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Types Of Careers In Pharmacy You Can Choose From After Your Degree



What People also ask about Types Of Careers In Pharmacy; … The Pharmacy profession has been evolving over the years, so is the different types of Careers in Pharmacy. …

What are the different types of pharmacy jobs?

How many fields are there in pharmacy?

What is the best field in pharmacy?

What type of pharmacist makes the most money?

Before, the profession was limited to compounding and dispensing of drugs. But now, there are so may careers available for a pharmacist with a B. Pharm or Pharm D.

Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical industry has so many opportunities for young pharmacist who wants to choose a path to follow in the profession. Therefore, there is always a confusion in choosing the types of careers in Pharmacy. However, the choice of career in the pharmacy field is easier if only you know what you love most about being a Pharmacist.

In any case, below are the lists of different types of Careers in Pharmacy practice after the completion of Pharm D. or BSc in Pharmacy.

  • Retail or Community Pharmacy careers
  • Production Pharmacy careers
  • Hospital Pharmacy careers
  • Academic Pharmacy
  • Sales representative
  • Pharmacy Journalism
  • Veterinary Pharmacist
  • Research Pharmacy careers
  • Contract or locum Pharmacy careers

Retail or Community Pharmacy Careers

The retail pharmacy popularly known as the community pharmacy is the most commonest of all the careers in pharmacy. So, the idea of a pharmacist to most people is a retail pharmacist. The retail pharmacist works in a drugstore or grocery chain where his major job is filling prescriptions.

In addition, the work of a retail pharmacist does not end with just interpretation of a prescription and dispensing. He is also responsible for the provision of drug information, guide patients on how to effectively use their medication and general patient counselling.

Because they are closest to the community, they serve as the sole providers of the essential drugs to the public and a guide to its proper usage. Therefore, some community Pharmacy shops runs 24 hours everyday. Therefore, choosing this aspect of pharmacy is time-demanding and is usually easier for singles. But, its very profitable and can fetch you a lot of money especially when you own the pharmacy outlet.

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Production Pharmacy Careers

The drugs we take are manufactured by pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, the production pharmacists are required to assist the production processes to make sure the drug meet with the codes of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Also, the manufacturing pharmacist is responsible for Quality Assurance Control (QAS) to test if the pharmaceutical product meets the standard requirements of the pharmacy official books such as Pharmacopoeias. In addition, the improvement and design of more effective drugs and its modifications is championed by the industrial pharmacist.

Therefore, if you derive joy with computer and laboratory works, the Industrial pharmacy is the right place to go.

Hospital Pharmacy Careers

The hospital pharmacist works with other health care professionals in the hospital or nursing homes to make sure that patients gets the best results from their drugs. They engage in ward rounds and helps the physician in decision making.

Job of a hospital pharmacist also touches the monitoring and resolving of Drug therapy problems, patient counselling, compounding and provision of drug information to the patient. In addition, the hospital pharmacists is responsible for drug stocking and inventory, drug storage and the general supply chain management practices.

Working as a hospital pharmacist can give you an ample of time to do all other stuffs because it is not always time consuming.

Academic Pharmacy Careers

Pharmacists does not fall from the sky. They pass through pharmacy schools and are taught by older pharmacists. Hence, the duty of teaching and training pharmacists lies on the shoulder of the academic pharmacists.

However, the works of an academic pharmacist is not only in a classroom or the laboratory. They are also part of administrative activities, supervising student’s research and teaching graduate students. They also work with other health care professionals in a consultative capacity to select medication and develop therapeutic regimens for patients.

The joy of working as an academia is that it gives room for further studies. Also, it allows you to have a great authority in the profession since you will come across so many pharmacists.

Sales Representative Pharmacy jobs

Pharmacy sales representatives can work in companies such as Sanofi, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline or any other pharmaceutical industry. Their job as a health professional and a pharmacist is to create awareness about the drug products. Also, to educate and convince health care professionals on why they should choose their product and the unique characteristics of their product.

However, the pharmacy representative can also be part of product sales by being part of market survey to know what customers want and how to improve new sales lead.

The advantage of this type of career is that it is also flexible and can allow you to travel to places and meet people. The pay is also lucrative, however, if you do not like travelling – this job type is not for you.

Pharmacy Journalism

The Pharmacy industry is a rapid growing one. There is also need for new innovation, research and advertisement. The Pharmacy Journalism careers is about putting the knowledge you gathered from pharmacy school into creative writing.

The job of a pharmacy journalist is to cover conferences, to write about new drug innovations, to carry out adverts for pharmaceutical industries and to publish pharmacy journals and research. Some of Pharmacy journal sites includes Pharmacy Journals, Pharmatimes  e.t.c.

The joy of pharmacy journalism according to Pooja Sisodia is that it gives her the opportunity to meet other pharmacists and the pharmaceutical bodies.

Veterinary Pharmacy Career

Another population of patients that needs drug and care is the animal folks. So many pet owners can spend a lot of money to procure drugs and supplements to keep their animals fit. The veterinary pharmacist is needed to meet up with these needs.

Therefore, the veterinary pharmacist is involved with providing, compounding and dispensing of drugs to animal owners. Also, advice on proper drug use and managing of drug therapy problems is the core duty of a veterinary pharmacist.

This type of pharmacy profession is rare. Consequently, it pays a lot for pharmacist who choose to go towards the career since the competition is not much.

Research Pharmacy Career

The research pharmacist can work in any of the branches of pharmacy as a discoverer. In the clinical setting, the research pharmacist helps to determine through research the drugs that are effective to patients. While in production, they help to discover new drug active principles or help modify an existing one.

The research pharmacist can also be in academics or hospital pharmacy to determine effective dosage forms and most effective drug delivery systems.

If you like laboratory work or you are inquisitive, the research pharmacy careers will do you a lot of good.

Contract or locum Pharmacy Career

Do you want to joggle between jobs and not stuck in place? do you enjoy travelling? – then Locum or contractual Pharmacist is for you.

A locum pharmacist is on contractual agreement to stand in for another pharmacist for a period of time. Therefore, being a locum pharmacist is not like a permanent job. It is also worth knowing that a locum pharmacist can have more than one job at a time.

The advantages of Locum Pharmacy careers is that it’s very lucrative and flexible. Hence, young pharmacists who are still considering the career to choose should try it to help them decide the most convenient.


All the types of careers in pharmacy are profitable. However, the choice of the path among the different types of careers in pharmacy will solely depend on your personality type. This includes your passion and your drives. However, social status such as marital status can play a role in your choice because some of the careers requires travelling and staying away from home for long.

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