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Study in France from Canada: A Guide & Opportunities for Canadian Students



Study in France from Canada: France is the main objective for the travel industry and Paris has been positioned as one of the most amazing city to study (QS). The nation offers one of the most lofty schooling systems on the planet. Wind up astonished by the food, moving, craftsmanship, and music, and the rich proposal of Graduate degrees in Management, Engineering, Financial aspects, and Natural Sciences. Since Frances’ colleges and “fantastic ecoles” are beginning to offer more English-showed program choices, there’s no big surprise an ever increasing number of global understudies from everywhere the world pick France to be their objective during their certification studies.

Study in France from Canada

Thus, in the event that you’re longing for strolling groggily around the Seine Waterway, or making the Château of Versailles your home, then, at that point, France is ideal for your abroad experience.

What Amount of Time will it require to get My Visa?

Make certain to permit additional time for your visa application. Following you’ve been acknowledged to and signed up for your preferred college, you can as of now start your application for the French VLS-TS . You ought to apply something like 3 months before your college degree program begins.

After you’ve applied, you can expect that you’ll stand by around 14 to 21 days for the choice.

What Amount will I need to Pay for the understudy Visa?

To apply for the French VLS-TS , you will likewise need to pay a charge of 99 EUR. Contingent upon your circumstance, French specialists will permit you to pay this charge on the web, on the spot at a visa application focus in Canada, or through a bank move. Canadian understudies won’t have to get health care coverage for the French visa.

Where to Study (Study in France from Canada)

France has in excess of 3,500 foundations of higher realizing, which incorporates both public and private organizations. 3/4 of unfamiliar understudies study in state-financed colleges, which offer three-year undergrad degrees. Grandes écoles are another choice.

These particular expert schools have more serious entry prerequisites and higher educational expenses, offering certificates in designing, business, political theory and veterinary medication.

Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) is the highest level college in France and negative. 72 on the planet, as per the Times Advanced education World College Rankings. PSL is comprised of nine organizations, and 25 percent of its understudies are global (contrasted with 12% somewhere else in the country). To share a place of graduation with Louis Pasteur, Jean-Paul Sartre or Michel Foucault, think about PSL.

Schooling System in France

The French Schooling System grant various titles with regards to French educated Colleges. Be that as it may, they stand Comparable to the more known global titles of advanced education degrees, like Single guy’s, Lords and PhD.

Assuming The advanced education in France contrasted with worldwide titles, a four year certification in French Schooling System will be known as a Permit and Permit Professionnelle, then Graduate degree is done, and a doctorate is equivalent to a global Doctorate or PhD. for Unhitched male’s there are generally 6 semesters, and extra 4 semesters are there for a Graduate degree.

French Colleges *(Study in France from Canada)

In France, around 70% of understudies go to college. Here, they can earn a single guy’s college education, a graduate degree, or a PhD recognition.

French colleges are typically certify by the public authority and are sponsored by a similar substance. As a global understudy, you will be taking a gander at a greater expense, be that as it may.

While the facts really confirm that some non-EU global understudies could pay similar expense as French understudies, most projects require a higher tuition charge. The application charge will be somewhere near 175 euros, in the first place. Contingent upon your program, you could later be taking a gander at a 5,000-euro yearly educational expense.

The sorts of projects presented by French colleges are perceived globally and can be important for various regions, for example, professional, organization, innovation, writing, wellbeing, sociologies, and so on You should figure out what your ideal program is and afterward begin doing your examination (well ahead of time).

Educational Cost and Different Costs

At state funded colleges, the French government for the most part pays the expense of educational cost, in any event, for unfamiliar understudies. For the 2018-19 scholastic year, educational cost for a college degree at a French state funded college was 170 euros, or about $260.

Educational cost might be modest, yet you’ll in any case need to take care of the expense of visas, airfare, books and everyday costs, and perhaps a French test.

While certain colleges in France offer courses in English, unfamiliar understudies contemplating in French might require an archive demonstrating their grip of the language.

Therefore, for Canadians, this implies stepping through the Exam d’évaluation de Français pour le Canada (TEF Canada). The test is offered routinely by the Coalition Française and at French-language Canadian schools and colleges. The test costs $440 through the Partnership Française, so consider that your financial plan.

Classes of French Training (Study in France from Canada)

French Advanced education offers three classes of review:

  • Colleges OR Universities
  • Grandes Ecoles
  • Specific Schools

1) Colleges

  • 83 colleges (70% of the complete understudies go to these)
  • Permit (Unhitched male), Expert and PhD are presented at colleges
  • Are public and profoundly sponsored by the French Government
  • Homegrown and worldwide understudies pay a similar educational expenses that address a little piece of the genuine expense (ie., genuine expense for a first year understudy: 5000 euros – Educational expenses paid by the understudy: 175 euros)
  • Aces Degrees offer a very
    undeniable level instruction
  • Lead to universally perceived capabilities (permit, expert’s and PhD) and European degrees
  • Offer different sorts of projects (short, long, professional and long-live training) in various regions (counting regulation, financial matters, the executives, organization, writing, dialects, expressions, sociologies, wellbeing, innovation and that’s only the tip of the iceberg).
  • Are focuses of greatness for French exploration

2) Grandes Ecoles (Study in France from Canada)

  • Grandes Ecoles, an extremely specific framework
  • These incorporate schools of designing, business, the executives, political theories and organization
  • 224 Designing schools
  • 220 Business and the executives schools

3) Particular Schools

  • 120 Workmanship schools, 20 engineering schools, 3000 specific schools and foundations.
  • These deal preparing in explicit regions like the design, culinary, news coverage, radio and TV, social administrations and that’s only the tip of the iceberg…
  • Understudies are granted State confirmations or the organization’s own recognitions/endorsements.

