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Reasons For Job Promotion Career | Strategy on Why Your Employer Will Not Turn Down Your Promotion

The Reasons for Job Promotion are explicitly written in this post. Getting a job is a nice thing but one of the best thing is the promotion associated with it. Every worker or employee in an organization is on the quest for a new promotion thereby making their pay rise to turn up. Take a chance and be one of the best in that organization.

Earthprex is not here to pull your leg or take you to a land of no return: however this post is to motivate you, give you best tips to get promoted in that company or organization. Also, it prepares you in such a way that your employer will not resist you once you request for promotion.

What Is A Job Promotion All About?

Frankly speaking on a lay man language and advance language; Earthprex defines job promotion as a progressive position movement of an employee within an organization.

In addition to that, job promotion seeks to be an employee’s active target pursuit of a higher ranking attached with good performance. Also, job promotion fosters a change and an advance level of pay rise or financial bonus.

The employee must bear in mind that job promotion requires a lot of things that is quite different from his/her position. In as much as it comes with good benefits, it also comes with different responsibilities and authority.

Notable Facts Why You Are Requesting For A Promotion

Yes there are lots of reasons why you need a promotion, for all I know, this is not bad because change is constant and you don’t need to suffer for long with very low salary.

I am going to highlights some reasons why you are requesting for a promotion or pay rise in that firm or company.


Just like I mention earlier in the beginning of the post, most People are on a quest to grab a promotion and change their present condition.

Competition in a business or organization is good because it makes the person to come up with good ideas different from others. Most people are willing to accept challenges and this is one of the reasons they want to leave a less competitive environment to higher one.

#Increase in Income

Promotions have good payment benefits, maybe new office and a higher authority in that organization.

Every employee wants to leave level 1 and more to 2,3,4 etc. This is your right in that company s fight for it by doing extraordinary things.

Finally, promotion increases your income, put you in good office and set you higher than other employees.

#It is an Opportunity

You see the promotion as an opportunity to break through and show how good you are.

However, on your quest for promotion, you are expected to be formal, simple, respectful, and determined to achieve such a goal.

#Growth in Job or Career

This is another good reason why you are optioning for that promotion, as a goal chaser your career food is just PROMOTION.

In addition to that, after writing down your career goals, seeking for promotion becomes a target to achieve it.

Promotion takes you there faster and helps you to reach that level you desire for when you enter the organization.

#Job Ambition and Drive

This is a reason that enables the ambitious individuals to work towards opportunities that can help them accomplish their goals quickly.

Your Personal Promotion Strategy and Criteria 

This is a message for you, you must not tell people you need this thing before it will be given to you. Your good behavior, effort and impact ca get that thing knocking on your door.

– Always believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities.

– Once you get confused, try to ask questions to improve processes and ideas.

– Be creative, put good effort in systems that benefit many thereby making their work easier.

– Set good standards for yourself.

– Increase your expertise, skills and knowledge.

– do not be shy, Give public presentations, speeches and host business events.

– Be well prepared when making presentations.

– Teach and facilitate workshops.

– Let your employer know exactly what you do, what your daily job entails.

– Work with others but more with high performers.

– Speak with confidence.

– try to Lend a helping hand to others teach others prop others up.

– Prioritize well.

– Make each day more exciting, more productive and more successful than the previous day.

– Always Lead by example.

– Join and participate in a professional association.

Your Employer Access Points (Reasons For The Job Promotion)

  • All employee track record and performance history.
  • Employee level of initiative.
  • All Employee educational qualifications.
  • Employee potential to perform at a higher level
  • The company’s financial position and budget available for promotions.
  • How long you have worked in your current position.
  • How long you have been in the company.
  • Company policies on promotion.
  • Salary bands or ranges for your new position.
  • Comparable market compensation data.
  • Historical and current salary of people in similar positions.
  • Your experience, skills and knowledge.
  • Availability of promotion positions.
  • Your teamwork, cooperation and collaboration skills.
  • the boss can hear your good performance from others which can foster a promotion at work.
  • Your attitude for Company growth.

Complete Reasons For The Job Promotion

  • To acknowledge and encourage good job performance.
  • This will encourage healthy competition within the organization.
  • Encourage employees to do more and acquire more skills to move up.
  • Motivate staff.
  • Increase morale, job satisfaction and work engagement.
  • Retain top performers and reward employees.
  • To better utilize the skills, knowledge and education of staff at a higher capacity.
  • Encourage loyalty.
  • Acknowledge and encourage good job performance.
  • Encourage healthy competition within the organization.
  • To encourage employees to do more and acquire more skills to move up.

The Basic Reasons For Manager Job Promotion

6 Reasons Some Managers Get Promoted Over Others
  • You must be promotion material. You have to be doing a good job in the position you are in and we must be able to back fill your position when you are promoted.
  • Proven track record.
  • Deliver what you say you will deliver.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Business minded.
  • Prepared for the next level of responsibility.

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