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International Youth Math Challenge 2022-2023: Apply for Youth Math Challenge as an International Scholar

Are you good in Math? Do you love the calculation and analysis a math equation presents? If you are the type that loves math and more on calculation then is time to learn more about your course interest through the special program called the international youth math challenge. As an international scholar you will learn more and be well exposed to use this knowledge for any job opportunities out there. All you need is to present the relevant documents, apply and submit before deadline, on that note this article will give an overview on the mentioned key criteria’s and then the official platform to register. So let’s hit the road…

international youth math challenge

The International Youth Math Challenge is an international mathematics competition youths receive the unique opportunity to challenge their skills.

There is no doubt that math education is crucial for students of all ages, helps in scientific discoveries as well as engineering and wealth in our society.

IYUMC is one of the biggest online math competition for students from all around the world allowing students from all countries to prove their math skills.

Mathematics is the language essential for scientific achievements, progress, and for engineering discovery for when it comes to world update.

Application for IYMC 2022 is open, IYMC’s goal aim is to create a global competition that is open to all students and teachers.

Therefore, the work is for you to use your math skills to create then qualify for the global final round to win great prizes.

International Youth Math Challenge Brief Details

Application Deadline: October 17, 2022.

Eligible Countries: International.

Type: High-school and Undergraduate.

Value of Award: Worth over 700 USD.

Number of Awards: Not Specified.

More About the International Youth Math Challenge

IYMC is an online global competition established to help discover more of talented minds from anywhere in the world.

Applications for the International Youth Math Challenge 2022 are now open, participants can receive certificates, awards, cash prizes, and global recognition.

There is no limitation to the problem a

mathematician can solve, it is available to all students and even teachers regardless of the location.

Furthermore, adolescents will have the opportunity to test their talents, demonstrate their math talents and express their creativity.

In IYMC you will be encouraged and rewarded, and enjoy the fascinating world of mathematics, you also have the opportunity to meet people from other countries.

It is one of the biggest online mathematics competitions, successful candidates will be rewarded handsomely with estimated prizes of over 700 US Dollars.

Requirements for International Youth Math Challenge

Applicants who wants to apply for this Math challenge, are expected to meet the following requirements:

They are:

  • You must be either a high school or higher institution student
  • Must be ready to ready to solve different math questions depending on the age category
  • You must have a working internet connection to participate and submit all solutions online
  • Must be smart and ideally talented in mathematics

Application Stages or Rounds for International Youth Math Challenge

  • (Qualification Round): The qualification round 2022 consists of five math problems. In order to qualify for the pre-final round, you need to solve at least three (under 18) to four (over 18) of the problems correctly. You can submit your solutions online until 17. October 2022. All participants receive certificates.
  • (Pre-Final Round): Successful participants can register for the pre-final round in October. You have five days to solve 10 problems of the pre-final round. The registration costs are 8 EUR to make this competition possible.
  • (Final Round): Successful finalists can take part in the final round: You will take an online exam supervised by your teacher. The winners receive certificates and cash prizes worth over 700 USD.

International Youth Math Challenge Prizes

  • All participants receive participation certificates.
  • The best students receive the 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize with a cash prize of respectively $150 USD, $100 USD, and $50 USD (in both age categories).
  • A successful participation allows you to join the IYMC network: You will get the rare chance to connect and exchange with outstanding, similar-minded, and inspiring students worldwide.
  • Winners and motivated students are encouraged to become official IYMC ambassadors with the aim to inspire students and to encourage them to engage in math and to participate in IYMC.
  • All participants that use professional computer programs (e.g. TeX) to write down their solutions receive a special honorary note on their certificates since this skill is important for the future career.


  • All candidates will be awarded a participation certificate.
  • A cash prize of 300 USD will be given to the winners of the junior category in the following order- The 3rd and 2nd, runner-up takes 50USD and 100USD respectively, and the winner takes 150USD.
  • A cash prize of 300 USD will be given to winners of the adult category in the following order- The 3rd and 2nd runner up takes 50USD and 100USD respectively, while the winner takes 150USD.
  • The finalists will be presented a medal- Bronze, Silver, and Gold depending on their performances in the final round.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from all grades and all countries are invited to participate.
  • Depending on your age (over 18 years or under 18 years) you will have to solve more problems to qualify for the next round.
  • To solve the problems, you should be smart, open-minded, and creative.
  • You should have a working internet connection to submit your solution online.

How to Submit Entries for International Youth Math Challenge

Submit your solution to the qualification round via the official submission form. Pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Clearly mark your final solutions (e.g. underlining, red color, box).
  • The solution file may be typed digitally or it may be a clear picture of your handwritten notes. Digitally typed solutions receive a special honorary note on the certificates!
  • You can upload one single file! If you have multiple pictures, please compress them into one single file (e.g. you can use ImgToPDF).
  • You can upload PDF and image (jpg, jpeg, png) files. They do not accept any other formats (e.g. ZIP or Word files)! You can use this tool to convert your file into PDF: PDF-Converter.
  • The file size has to be below 10 MB otherwise it will be rejected.
  • Important: Make sure that you write your name and birth correctly. It will be used for all certificates!


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