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Which is better? bbpress vs Buddypress – Full Beginners Guide

Just as People Keep asking on and other Top Search engines, but on this page you will learn the basic and other factor which will help you differentiate between bbpress vs Buddypress.

Bbpress vs Buddypress Update today

Now you get it all listed and clear about these tow Plugins;

Here we are going to compare and contrast bbpress and buddypress wordpress plugins. If you are do not know which plugin to use to build your online community, this article is for you. This tutorial is going to xray the both plugins and help you pin point the plugin that suit your needs.

bbPress WordPress Forum Plugin

bbpress is number one on the list of wordpress forum plugins. The main purpose is to create website discussion forums and extend the website’s functionality with the integrated interface and WordPress feel. Here members of a bbpress installed platform can open threads, topics, questions and give answers and reply to any issue raised in the forum.

If you are addressing a small to a medium audience and only wants a forum based functionality, then bbPress is for you. This plugin also enhances its features by having Add-ons that improve its functionality. Some of the best examples include Better bbPress Signature, bbPress New Theme and more. bbPress provide the following features:

Features of bbpress

  • Single site and Multisite Forums
  • Customizable Templates
  • Have tons of add-ons to improve functionality.
  • WordPress user accounts can be integrated into bbPress users.
  • Lightweight and Fast.

BuddyPress Wordpress Social Network Plugin

Buddy is the best WordPress plugin to create a social network like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and much more. Although it can be used to build a community forum but its core essential make up if for social media. if you are addressing a huge amount of visitors, then BuddyPress is for you, it provides features for a diverse audience.

Some examples are: friends management, connection requests, messages, etc.
In order to add value to the BuddyPress platform, it comes at no cost, just like most other Automatic services. So, what’s great about BuddyPress? It’s characteristics. Let’s list some of its key characteristics.

Features of Buddypress

  • Facebook like network creation.
  • Private and public message sending.
  • User Account Settings and Profile Extension
  • Activity Stream like Facebook.
  • User Accounts can be filled with information and are interactive.
  • Group creation.

Similarities of bbpress vs Buddypress

  • The both plugins is built by the same company,
  • Both plugins have the same requirement. The similarity is clear, but CMS has a role to play in its functionality.
  • The customer support for both plugins is great, allowing you to concentrate on creating something valuable rather than focusing on the problem during installation, maintenance, and other plugin work.
  • Both plugins have a unique aspect; they create a community that can be a forum or a social network.

Dissimilarities between bbPress and BuddyPress

  • The main despariyt between these two plugins is they purpose they were made for. bbPress was made simply to build an online forum but BuddyPress is made to build a full fledged social media platform.
  • The number of plugins for BuddyPress is more than that of bbPress. Both the plugins are popular in their respective segment but looks like BuddyPress have more lovers from the developer segment. Currently, BuddyPress has more than 500 plugins, whereas bbPress has only 150+ plugins.
  • bbPress offers a simple solution to a build a community; the only tradeoff is the features that you do not get with bbPress — this helps easier maintenance for administrators.


These two plugins are amazing in the features they provide. they essentially help users build an online community. The choice you make depends on the type and features of the online community you are building. bbpress is more of creating a small and medium forum while buddypress is for creating a full social media that can house millions of users.

with Quote;

bbPress is a plugin to create forums, while BuddyPress is a plugin used to create a intimate social network. Both plugins provide communication platforms, using which people or groups can freely exchange ideas, discuss topics, ask questions, and so on.

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