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List of France Scholarships for International Students: Scholarship Moments, Duration and Top University Scholarships in France



List of France Scholarships: As one of the most well known concentrate on objections on the planet, with near 300,000 global understudies, France offers a different social climate in which to study. Whether you need to work on your French talking abilities, investigate the wealth of social exercises on offer or continue in the strides of Marie Curie, France harbors a portion of the top colleges in Europe.

List of France Scholarships

With its overall standing for its interest in instructing and schooling, France is viewed as a top report area. Because of the great number of global understudies enlisted at its foundations, most French colleges offer a scope of understudy support administrations, for example, a worldwide understudies office, understudy affiliations and mate programs, to assist with facilitating the change and backing understudies’ necessities.

Why Study in France

As one of the world’s driving countries for advanced education, France gives a scope of different establishments at which you can study.

Large numbers of these are positioned exceptionally close by probably the best colleges in Europe and all over the planet. Known for being the country that has delivered the most Nobel prize victors, you can be guaranteed that a degree from a French college will be a venturing stone to an abundance of worldwide open doors.

In spite of an expansion in educational expenses in 2019, France is as yet seen as a less expensive choice for study. It gives many advantages to its global local area of understudies and is known as perhaps the best country for understudy limits.

Whether you are in a shop, eatery or vacationer location, understudy rebate might be accessible, and numerous displays and historical centers are totally free for understudies too.


Many French individuals communicate in dialects other than their own. In any case, for viable correspondence and contemplating in France, you ought to know French. Global understudies who are conversant in French have a lot more straightforward time with their investigations and daily existence.

In the event that you feel your French isn’t sufficient, there are numerous language courses accessible for the understudies who wish to consummate their language abilities.

Simultaneously, you can study and impart in English. In any case,  international understudies are as yet urged to learn French and further develop their language abilities. Try not to accept this as a deterrent yet a test. Any kind of familiarity with French will look extraordinary on a CV or resume!

In case of your course being instructed in French, you should demonstrate that you are adequately familiar by taking one of the supported tests: TCF DAP (Test de Connaissance du Français, Demande d’Admission Préalable), DALF (diplôme approfondi de langue française) or CEFR (Normal European System of Reference for Dialects). In the event that your course is in English, you ought to demonstrate English language capability.

Step by step instructions to Apply to Study in France (List of France Scholarships)

Before you can deal with acquiring a degree in any subject in France, you first need to apply for affirmations at your preferred school or college. In spite of the fact that applying at a college in France is practically equivalent to applying for a school in whatever other country, there are a couple of contrasts that are significant for you to perceive. It is vital that, whether you are an European neighborhood or a worldwide understudy, you complete the application interaction completely, as well as present all of the required and mentioned documentation at the hour of accommodation. The application is looked into by the school whenever it is gotten to decide if the candidate is ideal for the school.

Government Financed Grants to Study in France

  • Eiffel Grant Program of Greatness – Laid out by the French Service for Europe and International concerns, this grant is accessible for non-French nationals of as long as 30 years of age signing up for either an experts or PhD program in regulation, financial matters and the executives, designing or political theory in any French advanced education foundation. Applications are put together by French advanced education organizations for candidates, who will have been chosen by these establishments.
  • Erasmus + – Drove by the European Commission, Erasmus + is the biggest supplier of grants in the EU and gives awards towards living costs while taking an interest in a trade framework in an European country.
  • The Chateaubriand Fellowship – Presented by the Government office of France in the US, the partnership supports PhD understudies from US colleges wishing to do investigate in France for four to nine months. Fruitful candidates will get a month to month recompense of up to US$1,230, a ticket to get there and back to France and backing for medical coverage abroad.

Non-Government Grants to Study in France (List of France Scholarships)

  • AIFS Concentrate Abroad Grants, Awards and Monetary Support -an assortment of grants accessible to worldwide understudies of all levels hoping to study in France, who pass specific scholarly prerequisites.
  • The Fulbright Scholarship – The Fulbright Grant is for ongoing college graduates hoping to proceed to concentrate on an expert’s or a PhD in a French college. Up to 20 awards are granted yearly and asset eight to ten months of contemplating in France.
  • Alexandre Yersin Grants for Bosses Program in France – The Alexandre Yersin Grant is accessible to Hong Kong or Macau inhabitants, wishing to seek after a graduate degree or comparable in a French college.
  • Common Society Administration Grants (CSLA) -The CSLA gives completely supported graduate degree study to people who exhibit obligation to driving positive social change in their networks, and who obviously show scholarly and proficient greatness.

