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UN Fully Funded Program (United Nations Volunteer Program 2021) For All Nations

The UN fully funded program is a volunteer program organized by the united nations for everybody round the world. This program is for all applicants around the world, yes you stand a chance of being a member if you meet up with the requirements.

The Volunteer Program

I guess with the brief explanation above you will know that this program happens to be for all and you can be a member.

However, there are some criteria you have to meet before becoming a member. Do not panic or think much about it because this criteria is very easy and simple.

Do You want to become a of the UN Volunteer program? Therefore, in this post I will give you tips on how to apply for the Fully Funded UN Volunteers Program 2021.

Furthermore, United Nations Volunteers Program is always open to everybody from around the world for the global UN Paid Volunteer Program.

The UN Volunteers Program covers all expenses for all the Contestants: from Undergraduates, Graduates, Fresh Students up to age 25 Years to work with the UN as a Volunteer.

In addition to that, the Duration of the United Nations Volunteer Program ranges from 3 to 12 Months Depending on COVID-19 status.

As a matter of fact, the United Nations is closely working to help combat COVID-19. however, this is not an easy job so that is why they Need Volunteers who can help them.

Therefore, they are inviting candidates for the United Nations Volunteers Program For Coronavirus 2020. All the Expenses and payments will be covered by the United Nations.

Details About The UN Program (Funded)

  • Organization-Brand: UNITED NATIONS
  • Deadline: NO DATE YET GIVEN, application still stands (during the COVID19 outbreak)

About UN Fully Funded Program

  • United Nations is a global intergovernmental organization in existence in the year Headquarter of the UN is located in New York.
  • To combat the effect of Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) disturbing the Health Systems, Public Services, and communities globally.
  • UN Entities are working closely with National Governments, community groups, health sector, and industries worldwide.
  • Te work is that UN Invites to support the UN system’s response as national UN Volunteers.

Duration & Deadline (Date)

  • Duration: this is from 3-12 Months (with Possibility of Extension if it arises)
  • Starting Date: Many candidates will be available within the short notice of application (1-2 weeks)
  • Deadline: for now no deadline, the program is still on for this pandemic virus.

Financial Expenses

Therefore, the UN Volunteer Program is a UN Paid Volunteer program. Also, it provides Opportunity for all the Participants from around the world to become a UN Volunteer.

  • Monthly Allowance to Coverall these: Food, Housing, Basic Needs
  • Accommodation fees
  • Health & Medical Insurance fees
  • Return Airfare <Once Restriction are removed>

Various Fields & Qualification For UN Fully Funded Program

Therefore, If you have qualifications and experience in any of the following field of study. Then, UN will Invite you to apply for the (UN) United Nations Volunteer Program.

1) Health Professionals (FIELD OF STUDY)

  • Pathologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Radiologists
  • ICU/Anesthetic Nurses
  • Medical
  • Intensivists
  • Respiratory Physicians
  • Infection Control Nurses
  • Psychologists <with experience in trauma/stress Counselling>
  • Biomedical/Medical Laboratory Technicians

Public Health FIELD

  • Epidemiologists
  • Public Health Specialists
  • Health Statisticians
  • Health Surveillance Specialists

2) Non-Health Professionals

Here are list of Things you need to know about this program:

Program Management

  • Monitoring & evaluating Specialists : this can be related to health and/or emergencies, and Reporting
  • Gender-based Violence Project/Program Specialists course

Emergency & Health Crisis management 

  • Health Emergency Managers
  • Child Protection Specialists

Health systems

  • Logisticians.
  • Health Procurement Specialists.
  • Health Supply specialists like: pharmacist, equipment, cold chain.

Statistics & others

  • Socio-economic & Health Assessment Specialists
  • Economic Development Specialists
  • Livelihoods Specialists
  • Anthropologists
  • Sociologists

Sanitation & Hygiene

  • Wash<with a focus on hygiene> Specialists
  • Medical Waste Management Specialists

Communications & Data management

  • Communications for Development Specialists
  • Information Management Specialist <with experience in health emergencies>
  • Data Collection & data Management Specialists <related to health>

Eligibility Criteria For UN Fully Funded Program

  • Participants or candidates can from any where with any nationality.
  • You must have Work Experience in the above qualification criteria for some months or years.
  • 22 years old for National UN Volunteer jobs, this is the age bench mark.
  • At least 25 years old for international UN Volunteer jobs worldwide.

Note: Feel free to register on the our portal with your Email address. get more information and updates immediately after releasing the post.

  1. Musema says

    My filed marketing management in Ethiopia but my interest join american universty by this fully funded programme.

  2. Stephen J Kezelee says

    Am 20 years old, am I still eligible for this opportunity?

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