meditate
  7. Drink less alcohol
  8. Brain Training
  9. Cut down on refined carbs

Below are the details of what and what you need to do in other to keep not only a healthy brain but a better lifestyle:


Some people think that sleeping is just wasting there time. But actually it is not time wasting because sleep has a lot of work that it perform in the body.

It help removes the blinder and at the same reset the brain. Sleep is not only essential in regenerating your physical body. Sleep help one to reach new mental insight.

Research from Harvard has shown that 33% of human are likely to infer connection among distantly related ideas after sleeping.

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Understanding that a single night of only four to six hour sleeping can impact your ability to think the next day. The process of growth known as plasticity is believe to underlie the brain capacity to control the behavior including learning and memory.

However sleep and sleep less modifies the expression of some genes and gene product that is important for synaptic plasticity. Also research has shown that even among the adult that amid-day nap can dramatically boast and restore the brainpower.

Vitamin B12

Lack of this vitamin has been known as ‘’Canary in the coalmine’. this vitamin is very important in the human body. It makes the mind sharp as you age. Again it has been known that has high level of markers for vitamin B12 deficiency been more likely to score lower on cognitive test.

This mean that lack of this particular vitamin leads to brain shrinkage. The moment you begin to loss memory or other mental fogginess, it is lack of vitamin B12.

Coconut oil

Human in brain needs glucose which it convert to energy. The human brain actually manufactures its own insulin. Which convert glucose in the bloodstream into the food it needs to survive. The insulin in the brain is very important.

The human brain begins to starve if you deprive it of the glucose-converted energy, which it needs to function normally. When the brain loses it ability to convert glucose into energy, it may lead to the impaired functioning of the brain.

Needs substance like the coconut oil to feed the brain.  The coconut oil when it convert the glucose into energy, it restores and renew neurons in the brain. Remember coconut oil is best taken with food to avoid upsetting your stomach.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is known by its tremendous capability of enhancing nerve growth in the brain. It has a great function in the place like the Hippocampus and cerebellum of the brain. This areas are involved in the planning and processing of information. This place is where the formation of new memories begins.

Note that it is important for a pregnant woman to have enough of vitamin D for the proper development of the brain of the child. The child must also get enough vitamin D for the normal functioning of the brain. Research has shown that lack of vitamin D leads to poor performance of the brain.

Remember the sun goes a long way in producing vitamin D. So, appropriate exposure to the sun can do just good at that. It is important to note that there is no magic dosage when it comes to vitamin D. The important thing is your serum level.

Good Feeding

There quite a range of food that is good for the brain. Understanding that many food component can increase the mental functioning. Foods like broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and some berries even the oil found in oily fish has a great work at the brain.

All this food improves the memory and the overall functioning of the brain. The same things can a green tea do and protein in general.

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The evidence is getting clearer on the important of healthy diet. This important of a good diet is not only for the adult but more important to the young and growing one. It helps to up bring their IQ. Pregnant woman is highly at the positive end of it all because the good diets works well in the development of the Child’s brain.


In the recent years psychology has become in some ancient wisdom around mindfulness and meditation. Sometime the problems in life try to outweigh the human brain, but meditation helps to maintain the calmness of the brain.

Although there are many way of meditation to different people but they have this one common attribute of bringing calmness. The focus in the breath help to bring the mind calm. This is one of the way the ancient people achieve coolness of attitude that baffle the present day anxious mind.

Research has shown that meditation increase concentration, memory. This condition can make the brain function faster and manage stress more easily.

Brain Training(Exercise)

There are some fundamental cognitive skills that are important for the well-functioning of the brain. Example the speed at which you process some information. Brain training is important in the human brain. It usually take place on-line or on the handheld device. Like playing a game with your handset.

You have understood the game created in the phone is design to stimulate some important part of the brain. Many people take the game in there handset for granted but is for  a purposes. Make sure you play them.

Cut down on Refined Carbs

Consuming large amount of refined carbohydrates like cake cereals, cookies, white rice and white bread cause lot damage to brain. Those food has a large glycemic index.

Meaning the body digest the carbohydrate quickly which lead to the high level of sugar in the body system. Eating large amount of all this refine food can cause the brain to experience cognitive decline and dementia i.e. reduce cognitive function.

Drink less alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can negatively affect your health. Not only he cause harm to the health but at the same time alter the brain and result in memory deficits. Too much of the consumption can cause the hippocampus part of the brain not to function normal.

You have to understand that consumption of alcohol has a neurotoxic effect on the brain. Including reducing memory Performance . Remember that occasional moderate drinking is not an issue. But binge drinking can cause damage to the hippocampus which is the key area the brain association to the memory.


The health of the brain is important to reach your full intellectual and potential human being in life.

It is important to note that the brain is the controller of the body. That anything that affect the brain has almost affect all the other part of the body. Keep your brain healthy to be more effective in life.

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