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Boost Immune System Against Corona Virus – How to on Covid Self Protection

It’s True that Corona Founding is Available and More you have to know is the best way you need to Boost your Immune System During this Corona Virus Period. However, are you a student or you are at home without doing any thing at the moment …?

Boost Immune System Again Corona Virus – Covide-19

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It is  important to know there’s no miracle cure, food, vitamin or supplement that can cure or prevent COVID-19 or other diseases.  Some so-called coronavirus cures are actually dangerous, including colloidal silver, miracle mineral solution and huge doses of supplements and vitamins. The best way to protect yourself against covid is by adhering to the WHO Basic Protective Measures Against Corona Virus.

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Note that it’s possible that you may be infected with the virus without showing any symptoms. So maintaining good hygiene and practicing social distancing are crucial to avoid spreading it to high-risk individuals.

The issue of boosting immune system is a tough one because the immune system is not “one thing” that we can easily measure. It’s an intricate and delicate system with many different components. But below we will try to do justice to it an pinpoint habits and foods that will help you stay healthy.

Sleeping is Crucial for you body to Recover

This is the first thing you need to make a priority. The body needs to get enough sleep and rest for it to regenerate dead cells. While you’re asleep, your body uses that time to do critical recovery and repair of essential functions, including your immune system.

Just one night of poor sleep can reduce your immune cells by as much as 70%, research shows. At least each night you need to get not less tha 8 to 9 hours of sleep, this will improve your general health and boost your immune system

Exercise will Boost your Health

The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasized, it keeps your body in optimal condition  research has also shown that it reduces inflammation and supports infection-fighting cells.

When you sweat the body removes toxins through you skin pores. So If you’re working from home or staying out of the gym, there are plenty of ways to still get your sweat on body weight movements like burpees, lunges, push-ups

Stress Management

Worrying about the stock market, stressing about having enough toilet paper, and focusing on the uncertainties of the future can raise cortisol levels, which may negatively impact our immune function.

We can’t make this stressful situation disappear. But we can all take measures to control our response to stress. How you choose to relax will vary from person to person whether it is meditation, taking a walk outside, mindfulness exercises, curling up with a favorite book, or taking time to meditate or practice yoga.

If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation

In times of stress, some people turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. However, studies show a relationship between chronic heavy alcohol consumption and increased susceptibility to infections.

Perhaps most pertinent for the discussion about COVID-19, some of these studies showed an increased risk among heavy drinkers of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), the lung complication responsible for most of the COVID-19 related deaths.

The trick is knowing where to draw the line. While there is little science, most experts suggest that a reasonable daily limit is two drinks for men and one drink for women. .

Good Nutrition

Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and seeds inject essential antibodies to your system. Getting “adequate phytonutrients” improves immune function and reduces infection risk. So you need to cut the junks out and replace them with wholefoods, fruits and vegetables.

Therefore there are many other potential health benefits of good diet, it makes sense to stick to a diet that provides adequate essential nutrition and is rich in minimally processed natural foods.


Here are the list of Vitamins you need to Boost your Immune System During this Corona Virus Period:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been used to help prevent the common cold. Among other amazing functions, this vitamin can help maintain healthy skin that provides a barrier to germs and other harmful invaders.

Studies suggest it may improve the function of certain white blood cells that fight infection. Vitamin C may cause diarrhea or increase the risk of kidney stones (especially in men), so be sure not to exceed 2,000 mg daily.

Vitamin D

As both a hormone and a vitamin, Vitamin D plays a number of important roles in health. Your body can make Vitamin D on its own when your skin is exposed to sunlight, so try to get some sun whenever you can.

How much sun depends on the time of year and your location. A good starting point is 15 minutes of exposure to a large body part such as the torso or back. Just remember to avoid sunburns, as excess sun exposure carries its own risks.


Zinc is a mineral involved in the white blood cell response to infection. Because of this, people who are deficient in zinc are more susceptible to cold, flu, and other viruses. One meta-analysis of seven trials found that supplementing with zinc reduced the length of the common cold by an average of 33%.

General ways to Boost Immune System as Human

Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system:
  1. Don’t smoke.
  2. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight.
  5. If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.
  6. Get adequate sleep.
  7. Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.

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