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Skin Disease Disorder: Common Diseases That Affects The skin, Preventions And Treatment

Skin disease results in lots of things which can be in form of skin disorder and lack of maintaining the body. As we all know , the skin is the delicate part of the body and as such needs to be taken care of all the time.

Some people neglects the little things they ought to do to keep their body fresh and ever ready to perform a task.

In this post, I will be presenting a lot of guidelines on your skin care and growth. The post will also show some precautions, diseases and treatments involved.

Furthermore, the skin and body secrets some waste products which needs to be washed off and keep the body refreshed. Lack of maintenance and proper care can result to body odor and some diseases.

In addition to that, the sweat glands secrets sweat and passes it out through pores containing water, salt, and little oil. These are waste products.

The harmful effect to this is that the sweat hardens and blocks the pores of the body. Also, it will prevent further escape of other waste particles. The keen advice I will offer is a regular bath and the use of perfect skin conditioning.

Bathing Procedure

  • Choose a suitable toilet soap for taking your bath. Also, you should make use of sponge or face towel and clean water.
  • Scrub the sponge or face towel thoroughly and scrub every part of the body thoroughly as well.
  • Take a thorough bath by wiping off dirt all over the body before rinsing with clean water.
  • Important: Pay special attention to the body folds such as the arm-pits and the groins in the body.
  • Wash off your towel and spread out to the sun always.
  • Rinse the body properly with clean water.
  • Dry the skin with a clean towel then apply body cream or oil lightly on the skin.

Harmful Effects Of Not Taking Care Of The Skin (Skin Disease Disorder)

  • The sweat pores OR glands will be blocked.
  • Sweat will be unable to leave the body surface.
  • Air will not pass into the body through the skin and pores.
  • Body odor occurs and different kinds of skin problems will occur.
  • Sometimes you develop eczema, pimples and other small diseases.

Common Skin Diseases and Disorder

This is the best part of this post where you tend to know the various diseases you can contact if you don’t take good care of your body.

  1. Ringworm: This disease is caused by the growth of fungi between the inner and outer layers of the skin. However, It forms a small part or small circle part on your body, it can also be called airing of small round spots. The affected area becomes reddish and wiped out in bald form, no hairs attached to it at all.

Therefore, since this is a common disease of the hair, I will advise that you always keep your hair clean by taking your bath every day. Avoid using other people’s comb, brush off and keep safe all your equipment for hair and do not share with another person.

  1. Scabies: this disease is commonly characterized by itching. It is Caused by a small animal which bores under the outer skin. This harmful animal lives and lays eggs there.

It causes severe itching. The sad news about it, can be transmitted from one person to the other. through direct contact or infected materials.

  1. Eczema: Causes the skin to become inflamed and gives a burning itching sensation. It leaves a color which is different from that of the skin.
  2. Pimples: Oil pin or small raised inflamed spots on the skin. commonly found on the face.

There are many other diseases but I just listed few of them, but I am happy because I now it might be helpful someday.

Skin Disease disorder Treatment

These are well recommended treatment for you if you are down with either of this aforementioned diseases above. Treatment for skin diseases are as follows:

  • Wash your whole body daily and more than once a day, make it a daily routine even in hot, dry and dusty seasons.
  • You should Always have a bath after serious games or exercises to avoid body odor.
  • Make Use of good toilet soap, soft sponge and clean water.
  • Keep your towel, under-wears and other clothes clean.
  • Avoid using other person’s towels and clothing.
  • Do not use bleaching cream on your skin.
  • Eat balanced diets Foods rich in milk, proteins, fruits, vegetables, cod liver oil.
  • Use mild skin creams and oils for simply good moisturizing skin.
  • Treat skin diseases and problems promptly.
  • Make sure you see your doctor or physician whenever such disease comes up.
  • Stay safe and have a healthy life

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