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Study in African Universities: Africa Study Programs and Scholarships for all African Scholars

Today many scholarships can be found in various universities both local and international countries, all African scholars can actively participate in so many of them and get the best of certificate , therefore this post will lay mire emphasis on why some African students would like to study in African universities, get a good grade on their study programs and also be able to choose the best of scholarship that will favor their pursuit in the quest to develop the African community.

The Student African Choice

If you are an African student and you are looking for good African countries to study and get the best of knowledge then you should consider reading this post till the end.

There are several scholarship opportunities in Africa for Undergraduates, Masters, PhD and other levels of study in various institutions.

Furthermore, variety of courses there includes: international development, anthropology, sociology, politics and public policy, environmental studies, biology or zoology.

These scholarship opportunities could be gender based, region based, country based, needs based or discipline based.

Therefore, just like international study programs available abroad for all African students to attend, there are scholarship opportunities. The scholarship opportunities comes in as fully-funded and partially-funded programs and they are quite many in Africa.

Consequently, Whether you want to study in the East, West or South of the African continent, there’s always a scholarship available.

Why Study in Africa

Africa is a awesome continent Prominent in having many variety of cultures, languages, landscapes, and political attributes.

Most fast growing economies in the world are in Africa, a continent of thousands of languages and cultures, best eco-diversity and innovative skills. One could say that Africa is a continent of many different peoples, landscapes, sights, and adventures.

Studying African history and current events gives us a deeper understanding of world history and even modern America. Some of these scholarships are in form of grants and aids to students in different levels.

In addition to that, it makes you become a better-informed global citizen when you study in Africa, and getting to see the natural endowments.

However, As the most underdeveloped continent, Africa faces quite a few issues including malnutrition, poverty, corruption, government greediness, disease, education shortcomings, racial tension.

Not withstanding African problems, the continent is still rich with culture, greenery, animals, and natural beauty everywhere.

The importance of African issues is needed in our everyday lives, many use African resources or mineral resources especially their exports.

Finally, above facts shows that Africa can be a great study abroad destination for lots of different majors and programs. Students should follow instructions while applying to any of these available scholarships in Africa.

List of Few African Scholarships (Study in African Universities)

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program at Ashesi University College.

RUFORUM MasterCard Undergraduate & Masters Scholarships for African Students.

Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program at University of Abomey-Calavi for African Students.

The Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation Scholarship (For any African citizen)

The Jim Ovia Scholars Program (For Nigerian citizens only)

Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship Fund – NYDA (South African citizens only)

Joshua Nkomo Scholarship (Zimbabwean citizens only)

Mauritius Africa Scholarship Scheme (For any student applying to schools in Mauritius)

ACCES Post-Secondary Scholarship Program (Kenyan citizens only)

University of Cape Town Mastercard Scholarships.

Makerere University MasterCard Foundation Scholarship.

University of Pretoria MasterCard Scholarship.

African University Ranking

The African university is bright and promising as always but all they need is more development and facilities for all scholars. Study in African Universities.

However, according to QS World University Rankings® 2020, the two top universities are both from South Africa. The two present universities are from the University of Cape Town 198th and the University of the Witwatersrand 400th.

Other South African universities are Stellenbosch University 427th and the University of Johannesburg (501-510).

Egypt’s top notch university is the American University in Cairo395th place, others are Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Alexandria University and Assiut University.

Scholarships for Studies at African Universities

1. Ashesi University (Ghana) OR Covenant University (Nigeria)

This scholarship is a partnership between the Jim Ovia Foundation and the Africa-America Institute; The award will provide quality scholarships to students.

2. Landmark OR Covenant University (Nigeria)

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarships for African students to study in Nigeria, at either Landmark or Covenant University. The scholarship program covers academic fees for a 5-year duration of study. Scholars must be younger than 23 years old at the time of application. Students must have high school diploma or equivalent.

3. African Leadership University (Rwanda)

This is the Scholarship for students to pursue post-secondary education at African Leadership University in Kigali, Rwanda. Also, 100 outstanding young Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds are allowed to attend ALU Kigali.

4. African Leadership University (Rwanda or Mauritius)

This scholarship is awarded to Zambian nationals hoping to pursue undergraduate studies in STEM disciplines at the African Leadership University in Rwanda.

5. University of Cape Town (South Africa)

The Klaus-Jürgen Bathe Leadership Programme is open to all undergraduate students to enroll in any of the six faculties of the University of Cape Town. However, there must be at least two years of the degree programme remaining at the time of award. Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply for this.

6. University of Ghana, Legon (Ghana)

The Fondazione Edu Scholarship Focuses on the disciplines of technical-scientific and agronomic; Offers African students the opportunity to access higher education in their country. The Scholarship will cover tuition, books, as well as room and board, and will be awarded for four years.

Best places to Study in Africa

South Africa

South African universities are the best higher learning institutes in Africa totally. In fact, South African universities dominate the list of the top ten African universities.

The rise of these institutions is part of the country’s rapid development, having world-renowned faculties, and offer prestigious industry placements.

South Africa is a young and vibrant country and offers real value for money, Course fees are much lower in South Africa when compared to many western universities.

International students need to apply for study permits from the South African High Commission, and Embassy throughout.

The process takes between six to eight weeks, but students are advised to submit their application, South African universities will not register a student until a valid study permit.

Egypt (Study in African Universities)

Firstly, students are not allowed to work during their studies here. Secondly, the country has many cultural restrictions that some students may be facing here.

Egypt is home to some of the most prestigious universities in Africa over 40 other institutes for students to choose from.

Therefore, Egypt offers a lower cost alternative to students who are willing to study abroad. A study permit will be granted to students who meet the necessary requirements.

Egyptian universities are very welcoming of international students, although applying for a study visa requires a bit of planning.

Student life in Egypt can be a unique and rewarding experience. Students having premarital sex and homosexuality are illegal, and students are advised to dress modestly covering their legs and shoulders.

Students must travel to Egypt on a tourist visa and then upgrade to a study visa after they arrive. Once you have your study visa, you’ll be free to explore the county.


This country is known as “Black Star of Africa” Ghanaian study abroad campuses include the University of Cape Coast and University of Ghana in Accra.

Ghana is full of live music, marketplaces, gorgeous beaches, and also the cultural sites like the Kwame Nkrumah Museum.

Finally, they ave colorful kente cloths, gold bangles, and artwork from out of this world? Hit up the street markets like Makola in Accra.

Uganda (Study in African Universities)

Uganda probably isn’t the first country that comes into the minds of students who are thinking of studying abroad.

Uganda “excels at providing a truly African university experience,” and its universities are known for training leaders and for excellence in health sciences.

The country (Uganda) also has significant natural resources like ample fertile land and large mineral deposits. There are a variety of tribal languages in Uganda, but the official language is English.


Students interested quality technology should think about traveling to Kenya. Citibank research estimated that the country holds around $1.63 billion in bitcoin, which is approximately 2.3 percent of the GDP.

Kenya’s top learning institute, the University of Nairobi, offers courses in education with ICT, information technology, and computer science.

Surprisingly, 1,200 American students study abroad in Kenya every year, making it one of the regions most popular destinations.

Scholars can also visit the country’s natural wonders, such as miles of coastline, inland grasslands, and the desert landscapes of the country.

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