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Top 7 Real place on Earth that Seem Scientifically Impossible

Top 7 Real Place: You can see more cool articles on our website. Meanwhile, join our free email subscribers from subscription box. Here’s what we have for you ‘ Real place on Earth ‘. However, on this page is review of the Top 7 real place on earth that seem scientifically impossible but it is 100% natural.

Real place on Earth that Seem Scientifically Impossible

  1. The Petrifying Well
  2. Gruber See: park underwater
  3. Shanay-Timpishka: The Boiling River
  4. Beacon of Maracaibo: Never-ending Lighting Storm
  5. The Blue Pond of Hokkaido
  6. The Ringing Rocks
  7. Kawah Ijen – Volcano With Blue Lava

Now, we proceed with the full details;

No. 7 Real place on Earth – The Petrifying Well

At Canopus in North Yorkshire is a well that seems like something rid out of story by H.P Lovecraft. It’s place were water trickles down the side which looks like a skeleton greening fence and were anything you place under the water will turn to stone.
However, the process usually take three to five months but you can leave any thing you want under the trickling water. And when you return it will be stone proper have left many things from teds to bicycle, hat etc. And everyone will be transformed in to statues for long time people believe that the well was coursed by a witch.
Meanwhile, scientist today have found out that the water has on usually high metaling content as a result it creates a hard metal shall over any thing it touchés. Just as how scelatids are formed in caves.

No. 6 Real place on Earth  – Gruber See: park underwater

In Austria there is park with beautiful hacking trials and benches you can jump through any other morning, If you visit during the spring down its a little different . In fact, you will to swim through. The park is near the hauchual mountain which there completely covered with snow.
However, there are so much snow in the mountain that when it melts the parks lake doubles in size and drowns the park. If you swim through in the spring you will see the benches and bridges under the Water, even some of the outline flowers which normal only survives above the surface are blue under the water. Then, through summer the water starts to resides and the park starts to emerge from underneath.

No. 5 Real place on Earth  – Shanay-Timpishka: The Boiling River

Deep in the amazon lays a river four miles long and unlike any other ever existing. This boiling river is so hot that any animal that steps into it will get boiled alive.
The river gets as hot as 91°c and scientists are completely sure why? Normally water that gets so hot is feed by volcano but this one is far more that expected.
However, there is a proof that scientists believe boiling hot water under the earth cracks through front lines and heats up the river making the water hot.

No. 4 – The Beacon of Maracaibo: Never-ending Lighting Storm

In western venaswella over the Maracaibo river there is a storm that never stops starting in 7:00 PM every night lighting crashes over the water for 10 hours every night nobody knows for sure why it happens.
Up till recently, it leading forty is that it had something to deal with uranium in the bedrock.
However, scientists are currently not sure of they research. This leading natural event is a complicated one. Telling that the shape of the mountain courses winds to collide with cold air from the ended. That cold air is field by the rapidly evaporating water below and maintain from near by oil filed.
Everything about this is mysterious, including one moment in 2010 when it unexplainably stopped and the storm just die down and seem for a while it will be over. Then, after six weeks of silence it started again and have been raging ever since.

No. 3 – The Blue Pond of Hokkaido

On the Japanese Highlands of Hokkaido, there is a lake that is unlike any other in the world. The water is unique electric shades of blue that shamans and changes it shade when you look at it from a different angle.
As the shades changes the water changes color more from blur and green. However, this lake was actually man-made, the locals stored a dam in the area and setup a reservoirs. Were the water blocked by the dam collect, to their surprise due the water collected change color.
Meanwhile, scientists believe that that water strange color comes from aluminum hydroxide particles that mingle within. The particles reflect blue light unusual well making it reflect of the sky above far more vividly than any body of water anywhere in the World.

No. 2 – The Ringing Rocks

At the top of the hill in pesivania is a filed force strange Rocks, and nobody knows why they are there. There’s no higher cliff side nearby so they didn’t fall from anywhere.
Note: Ringing Rocks – Over a period of thousands of Years, these boulder were formed by the erosive action of water. A rare Geological experience awaits visitors. When strucking lightly with a hammer, each boulder give off a ” bell-like tone”. The size and removesnfrom this site, the boulders no longer possess this unique quality, enjoy the ” ringing rocks” here and leaves a clean, attractive setting of next visitors.
However, the first inhabitants that knew about it before the Europeans settlers arrived believed it to be a natural phinominal. They being there is hardly the strange fact. Instead, that on the go with the sound they make when you heat ten a chiming sound almost like a drum.
They make the sounds on they own once you heat them, together with the different beats gives out the sound you here.

No. 1 Kawah Ijen – Volcano With Blue Lava

In Indonesia, there is a sulfur Minn built into a volcano and when the workers enter it at night they turn of they lights. Why? They don’t need them because they ways are lead by the strange bluing liquid trickling download the side like Laval.
Kawah Ijen is often described as the Volcano with blue lava. The scientists now said the blue twinkle is Sulfur gases inside shooting blue flames up to five meters % of the air. Then, the gasses condense in to liquid Sulfur which slows down the mountain side slopes looking like flowing near blue lava.
All the sulfur in the air make it toxic and researches and photographers that visits it have to wear mask to stay save. Workers in the Minnie don’t unmask while they work through the UN-breathable air in the area and it’s unlike any in the World.
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