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Senior Executive Program Africa: Harvard Business School Senior Executive Program



A unique program in Africa; in order to help alleviate the struggle for knowledge and development in Africa, the Harvard business school has set up a senior executive program for African or international students across the globe to expand their leadership skills and improve their intellectual ability.

Senior Executive Program Africa

African unique quality on this programs

African countries face a distinct set of social, economic, and political conditions that create unique business challenges along with exciting opportunities.

Therefore, to gain a competitive advantage, businesses across the continent need exceptional, confident leaders.

This program prepares Africans to expand their leadership skills as well as knowledge of local, regional, and global markets.

Also, improves their ability to design and execute winning strategies, deliver innovative offerings, nurture high-performance teams,

In addition to that, the program provides more change and readiness to help drive growth in Africa’s dynamic markets.

Harvard Business School offers this program in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) of the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Overview of the Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School Executive Education, a Business School located on a 40-acre campus in Boston, Massachusetts. It can be abbreviated withy the letter (HBS).

In fiscal year 2015, HBS faculty developed and delivered 73 open-enrollment Executive Education programs and 50 custom programs for leading organizations worldwide.

Furthermore, there are many business executives attended programs held on campus in Boston as well as classrooms in Mumbai, and Shanghai.

They have a global research centers in eight key regions, HBS faculty continue to develop groundbreaking research, forge powerful alliances with global organizations.

The program details: (Senior Executive Program Africa)

Institution: Harvard Business School

Country: South Africa, United States

City (Metropolitan Area): Boston — MA, Johannesburg

Applicant Eligible Countries: Africa

Type of Opportunity: Short-term Courses

Study Levels: Executive Education

Subjects: Business, Leadership, Management

Start Date: March 27, 2022

End Date: July 8, 2022

Duration: 3 modules

Price: $26,000 USD

The continent of Africa is a diverse home of various cultures, nations, economics, and politics.

This program will explore the approaches of successful African leaders and prepare you to compete effectively, seize growth opportunities, etc.

They must also create innovative offerings, nurture high-performance teams, and navigate rapid change in Africa’s markets.

To be successful, Africa’s leading executives must design and execute effective strategies for growth both inside and outside the continent.

African Growth on the Business School 

To achieve their considerable potential, Africa’s businesses need executives who can design and execute effective strategies for growth within and beyond the continent.

These leaders must also excel at creating innovative offerings, nurturing high-performance teams and organizations.

To build these exceptional leaders, Harvard Business School Executive Education offers the Senior Executive Program.

The school is in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) of Pretoria University in South Africa.

The program helps to strengthen your leadership skills and build your insight into local, regional, and global markets.

Finally, the program explores the proven approaches of successful leaders in Africa and around the globe providing many growth opportunities.


Key Benefits (Senior Executive Program Africa)

This program enables rapidly growing organizations to drive business momentum through more effective leadership.

The schools builds out successful business leaders with better equipped knowledge to lead and help your organization achieve ambitious goals across Africa.

  • Improve your organization’s ability to innovate.
  • Build a sustainable, accountable organization with greater transparency and stronger governance.
  • Design an effective strategy for business growth in an African context—within your country or across borders.
  • Differentiate your offerings and deliver more value to customers.
  • Implement changes that align your organization for optimal execution.
  • Develop enduring bonds with accomplished peers from across the African continent.

Who is free to attend?

The Senior Executive Program Africa is designed for experienced senior executives in African companies from any industry.

Candidates should have significant responsibility for strategic decision making, have at least 15 years of work experience, and represent growth-oriented organizations,

Below are the which could include:

  • Established private or state-owned companies.
  • Local, multinational, or pan-African businesses.
  • Growing family businesses.
  • Nonprofit organizations.
  • Government agencies, especially those working closely with the private sector.

Participants might include CEOs, CFOs, business line heads, or other senior members of a company’s executive team, as well as directors general of government agencies.

A limited amount of partial scholarship funding may be available for qualified applicants from not-for-profit organizations.

Modules to note: (Senior Executive Program Africa)

  • Module 1: 27 March – 01 April 2022 (GIBS Campus, Johannesburg, South Africa)

  • The Module 2: 02 April – 02 July 2022 (Virtual, Self-Paced Learning)

  • Module 3: 03 – 08 July 2022 (HBS Campus, Boston, United States)

Module 1:

You should identify a business challenge for your organization, which you will work on during the program as part of the Business Challenge Project.

(Upon acceptance to the program, you will receive information to help you select your project.)

Key Points are:

  • Creating superior customer value
  • Choosing your market position
  • Designing corporate strategy in a multi-business organization
  • Developing design-thinking capabilities
  • Aligning product and service innovation plans with business strategy
  • Building and leading high-performance teams
  • Understanding leadership within an African context
  • Maximizing the contributions of top talent

Participants should set aside 10-12 hours per week during active program studies.

Module 2:

Independent work: business challenge project

Here, you will assess your markets and competition and evolve your corporate strategy.

You will also take steps to improve your organization’s ability to successfully execute your strategy.

Candidate will test out your enhanced leadership skills and explore ways to adapt your leadership approach to meet the needs of your organization.

As you become a more effective leader, you will reflect on the results, gathering insights and questions to share with faculty and peers.

Module 3:

(Senior Executive Program Africa)Thinking globally, driving local and regional growth, and sustaining success

Here, you will examine a new realm of leadership topics and gain a deeper understanding of the connections among businesses, governments, and the international economy.

You will also present the results of your Business Challenge Project to faculty and peers, using their feedback to refine your action plan and prepare to execute it.

Key points are:

  • Serving the bottom of the pyramid in diverse African markets.
  • Building effective partnerships and financing major projects.
  • Creating a sustainable organization through improved approaches to governance and leadership development.
  • Competing in the global economy and understanding trends that will impact African business.
  • Choosing an optimal path for growth.
  • Recognizing and addressing institutional voids.
  • Measuring and communicating performance.
  • Navigating corporate finance and expanding your knowledge of financial markets, institutions, and instruments.
  • Connecting with consumers by leveraging the power of marketing.


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