College – explicit grants to study in France

  • Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship -Granted every year by Sciences Po, this legitimacy based grant is accessible to any understudy owned up to Science’s PO’s double BA with Freie Universität Berlin program. The grant covers two years of educational expenses at Sciences Po, a living stipend of US$6000 each year for the two ears spent on Sciences Po’s French-German European Grounds in Nancy and a living recompense of $7.000/year for the two years spent at the Otto-Suhr-Institut of Freie Universität. *The 2020 round of uses for this grant isn’t yet open, however normally close around June, so watch out on Science Po’s site for additional subtleties.
  • Emile Boutmy Grant 2020 -Indeed granted by Sciences Po college, the Emile Boutmy Grant is for non-European understudies who wish to seek after their Lone wolves, Experts or PhD degree in France.
  • ENS Worldwide Choice Scholarships -Every year, ten expressions and humanities understudies and ten science understudies are offered a grant to seek after a graduate degree and confirmation at école Normale Supérieure (ENS). This grant is accessible to global understudies, younger than 25, who have not lived in France for over 10 months. Effective candidates will get a 1,000 euro each month award for quite a long time and a room on one of the ENS campuses
  • Ampère Greatness Grants for Global Students -These grants offer 1,000 euros each month for as long as two years, for worldwide understudies wishing to seek after one of the qualified Experts programs at ENS de Lyon.
  • INSEAD Africa Initiative Asset Grant 2019/2020 for African Students -A 50,000 euro grant accessible for an African public understudy confessed to, or in the meeting stage for, a MBA course at INSEAD. Competitors should exhibit extraordinary expert and individual accomplishments, with a promise to add to the expansiveness of variety on the program.
  • Université Paris-Saclay Worldwide Expert’s Scholarships -Université Paris-Saclay offers 160 expert’s grants to global understudies signed up for its projects. Every grant is worth 10,000 euros each year and a limit of 1,000 euros for movement and VISA costs is additionally granted to fruitful applicants.
  • Establishment Rainbow Scaffold MBA Grants for African and Asian Women -This grant offered by HEC Paris, for female competitors who have been owned up to the HEC Paris MBA program. Competitors should come from an Asian or African nation impacted by a cataclysmic event, dry spell or starvation and should have the option to show a pledge to settling a portion of the social and monetary issues influencing their nations while working for the drawn out security of individuals living there.

College Grants and Understudy Help in France (List of France Scholarships)

Considering how to get a school grant for your misleading examinations in France? They give a broad rundown of grant valuable open doors for colleges in France, including the best public and global grants, co-operations, school and college awards, free grants, government subsidizing, and different types of understudy monetary guide.

You can apply for college grants in France including subsidizing for secondary school seniors, monetary guide for understudies, graduate school grants, postgraduate grants, from there, the sky is the limit, all suitable in our broad grant information base.

Track down the right grant in France, for a wide assortment of scholastic degrees, including business and the executives grants, designing grants, graduate school or clinical school grants, as well as sports, expressions, or music grants to help pay for your investigations abroad.

Grants in France are accessible to nearby understudies and worldwide understudies from Africa, Asia, Europe and different areas of the planet.
Grants amazing open doors in France are supported significantly by French colleges and establishments, for the most part on a yearly premise.


There are additionally a few oddball grants. The undergrad and postgraduate grant open doors in France could be orientation based, merit-based, district based or country-based. Qualification differs from one grant to another in view of the support.

For a college subsidized grant in France, Sciences Po College, France, offers the Emile Boutmy Grant. The open door is for the absolute best non-EU worldwide understudies.
The grant is worth €3,000 to €12,300 for undergrad study and €5,000 per year for Experts. Then there is the Foundation Rainbow Extension Grant which is accessible for African or Asian ladies from countries impacted by starvation, cataclysmic events or dry spell to seek after a MBA program at HEC Paris, France.

