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Signs For A Job Promotion | What Next After Promotion | Promotional Guidelines & Policies

There are various signs for a job promotion at your place of work. This can come in hidden forms or ways visible to you showing that you might be the right person to take up that new position.

Today, I hear many people complain at their respective place of work that they were not promoted, some say they are surprised to get that promotion.

This post will make you know the signs that shows you might be the right person for the job, so relax and read up.

However, you need to be a hard working employee to be able to achieve that position. Hard-work and good effort leads to success.

If that position is your dream then work hard for it not minding how many years or months it took you to get there.

In addition to that, life is full of ups and downs but you have to keep on pushing until you get there. If this promotion does not reach you, then prepare for the next one forth coming.

Signs To Show You Are Promotional Conscious

This few points below will get your mind ready and alert for the new position coming through.

  1. What ideas and areas of improvements you wish to
  2. Learn to show your enthusiasm for the company and for the new position in a matured manner.
  3. Rundown your new roles and responsibilities.
  4. Know your current job description.
  5. Do you have any skill or expertise to support you at your place of work.
  6. Follow the simple instructions and task given to you.

Just like getting a promotion is very important to you, there are some things that could hinder your promotion.

Furthermore, promotion entails competition unless you are the only person available for that position. What if you have 4 other competitors applying for that new position?

Also, what if all your competitors are very much prepared like you? What if the ideas are always coming from your opponents in the same company? Hahahahahaha… your guess is as good as mine.

To succeed and climb over your competitors, you have to do extraordinary things different from what they did.

Factors That Could Limit OR Hinder Your Promotion

Here are things you have to consider today:

  • Poor Financial Position
  • Preference For A Special Candidate
  • Limited Opportunities At Work
  • Intense Competition
  • Seen As a Threat By an Insecure Employer or Boss
  • Economic Crisis Or Recession

Now, let Proceed with the details you need;

#Poor Financial Position 

This could hinder your promotion because if your company is facing financial crisis or challenges but you are due for promotion, then the whole process can be delayed for sometime.

#Preference For A Special Candidate

This is mostly common for some biased and wicked boss that may not like you to be there even when knowing that you are the right person to be there. They always want their favorite to move over and get into that position.

#Intense Competition

Just like what I mentioned before, competition entails a lot of things. You have to work extremely hard to be the best and chosen one irrespective of your credentials and track record.

#Limited Opportunities At Work

This happens when there is very few opportunities available for promotion or there is no position available for the moment.

#Seen As a Threat By an Insecure Employer or Boss

Still on same note, your boss might feel unsafe about your potentials and what you have to offer. This an make him rule you out when the opportunity comes up because you might be a threat to his seat tomorrow.

#Economic Crisis Or Recession

The economy might be a limiting factor causing low productivity thereby making the company to lay off some workers.

Promotion Cycle System In The Company (Signs For A Job Promotion)

This one of the things you have to do when you are employed in that organization. If you do not know your company policies and cycles you might be making a huge mistake.

In addition to that, if you understand and know much about your company rules then you will know when promotion comes up.

How their promotion cycle begins, selected nominees and reasons for appointing a leader at a particular position.

Cycles in the company can come in these ways: (Signs For A Job Promotion)

  • How often do promotions happen?
  • When can someone be be promoted?
  • How soon can someone be promoted after joining the company?
  • Is the promotions based on the number of years in the company?
  • What are the major requirements you should present before coming for promotion?
  • What is the company’s promotion policy and rules?

Bad Things That Will Prevent You From Gaining Your Promotion

  • Constantly complaining about things.
  • Poor planning, poor office work.
  • Being a know-it-all
  • Requesting for a promotion too early.
  • Pushing too hard on someone.
  • Negative mindset.
  • bad attitude or character.
  • Adamant to company rules, policies and procedures.
  • Nagging the boss and co-workers.
  • Feeling too big and bossy.
  • Refusal to additional work responsibilities at work.
  • Poor writing skills.
  • Absent on work duties.
  • Being annoying
  • Very bad: Bringing personal problems to work.
  • Tardiness to meetings, to work and from breaks.
  • Missing deadlines.
  • Blaming co-workers at work.
  • Being a lone ranger in all aspects.
  • Very bad: Arrogance, pride and boastfulness.
  • Lack of enthusiasm on work projects.
  • Unwillingness to go extra mile for certain task.
  • Wasting time in the office g. endless chatting with colleagues or on the phone, shopping during working hours etc.
  • Mostly for women: Gossiping, backbiting and spreading rumors.
  • Total Anger, uncontrolled temper and yelling at others.
  • Bad body language such as eye rolling, no eye contact and distracted listening habits.
  • Not getting along with others.
  • Lack of courtesy.
  • Creating conflict and instigating others.
  • Being disrespectful.
  • Lying and dishonesty.
  • Poor performance at work.
  • Poor dressing.
  • Selfishness and being inconsiderate.
  • Using abusive language or insults.
  • Negligence to duties while chasing a promotion.
  • Attention seeking.
  • Wrong timing for some important issues.
  • Wanting a promotion for the wrong reasons.
  • Making excuses.
  • Doing personal work during working hours.
  • Leaving work early regularly.

 Complete Signs For A Job Promotion To Show You Will Be Promoted At Work

  1. When assigned high level responsibilities.
  2. You are asked to represent the company in serious events, conferences and presentations.
  3. When given high profile client or customer accounts to manage at work.
  4. You are asked to lead more meetings and projects.
  5. The boss praises you in public or office gathering more often than it used to be.
  6. When invited for high profile meetings than before.
  7. Your opinions, suggestions and recommendations are referenced and people listen carefully to it  and even act on your recommendations.
  8. When asked to attend specific training that will increase and expand your skills.
  9. If you get introduce to senior leaders. They become aware of your work and your contributions to the company.
  10. Your boss teaches you key aspects and facts of your company.
  11. You have been exceeding your performance targets.
  12. When you raise the company standard.
  13. Assist in bringing new business opportunities.
  14. You are enrolled in a certain program to help you strengthen specific skills usually managerial capabilities and skills.
  15. When you are constantly ask to train co-workers and your colleagues look up to you also for your expertise.
  16. This is a good step if you are involve in key decision making and communication.
  17. Your boss asks you about your career goals and works with you on a career plan.

Summary of the Basic Signs For A Job Promotion

5 Signs That It Might Be Time For a Job Promotion:
  • 1) You consistently receive praise and positive feedback for your work.
  • 2) You’re working smarter, not harder.
  • 3) Your confidence shines through.
  • 4) You have less oversight.
  • 5) You are doing things now that you previously never thought yourself capable of.

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