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Microsoft Interns 4Afrikan Program: A reach out Program to all Africans



The Microsoft Interns is a program 4 the Afrikan youths for some learning skills for a specific period of time through the Microsoft interns 4Afrikan program. The African youths can be able to go for the learning for 6 months were they can learn skills on sales, marketing or technology.

Eligible Countries: All African countries

Application Deadline: on going

To be taken at (country): Internships are available across the African continent

Eligible Fields: The fields that are available for the internships across the African continent are mostly in three distinct areas: sales, marketing and technical.

Interest: candidates are free to apply for one of these paths depending on whether the student have skills and passions for it.

Scholarship Type: Internship

Number of Awardees: Not Given

Value of Internship: All scholars will be paid a salary, also location is set but it must be employed by the partner organization for the six-month internship period.

Period of Internship6 months

Note: Applicants is successful in their application after due procedures and will be matched to great roles with Microsoft partners.

Details on the Award

Firstly, let’s touch light a little on this scholarship and its details. As an accepted scholar, you will work for 6 months with a Microsoft partner on real projects, collaborating and learning from your colleagues.
Therefore the Interns 4Afrika program offers an original experience to young people with a strong and power on technology especially on the African continent.
There is a  competition level for this Interns 4Afrika program although, if you are entrepreneurial with a passion for technology then you go for it.
The most important thing is that you have the interest to keep learning and have an accommodating attitude to power on towards success.
Also scholars have the opportunity to attribute the internship 4afrika to the success of their career and technical skills.
The goal: it is for every scholar to have a new life in technology, sales, marketing and this is a new leg up for the future.

Details on Microsoft Africa (Microsoft Interns 4Afrikan Program)

Let’s get down a little description o the African Microsoft and how far they have made movement in African for a better tomorrow.

So the question is how far have Microsoft gone in Africa?? strictly on African movement, Microsoft was founded by Microsoft corporations to develop the technological potentials of African countries.

Do you know that this thing they did to help them develop and become one of the world’s most reliable source of innovative machinery.

Therefore, the foundation was launched on the 3rd of April 2013 and has ever since invested over 75 million USD in educating African web developers, promoting new Africa technologies and finally increasing internet access via smartphones.

Finally, another great move by miscrosoft in Africa is involvement in the development of African nations and into sectors like technology such as investing in African entrepreneurs, youths, small and medium scale businesses, governments.

Eligible Nationality

Below you can see more of the countries and the internship is open to a few developed countries in the African continent, which includes:

  • Senegal
  • Rwanda
  • Morocco
  • Burkina Faso
  • Zambia
  • Uganda
  • Tunisia
  • Tanzania
  • Nigeria
  • Mauritius
  • Ivory Coast
  • Ghana
  • Kenya

Requirement & Eligibility Criteria (Microsoft Interns 4Afrikan Program)

  • Certificate/grades: The candidate must be equipped with a BA or BSC on Information Technology or any business-related courses.
  • Citizenship: Must be a citizen of a country in Africa with a right to work.
  • Commitment plans: Applicants should be able to stay committed to the internship until the six months are over.
  • Previous institution grades: Must be a student or graduate from an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course from within the last two months.
  • Scholarship Worth: The internship promises to be one of the best things to happen to anyone who applied for the opportunity.

Microsoft Afrikan Benefits

Firstly, for the scholarship top benefit young Africans is a good thing, Africans are allowed to apply for the Microsoft Interns4Afrika Internship Program in 2021.

Also, any acceptable candidate is given a tuition-free admission to study any computer or IT related course at the University of the people.

Above all, the scholars get’s to study or take up training for more than 6 (six) months. many students gains the experience on technology. In addition to that, scholars get a real life experience projects, collaborating and learning from colleagues.

Furthermore, considering the African continent, a large number of countries will be chosen to partner with foreign organizations. The growth encompasses both private and public set of technological sectors, One of these organizations is Microsoft 4Africa which is an arm of the multinational tech giant Microsoft Corporation.

Finally, scholars will also gain experience on building in Africa to bridge the gaps in infrastructure, connectivity, and capability for innovation.

I hope from the above information, you can be able to depict the purpose, achievements, and the upcoming scholarship programs.

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The bottom line (Microsoft Interns 4Afrikan Program)

Firstly, many partnerships, 4Afrika signed a contract with the Tony Elumelu Foundation to help provide tools, resources and mentorship to entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across Africa.

The organization also created avenues for software and web developers to create better programs, monetize their applications.

Furthermore, Microsoft 4afrika partnered with Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communication alongside Indigo Telecom to reach disadvantaged communities through a solar-powered base station.

Also, University of the People (UoPeople) struck a partnership with Microsoft 4Afrika to offer scholarships to Africans for degree in the University.

  1. Microsoft 4Afrika scholarships

The organization founded by a billion-dollar corporation, Microsoft 4afrika contributes to the educational sector of Africa by awarding scholarships to undergraduates, and other eligible candidates.

two major scholarship available:

Microsoft Interns4Afrika Internship Program

Application Deadline

The deadline for the Microsoft 4Afrika program varies from country to country. Please visit the internship/scholarship website for more information about the deadline for your country.

Scholarship value

Alongside the invaluable experience they stand to gain from the program, all the participants will be paid a salary by the partner organization where their internship will take place.

Field of Study: The Microsoft 4Afrika internship program is available to only young individuals in the field of technology.

Available internship Positions: Internship positions vary from country to country. Please visit the internship website for more information about the opportunities/positions available in your country.

University of the People and MICROSOFT 4AFRIKA Scholarship Program

Field of study: Computers & IT

Degrees: Undergraduate/Masters

Eligible Nationality: Individuals from a country within the African continent are welcome to submit their application.

Deadline: The deadline is uncertain because the application period will be open for one or more cycles this year.


  • must be 18 years of age or older
  • Applicants must be fluent in English
  • Must send a copy of certified diploma and academic transcripts
  • Applicants must have access to a reliable internet connection.

UoPeople Admission requirements

  • Must submit both the online and offline application materials to the University
  • Must complete the Microsoft 4afrika selection process

Application Deadline

Therefore, the, the Microsoft Interns4Afrika program application deadline varies by Country

How to Apply (Microsoft Interns 4Afrikan Program)

Follow the procedures below for more guidelines on how to apply for the microsoft 4afrika program…

Fill the application

Complete your job application, which should take less than 10 minutes.

Find opportunities

We will be in touch with possible opportunities for you.


Interview directly with partner companies of Microsoft.

Sectors and its attributes

Technical Support

APPLY (;id=2807;applyJob=yes;signup=yes)

Passionate about driving advances in technology to help customers solve big problems and remain competitive in a cloud-first, mobile-first world, technical path could be right for you.


APPLY (;id=2804;applyJob=yes;signup=yes)

Passionate about interacting directly with customers and being on the frontline of bringing magic of software to customers and businesses, sales path could be right for you.


APPLY (;id=2805;applyJob=yes;signup=yes)

Passionate about telling the Microsoft story to help people, also businesses throughout the world to achieve it.


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