Best Urban areas in France

Each and every individual who considers Paris when Study in France is concerned. However, there are similarly happening French towns that are more reasonable with regards to concentrating abroad.


Concerning understudy life, the socially and generally rich capital clearly takes the crown, yet there are other, lesser-known urban areas in France, which are comparable to Paris.

Furthermore, here is the rundown of Top Understudy Urban communities and Colleges in France: Best Urban communities in France

Colleges in France (Study in France from Canada)

Do you have at least some idea why universities dependably performing great in overall school positioning? Since they contribute energetically in the innovative work area as they are extremely excited about high level training.

42 universities in France are remembered for The QS World College Rankings. The list of top colleges in France are:

  • Université PSL
  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • Sorbonne College
  • CentraleSupélec
  • École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
  • Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
  • Sciences Po
  • Université de Paris
  • Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • ENS Paris-Saclay

French foundations are highly regarded in humanities and expressions subjects. In the space of Value instruction in France and serious standpoint, French business colleges have accomplished greatness. So, you will find the best colleges in France in each study field.

Study in France Prerequisites

There are a few general necessities to study in France. At the point when you will go through the Admission Interaction to study in France, you will know that the necessities to study in France will change from one program to another and College to College in France. A typical necessity will incorporate:

  • Legitimate IDs,
  • Records and level of past training,
  • Verification of financial assets, and
  • Medical coverage.

A few English Showed Colleges in France have IELTS necessities, and in some of them, you can Study in France without IELTS.

Prior to applying to a college, nonetheless, it is ideal to examine the confirmation cycle for these colleges. Allude to Intakes in France for more subtleties on Admissions and Cutoff times of Colleges in France.

Study in France Grant (Study in France from Canada)

Study and it isn’t generally reasonable to live expenses in France. Luckily, there are countless grants accessible in France for understudies coming from different nations.

With the assistance of these grants, one can attempt to read up in France free of charge. To apply for these grants, global understudies need to compose an exposition to introduce the justification for why they are qualified competitors. For more data click: Scholarships in France

Student Understudy Life in France

For concentrating on in France, training cost is not exactly the US and UK, you can allude to Cost of Concentrating in France to get a superior thought. Also, the news doesn’t end here assuming you are an European your instructive expenses will be equivalent to that of French students.

Subsidizing is given to many students by the French Service of Unfamiliar and European Undertakings. There are 3500 public and private associations which offer marvelous tasks and preparing.

Understudy life is astonishing!!! You will get to be familiar with various societies by meeting new individuals. It is brilliant to encounter for understudies.

They will discover some new information every day by gaining and encountering new things from various individuals. They will emerge from their usual ranges of familiarity. Sports offices are accessible to understudies.

There are numerous Understudy relationship for the advancement of understudies which one can join and make new contacts. Free web association is given to each understudy so they will stay associated with the world.

Study and Work in France (Study in France from Canada)

Each global understudy works in corresponding to their examinations. In the event that the understudy to labor for 964 hours in a year for example 20 hours out of each week which involves a global occupation after graduation.

French government permits acts of kindness then it will add to their experience abilities and this can be a point which will help them in getting an understudy of 60% of full business.

Grants in France are one more incredible method for subsidizing your schooling and living expenses. It will give you extraordinary openness as you will interact with French individuals, French numbers, and new abilities will be created.

Finally, time-based compensation for understudies working parttime is 9.67 Euros each hour. Figure out additional: Study and Work in France

Post Study Work Visa in France

Numerous understudies intend to get comfortable France after their graduation Understudies can work there and even can apply for brief home after the fulfillment of their schooling however in 1 year or less.

The public authority permits Understudies to work there in the event that they procure more than 1.5 times than negligible legitimate compensation and the best part is government likewise permits understudies to begin their own organization assuming they need to however it ought to be in association with their review.

France is a nation arranged in the north-western district of Europe. The French Republic established in the time of 1792. It is a significant country among western nations with regards to history and culture. However, it is encircled by the Atlantic, the Mediterranean Ocean, the Alps and the Pyrenees.

It is the most fundamental agribusiness maker alongside the world’s driving modern powers. The capital city of France is Paris which is otherwise called “City of Light”. It has extraordinarily affected the progression of craftsmanship and science, particularly that of humanities, reasoning, and social science.

Offered the chances and way of life, numerous understudies after the finish of their review, need to expand their visit in this delightful country. For that, you should adhere to French Migration rules, which changes relying upon the levels of your review. A Lone wolf’s program and an Expert’s Program will offer different stay back choice and work license prerequisites.

Steps to take for the French understudy Visa (Study in France from Canada)

Firstly, Canadian understudies need to get an understudy visa that will permit them to study in France:

You can make an arrangement online at the French international safe haven in Canada. You will go to a visa interview at the government office where you should bring all your necessary archives.

Canadian understudies perhaps need to give biometrics during the visa application process. Your biometrics are, essentially, additional distinguishing proof (for example fingerprinting and pictures) that nations use for security purposes.

You should go to a visa interview during the application cycle.

The VLS-TS from France is legitimate for as long as 90 days or more. So you can remain during your whole degree program, you might have to recharge your visa consistently.

Finally, if you have any desire to remain in France after your certificate is finished, you should apply for an alternate visa, or a visa restoration through the movement office.

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