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Bad Habits That Destroys Your PC – Take care of PC devices to last longer

The bad habits that actually destroys your PC is caused by you, lack of maintenance and not being careful to some extent. You see many people carry their gadgets both PC and phones to the repair shops always to repair them without actually thinking of a way to reduce the breakdown of the gadget.

Today I will give us few tips on why you are responsible for that breakdown of your PC, how you should try to protect your appliances to prevent damage.

However, their is no technology that last forever but it will be a bad issue if after buying something and within a few weeks, you are out there looking for places you can repair them.

I am not here to scare you but to give you good information on why those appliances have developed the fault earlier.

Technology is top rising and so many people now owns a personal computer. So, I guess this message is for all of us: bad habits that destroys your PC.

My main aim of writing this post is to proffer ways to make use of it so that it will last longer enough for you. In addition to that, we will also be looking at on how you can be able to make use of your laptop with out issues.

Different Bad Habits That Destroys Your PC And Solutions to it

Here are the list of things we will be talking about on this page:

  • Make sure you Place aside your drink when using a laptop or PC
  • Make sure you put away heavy load on the laptop
  • Don’t Wipe the screen (Bad Habits That Destroys Your PC)
  • Make sure You avoid Smoking and eating (Bad Habits That Destroys Your PC)
  • Make Sure Your laptop is been placed on a ventilated surface
  • After Using laptop, Make sure you Turn off or unplug

Now, you can Proceed with the details of the business in question and if in any way you are not following up what we are saying, then you have to ask your questions or make your suggestions on the go with the use of the comment box below the page;

#1. Make sure you Place aside your drink when using a laptop or PC

This is very rampant among many careless people because they do not keep down their drinks or water while operating the PC.

We many think is not going to happen but when you start it then you will experience what I am saying.

So, Please make sure you place drinking water aside from your laptop to avoid stories that touch the heart.

However, it is widely known that some computer are water resistant, and will not affect he PC so easily. You should know that some key areas can be affected thereby causing problems so keep it safe from liquid substance to avoid expenses when trying to fix your PC.

#2. Make sure you put away heavy load on the laptop

This might sound awkward to you but is really not good to keep heavy loads on top of your computer. Your laptop is not a table for you to keep heavy materials on top.

I want you to know that your laptop screen is vulnerable to undue impact pressure. Also, the screen is fragile and so even a little bit of pressure will make your screen to crack.

The fact is that Some people has the habit of placing heavy material on their laptops such as books and cloths etc. It is very wrong and can cost you a lot of money for repairs.

Therefore, it is advisable to please make sure that you put away heavy substance  that will damage the system.

#3. Make sure You avoid Smoking and eating (Bad Habits That Destroys Your PC)

This is one of the dangerous habits that makes me angry. Do you know that if you are smoking next to your laptop, the smoke can easily enter the cooling vents of your laptop.

Now, what if you are smoking and someone is calling you on your phone which you kept on top of the table in the sitting room. Before you leave t get the phone, you now kept the cigarette on top of your laptop then move out.

Hahahaha… there is a greater possibility that when you come back, you will see ashes so be careful.

The smoke can also stain the surface of your laptop and maybe when cleaning it, you apply a wet cloths as a cleaning material. This is very bad to the laptop.

#4. Don’t Wipe the screen (Bad Habits That Destroys Your PC)

The screen is fragile and as such should be taken care of all the time. Do not use rough materials to clean the surface of the PC screen.

It is also not good to use your palms to wipe the surface of the the screen, also, the use of paper to wipe dust off the screen can lead to undesirable effects.

Just know that Scratches from non-standard tissues will greatly affect the display quality in the long run.

However, to be on the safe side, please make sure you make use of use a cleaning tool and a specialized cleaning agent to clean the screen.

#5. Make Sure Your laptop is been placed on a ventilated surface

Keeping your laptop on top of well aerated surface will help your PC last long. The laptop heats up when is being operated on and so ventilation should be allowed to cool it down.

You can place the laptop on a table, bed or chair, but is most advisable to place it on a bed because it keeps you safe from the heat.

therefore, by doing so will absorb air that comes out from the system and same time helps in cooling the system also.

Please always try to operate your PC on the bed and keep out of the reach of children.

#6. After Using laptop, Make sure you Turn off or unplug

This message is virtually for every appliance that uses electricity for operation. PC: unplug your PC after use or work and make sure is not over charge.

No shutdown for a long time will definitely kill your computer or PC. Do you know that some people can go on for days, weeks or months without shutting down their PC.

In addition to that, most people leave their computer plug to the light even when the battery is fully charge.

In addition to that, some of us will leave the laptop fully charged and still plugged to the light, it will damage the battery sells. Sometimes the CPU, HDD components can break down.

Therefore, make sure you to use the shutdown feature provided in the operating system than using the power button. Also, manufactures advises to always shutdown after use and not the other way round.

Earthprex: Please to all those who finds it difficult to turn off their personal computer off will stand a chance to experience a huge damage in time to come.

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