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Become a Blogger – How to Write Effective Blog post and Tips to Learn the SEO Analysis

Do you Know? There are rules which you should follow when writing a Blog Post. To become a Blogger is an awesome Work as you will be opportune to tell the whole world how you feel and what you can offer to the general public but for you to achieve the aim in return your site needs to Rank well on the search engine and generate Income as you sell your content through Google Adsense and more other Sponsored Ads. There is a Simple Blogging Formula to Follow.

If your dream is to be a blogger, the journey will not be easy but it is definitely something you will ride with happiness.

Therefore, you have to be a good content writer, and you must follow up the rules especially when you want to monetize your contents.

In addition to that, you just have to be consistent and always ready to update your articles with the best of information.

In this article, there are lots of things you will learn as a beginner and i will like you to take a seat and read carefully to the end.

Starting up with your Blog- How do you Write your Blog post?

Bloggers around the world keep asking somehow to write a post question which this page have provided the simple formula to them and there goes like …

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