The grant is worth €20,000. One more grant is the Ampère Grants of Greatness which allow outstanding global understudies the opportunity to seek after one of the qualified Experts programs introduced at ENS de Lyon, France. The stipend is 1000€/month for 1-2 years.

Understudy Visa

Assuming that you are a resident of a country outside the EU, you should apply for an understudy visa whenever you have been acknowledged into a French college. You will require the VLS-TS (étudiant) visa, which permits you to live and study in France and work for as long as 964 hours out of every year (which is what might be compared to 20 hours out of each week).

The visa costs €99, despite the fact that you should approve the visa in no less than 90 days of your appearance, which will cost an extra €60.

Notwithstanding, the visa additionally makes you qualified for movement around the Schengen region; which incorporates nations like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway and Spain!

The Following is the Rundown of the Best Grants in France

1. Eiffel Greatness Grants
2. University of Paris Grants : MIEM
3. University of Paris Grants : SMARTS-UP
4. Sciences Po grants : Emile Boutmy
5. University of Paris-Saclay grants
6. Grenoble INP Establishment grants
7. Centrale Nantes First class Grant
8. Ampere Grants at ENS de Lyon
9. LABEX Milyon Grants
10. ENS Global Choice Grants

1. EIFFEL Greatness Grants (List of France Scholarships)

This is the best grant in France. It’s “La creme de la creme” of All grant programs in France. The Eiffel Greatness Grant program can without much of a stretch be positioned in the Main 5 best grant programs On the planet.
The program is open in September of every year.
What is great in the Eiffel grant program ?
The program has a ton of advantages :

  • 600 grants every year,
  • It’s a Completely Financed program.
  • All France colleges are concerned and qualified.
  • All global understudies without limitation are qualified.

• The program is intended to take a graduate degree or a PhD in France.

2. College OF PARIS Grants : MIEM

The MIEM program, financed by IdEx College of Paris, expects to advance the internationalization of expert’s projects and work with the appearance of the best global understudies to make a pool of greatness for the enrollment of future doctoral understudies.
The program is open for application in December of every year.
How much every grant differs from €8,000 to €10,000. The quantity of grants is something like 90 every year.

3. College OF PARIS Grants : SMARTS-UP (List of France Scholarships)

The SMARTS-UP is another program at College of Paris that intends to assemble remarkably a pool of greatness in the enlistment of future doctoral understudies. It is expected to fund around 120 approaching portability awards of €8,000 each to empower the College Exploration Schools (EUR) to invite worldwide understudies in the different Bosses programs.
The program is generally open for applications in April of every year.


Sciences Po made the Emile Boutmy grant to invite the absolute best global understudies from outside the European Association. The Emile Boutmy Grant is granted to top understudies whose profiles match the confirmations needs of Sciences Po and individual course prerequisites.
The program finances expert and four year college educations.

5. College OF PARIS-SACLAY Grants (List of France Scholarships)

These grants are focused on understudies confessed to an Expert’s program conveyed by College of Paris-Saclay. All projects are qualified for this grant.
The College of Paris-Saclay grant program is generally open for applications beginning January of every year.

6. GRENOBLE INP Establishment Grants

The Grenoble INP Establishment offers grants for phenomenal worldwide Graduate degree understudies. The grant can be as much as 5000 euros for every semester, for a greatest length of 2 semesters.

7. CENTRALE NANTES World class Grant

Centrale Nantes Tip top grants depends on a sum of €3,000 for the two years granted to non-European understudies acknowledged into the primary year of one of the Expert’s projects at Centrale Nantes.


The ENS de Lyon and its accomplices offer grants for astounding worldwide understudies to sign up for its Lord’s projects. How much the grant is €1,000/month during a couple of scholastic years.

9. LABEX MILYON Grants (List of France Scholarships)

The Greatness Research center Milyon offers Permit 3 or Expert grants of a net measure of 1 000 euros/month, for a considerable length of time, from September 2021 to June 2022. The grants are inexhaustible on a yearly premise, dependent upon assessment by the labex.
The program is open for application each October of every year.

10. ENS Worldwide Determination Grants

Worldwide understudies to proceed with their examinations at ENS will be offered 1000 euros/month award for quite a long time and a room on one of the ENS grounds. Toward the finish of their examinations, these understudies have graduated with an expert degree in their strength and with the recognition of Ecole Normale Superieure.

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