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Crash Kit: Recommended Must Have Browser Extensions For Bloggers

Hi folks purpose of making this article today is to tell you the necessary browser plugins you need to have as a blogger. Read ahead and find out the recommended browser extensions for bloggers.

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Recently I witnessed a sudden drop in my website traffic immediately I searched for recent Google algorithm updates and guess what? It popped out that Google recently published a search engine algorithm update. But this is not the main topic of this article let’s proceed with the recommended plugins every blogger must have to make it more easier and ecumenical.

Best Chrome Browser Extensions For Bloggers

Below is the list of browser plugins that you can install to your browser. This will help you write a better SEO article, good readable article, choose a nice keyword and also boost your backlinks strategy.


Grammarly is one of the best and most powerful used plugin by both bloggers and content writers. What does this plugin do? It helps to check for grammatical errors within your article.

This way you can be able to identify the error and prefer to use the right suggestions to bypass the error. You can also follow Grammarly blog to get the latest SEO, and content optimization tips. To make use of Grammarly it is very easy to use by signing up for an account with your email address and you are all in it. You can also search Grammarly browser extension with the key phrase ” Grammarly for chrome” this is the easiest way to download Grammarly plugin.

2. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa traffic rank is a software plugin developed by Alexa. This extension plugin helps you to check out backlink of a website, check similar sites, load time if a site, traffic rank (both country and global specific)

So to download this plugin from Alexa, go ahead and search for Alexa traffic rank for chrome in Google. From there proceed to download it and add it to your browser front the extension page.

3. Moz Bar

Moz bar is a Browser extension plugin that gives you insight about a particular web page like the Domain Authority, trust flow, and Page Authority. It is a plugin developed by famous SEO gurus from popular MOZ company to help make SEO easier and understandable.

4. Google Translate

This is a plugin developed by Google to enable you to translate a web-page into a desired/understandable language of your choice. Sometimes you will be browsing for let me say Admob self-clicking, you will have to discover that most of the articles that suit this keyword are in the Hindi language. Thus with the help of google translate you can easily render to the page to be readable in English or any other language of your choice.

5. Keyword Everywhere

It’s a popular tool every SEO geek must have. This will help you identify easy to target keywords while minding the CPC and competition ratio for that keyword. This will definitely help you to drive a good amount of traffic to your website. For instance most of the time you can opt in for a keyword that won’t generate much traffic for you. But with keyword everywhere you can be able to export keywords to your notepad environment. Here you can now check for a particular keyword volume to go for not forgetting also that it’s not wise to target a seed word. You can check out Brian deans article on what he said about picking the right focus keyword for SEO.

This is all I have to say on the recommended browser extensions for bloggers to have in order to facilitate her journey. If you have a better alternative feel free to leave it below and don’t forget also that guest post is acceptable.

Added Advantages

I will recommend some websites you need to use to make keyword optimization easier for you.


This is one of the easier to understand keyword research websites. From here you can be able to master how to choose a good primary keyword for your blog post. I have worked with them and it really improved my search engine optimization experience.


Not just a tool for you. It can serve as a website hospital to show you everything you need to know to go on at the backend of your website. You can perform keyword research, site explorer, backlinks and so much more.


This is one of the best and easiest platform to reform yourself in search engine optimization experience. Like my pal normally said anything coming from ahref is worth taking seriously. This is to tell you that ahref is a website that has lived above its reputation. You can also follow ahref official blog to get latest updates on search engine optimization, google updates and so on.

Google autocomplete sentence

This I have explained in one of my previous articles how to choose the right focus keyword. Google auto complete help you to see what users frequently search about a particular query. For instance I pop in a word like “toxicwap” in google search box. Then wait for a second you should be able to see the auto complete sentence generated for you. Pick any of them and center your article around it and this is also a good form of using long tail keyword in ranking a blog post.

This is a good approach for a new blog site to generate organic traffic easily.

You can read up what Neil Patel has said on choosing a long tail keyword.

Keyword Planner

Another great way of choosing a keyword using Google AdWords tool to view what users frequently search. This tool will give you a clear insight concerning a particular keyword like the search volume, CPC, competition, and alternative keyword.

So, folks, these are the best chrome extensions for all bloggers to make use of to improve blogging experience.

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