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Google Maps finding the best parking feature – Today’s update

More to start with as Google My Business is already on the existence and on today’s Google Tech Update is where and how Google Maps are now finding the best parking space on the go!

Google Maps finding the parking feature gets an update

Using Google self-drive cars are still on a section, but with just, your Google Maps connect to the internet and find your best packing space on the go before you reach your various destination free of charge.

Google is constantly working on its navigation app — Google Maps — in order to introduce new features and improve the user experience. Now an online report has revealed that Google Maps is notifying some of the users about recommendations as to where to park their vehicle while they are still on their way.

According to Android Police, some of the Google Maps users are getting recommendations to park their vehicle when they are about to reach their destination. The report suggests that it’s not clear whether the company is testing this feature or has already started the rollout.

The report also adds that the parking details come up about mid-way when you are traveling towards your destination. In case the user doesn’t take action then they will soon disappear as well.

The new parking notification will appear on top of the Google Maps screen and also enables users to dismiss the suggestion or accept it following which Google Maps will direct the user to the selected spot. Along with this, the notification will also show you the estimated time required to reach the parking spot and also the time it will take you to reach your destination from the parking spot.

The company has not yet created any setting to enable or disable the feature yet.

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Alternatively, there are more to learn from Google and then more sites to visit through Google, there are various account login as well.

Using Google driverless car

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