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University of Tsukuba Scholarships for International Students in Japan (Fully Funded)



The University of Tsukuba Scholarships for international students is one of the best scholarship for students across the globe to study in Japan. Japan is once again offering international students the opportunity to learn more  in a well conditioned environment and exclusive research areas to develop their skills and potentials. If you are a student looking for a way to study in Asia then you might consider the Japan scholarship (university of Tsukuba) this article will provide you with the explicit information you need to know but however please try to visit the official site for the scholarship application.

The Tsukuba University Scholarship

Firstly, the academic session for the 2021-2022 year is open for all international students through university recommendation.

In other words, the application acceptance is on going for students on leave of absence in last July, also open for new students admitted.

University of Tsukuba is one of the prestigious national universities situated in Tsukuba, Ibaraki  With about 16,500 students. It also has 28 college clusters and colleges.

There are rules and setback guidelines for this scholarship, therefore students are encouraged to apply this time after carefully reading the Application Guide.

However, the Japan international scholarship can be fully funded while some are partially funded for both postgraduates and undergraduates studies.

Also, the certificate comes from either the following levels; Bachelors Degree, Masters, Ph.D, Fellowship depending on the student choice of study.

Most students still wonder how the scholarship funds started and the support towards the fund for international students.

Therefore, it might interest you to know that these scholarship are majorly funded by universities in Japan, government of Japan and private institutions.

Finally, the University collectively calls for applicants for next year’s scholarships through university approval for all scholars around.

Nutshell Description

  • Course Level: The studentships are available for pursuing undergraduate, graduate and research program.
  • Study Subject: The studentships are awarded to study the subjects offered by the university.
  • Awards: Not Known
  • Application Deadline: Friday, April 14, 2021
  • Number of Awards: The Number of Awards is limited.
  • Nationality: Privately financed international students
  • The award can be taken in Japan
  • Application period: From Thursday, April 1 2021~Wednesday April 14 2021
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded

The scholarship is fully funded, covering all the expenses of students, including tuition fees, air-travel and health insurance.

International students who wants to pursue master’s degree program are free for studies at Tsukuba University  in Economics and Public Policy.

Amazingly, the University ranks (238th) in world universities ranking, then (10th) among the top 10 universities in Japan.

Furthermore, the main campus of Tsukuba is the second-largest single campus in Japan, having 16,000 students enrolled in different programs.

Another good thing about the university is that it is one of the leading research universities, and one of the largest universities in Japan.

Finally, the university delivers a high-quality education and different academic opportunities in different disciplines.

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Benefits (University of Tsukuba Scholarships)

The University of Tsukuba scholarship program is fully funded; hence, it will cover the following:

Monthly stipend

Economy class round trip air travel

Travel accommodation

Full tuition and fee

Health insurance

Courses/Subjects Offered

The University is offering the following Courses for international students:


Public Policy

Approval areas for the Tsukuba scholarship

Afghanistan, Myanmar.

Armenia, Nauru.

Azerbaijan, Nepal.

Bangladesh, Niue.

Bhutan, Pakistan.

Cambodia, Palau.

Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea.

Georgia, Philippines.

India, Samoa, Indonesia.

Solomon Islands, Fiji.

Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan.

Tajikistan, Kiribati.

Thailand, Kyrgyz Republic.

Timor-Leste, Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Tonga, Malaysia, Turkmenistan.

Maldives, Tuvalu.

Marshall Islands, Uzbekistan.

Federated States of Micronesia.

Vanuatu, Mongolia, Vietnam.

Eligibility Criteria (University of Tsukuba Scholarships)

  • Eligible Countries: Privately financed international students are eligible to apply.
  • Nationality: Applicants must be the citizen of one of the mentioned above countries.
  • Entrance Requirements: Among international students holding a status of residence of “Student”, undergraduate, graduate and research students are eligible to apply.
  • English Language Requirements: Applicants should be proficient in English language and have good communication skills to pursue their English studies abroad.
  • Health: Applicants must be in good health.
  • Course program: They must return to their countries after the completion of the program.
  • Age limit: Applicants must be under the age of 35 when applying.
  • Rules related: They must not be related to directors, management, staff or even consultants of the ADB program.
  • Acceptance: Among international students holding a status of residence of “Student”, undergraduate, graduate and research students are eligible to apply.
  • Non-acceptance:
    • Students who will be taking a temporary leave of absence from the university in AY 2021-22
    • The Students who are in expectation to receive any scholarships or grants (including those covering living expenses) in AY 2021-22
    • Students who will continue to receive their current scholarship in AY 2021-22

Necessary documents for Tsukuba

  • Application Form (Form 1)
  • Learning Plan (Only for undergraduate students) (Form 2)
  • Poster for Application
  • Application Guide
  • Research Plan (Only for graduate and research students) (Form 3)
  • Supervisor’s Remarks(Form 4)
  • Status of Enrollment Notification (Only for students who are to submit) (Form 5)
  • Academic Record Entry Sheet (Only for students who are to submit) (Form 6).

Submit to (University of Tsukuba Scholarships)

Your affiliated education organization (Academic service office: student support)(Academic service office: student support)

*Eligible students are strongly can easily apply and fill up forms. Nevertheless, those who do not apply this time are NOT able to be a candidate for a scholarship through university recommendation. If you have a question, please ask the Academic Service Office or the Division of Student Exchange.

Application Procedure

Request: All Application submission will reach to the dean of the college / the provost of the school enroll (Academic Service Office: student support or graduate academic affairs section or office of the graduate program) Application documents

  • Research plan for graduate students and research students
  • Supervisor’s remarks (prescribed form 4) (Envelope sealed by supervisor)
  • application form for privately financed international students for AY 2021-22 (prescribed form 1)
  • Study plan for undergraduate students
  • Status of enrollment notification (prescribed form 5) Note: Not necessary to submit at the time of application. Note to Applicants (3)” below should separately submit this form to their respective academic service office (student support or graduate academic affairs section) promptly afterwards.
  • Latest academic transcript (If the latest academic transcript has not been available at the time of application, it may be omitted)
    Undergraduate students should submit a copy of an undergraduate academic transcript of the University of Tsukuba
    Master’s course students should submit a copy of the undergraduate academic transcript of the university graduated, and an academic transcript of master course of the University of Tsukuba
    Doctoral course students should submit a copy of master’s course an academic transcript of the university graduated, and a doctoral course an academic transcript of the University of Tsukuba
    Research students should submit a copy of the undergraduate academic transcript of the University graduated.
  • Academic Record Entry Sheet (only for graduate students in their first year in the master and doctoral courses).
  • A copy of the Residence Card (should be an enlarged copy of both sides so that the status of residence is clearly visible).





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