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Eye Infections & Defects – Common Eye Problems And Prevention

Today I bring to you the various eye infections & defects. As we all know that there are many disease in the world, eye problems seems to be one of the common but deadly disease in the world.

If you really don’t take care of your eye, then you are on your way to losing your sight. So many people see this problem as a common thing but it is very much deadly to your health.

However, nobody wants to be blind and no one wants to be going to the hospital because of pains of the eye, eye blindness and many others.

So I will give you some of the eye problems or defects and also possible ways to stay healthy so that you will not have any problem in the future.

Although, many at times people who suffer from this problem is the aged people, while getting old so many deformities starts coming. However, this does not mean that you cannot have eye problem even at a young age.

There are some that have either shortsightedness or farsightedness, all are deformities of the eye. This can affect anybody and at any age therein.

Eye Panorama

Let me start from the description: the eye is about 2.5cm, approximately 1 inch. In the eye, only a small part is meant for vision.

This small part is situated at the protective bony socket in the skull. The eye helps in sight and has the iris which happens to be the colored part. It also has a narrow or small opening called the pupils which accommodates the light for vision.

In addition to that, there is a lens that centers its work on light vision particularly called the retina. Retina is at the back of the eye forming an image. However, there are nerve cells in the retina which helps to translate images into impulses travelling through the optic nerve and assimilated by the brain.

Furthermore, there is a part of the eye called cornea, it is a protective layer of the eye. Also, there is an outer membrane of the eye in form of Conjunctiva. It is a fluid zone, do you know what I mean? This zone is full of fluids that you see in your eyes, sometimes when you cry you see tears coming out.

I guess we now know the different part of the eye and its functions. This is not all you tend to read out in this post. As you go beyond, you will see more information.

Many people are in hospital and sick beds concerning this eye problem. There are lots of messages I receive about people that are infected with it. This post is a message for the young ones out there, kindly read and share it out to all and everybody because it just might be important for someone out there.

Eye Infections & Defects (key points)

Therefore, without taking much of your time I will be touch lighting the various eye infections below and some of its side effects.

  1. Cataract: The lens opacity occurring overtime in the eye.
  2. Exophthalmos: this is the soft tissue growth swelling in the eye socket causing one or both eyes to protrude.
  3. Amertropia: True focusing error of the eye.
  4. Amblyopia: This is Poor vision in one eye.
  5. Presbyopia: Loss of near-range focus concentration.
  6. Glaucoma: Here, in this condition there is an increase in pressure of the fluid within the eye.
  7. Conjunctivitis: This occurs as the inflammation of the conjunctiva.
  8. Myopia: This is the inability of a person to see any far objector objects far away. The reason being that the rays are focused on the retina by a sharp refraction making objects fall  It can be corrected by using a concave lens.
  9. Hypermetropia: unlike myopia, hypermetropia is the inability of a person to see an object that is near. This is because the light rays are converging behind the retina.It can be corrected by the use of convex lens to supplement the converging power.
  10. Astigmatism: This is as a result of sudden curvature of the lens/ cornea system in one place than another. This can be corrected with the use of cylindrical lens.

In as much as you have seen the eye defects or infection, you should always be ready to go see the doctor to hep out once you notice some changes. Always take good care of yourself, your health is your safety.

Prevention Of Eye Infections

  • Do not fix your eyes so close in watching
  • please don’t try to hold a book too near to the face.
  • Do not sit or watch around in a completely dark room.
  • Recommended: Use good light when reading or doing any form of work.
  • Please avoid looking directly at an electric bulb or sun.
  • Eat good food rich in vitamin A. lack of vitamin A causes night blindness.

This is the far we can go for now, I hope to bring you more updates later on this particular topic. Please stay safe and always have a healthy living.

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