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Why Google Account known as Gmail and Called Google Life Time ID



Do you Know why Google Account is Called a life time Google ID(Username) with the people name Gmail making it easy for you to Account Inbox-by-Google with ease and higher Security? … We all you need to know About this Account and more of the guide will be updated daily. For more notification, you can make use of your active email to join our free email Subscribers on the Go.

Now, we are on this Questions;

  1. Do you Need a Google Account?
  2. Do you have an Active Google ID
  3. What email address have you been using?
  4. How often do you get recommendation and promotional offer by email?
  5. Why is Google the best Free and secure Email service Provider?

Just as we said earlier, their are a lot of things we will be talking about on this page and for better reading we will give you the list of Topics and the subtopics which we will be discussing on this page will be listed below but before then, we have to talk on the above why question:

Do you Need a Google Account?

It’s free and you have the full access to all the Google Products but before then, you should have all these to know About Google Account and with the you can answer the Question by making up your mind weather you need an account or not.

  1. Gmail is free of charges
  2. Get instant Mails on the go
  3. Have the best Promotional Offer on the go
  4. Do you seeking for a Sponsorship Program? you can get the last from Google Promotion inbox
  5. Access to Full 15gb Online Space
  6. Chat and send larger files online with the help of google Drive

There are still more you to enjoy using Google ID and this brings us the end of the question. Why Need Google Account.

Do you have an Active Google Account

If you already have an account, you still have more to learn in order to make the best use of this mail account. with this, we can talk about what an active Google Account will do for you on the go.

If your email address is active, that means you may have been using it to make some registrations on the web and that Draws me to the following questions:

  1. How often do you receive notifications
  2. How often do you check you email for messages
  3. Do you read the messages carefully
  4. Have you ever followed your mail box instructions till the end?
  5. What promotions offers have you received so far?

Do you know with an active email address “Gmail”. you have all the full access to most of the google products and why i said most is because some are paid products but still you make your registration on all the products with that single Google Account.

Choosing an email that will serve you better

On this note, we have to deal on the what type of email do you wish to have. Even, without reading some of the features which are on the above list. Just tell me what and what have you heard about google ID either in any of the following places:

  1. In school
  2. in Bus
  3. At the Office
  4. At Home
  5. In the Market place(Digital marking)
  6. and other places

Noe, you have to compare things you heard in some of these places with the list of feature on the list above, you will see that more than 80% of the free email service users make use of Gmail by Google in their devices like:

  1. Mobile Phones(Androids or others)
  2. PC device( on web
  3. Tablets(Gmail Apps) or on web

Giving it a little summary on choosing the best free email service provider, you have to get it with me that Google remains the best but that didn’t mean we don’t have other alternatives which have free versions of the mail services like:

  1. Pronto mail
  2. Yandex mail
  3. Att mail
  4. Outlook
  5. Yahoo mail
  6. QQ mail
  7. Livemail
  8. Aol Mail
  9. Zoho Mail
  10. Gmx
  11. iCloud Mail and ETC.

And more others which you can still read up the pros and cons of each and every one of them is the providing list of The Best Free Email Providers [2021 Guide to Online Email selection Guide]

Why Google is the best Free email service Provider?

As if the above reasons are not enough;

let just assume you wish to hear more from us and on More details, we will provide you with the list of what you will benefits more on choosing Google Account as you free but secure and Private email service provider.

  1. It’s free of cost
  2. Faster in loading
  3. Easy on accessibility
  4. Email kinds separation
  5. Free 15gb online storage
  6. Easy location and attachment of files
  7. Give you access to all Google Products on the go
  8. Inbox by Google access free
  9. Easy to synchronize your devices
  10. Multiple Chrome users – All in one Browser


Should I keep mentioning? …

You will see it that there list of more features which this single Account have over other email service provider be it paid or not.

Free of Cost

Just as you understand; you don’t need anything to make your registration online like fees. Google Account is very free as the bird flying in the sky. That is why you should have just just these which I believing once you are able to read this message online, you have what am about to mention:

  1. Mobile or PC or Tablet device
  2. Internet Access
  3. Your legal and correct details

Using the word legal is o remind you that Google is not just a software Company but also a Technology Company. And these days, Google Have more feature which will be making use of your details for verification and monetization and transfer of Founds.

Products like the following list must need you real details for easy identification:

  1. Google My Business
  2. ID Verification
  3. Google Pay

Google My Business

This is one of the Google Best products which have come to stay. Google my business is free and will help you list your business either your online or offline business on the Google Map.

  1. Free to register
  2. Access to Millions of customers both far and near your region
  3. Access to Google Map
  4. Creating direction for easy location to your Shop online or offline

ID Verification

Do you have an online Presence like Blog or website?… You should notice that from 2019, Google Started a new program online to easily identify her customers and publisher which the update is called ID Verification.

With this form of verification, you will need to submit a Government issued ID Card for identification mode and with these a lot lot of scammers online are been removed from the market making it easy for real users to make more cash.

Google Pay

Do you know you can send and receive money on Google using your Google Account?… This Method is easy and fraudulent. Making it easy for You and I to send money to any part of the World without any fee or vat charges.

Very Fast in Loading

I guess either you or your friends have made use of this Gmail with or without knowing; meanwhile, can i ask you these question:

  • How fast was it
  • Did it slow your device on opening
  • Isn’t it one click to compose, to attach and the send message?

Do don’t need much data place to access your inbox because it deals on mini bytes for loading and less of kilobits for attaching files depending on the size of the file.

Easy on Accessibility

Do you get the point now?

Having an inbox by google or Gmail make it easy to get all you need on the go.

In the inbox today, Google have made it very easy that you will set to see the different type of messages you receive start from:

  1. Social media
  2. Promotion
  3. Primary message
  4. Update

All the above descriptions give you a list of kind of messages you will be getting on your inbox.

15gb online free storage(Google Drive)

How best do you need to know that the best way secure you files is uploading online. This in return will give all you need and many more like.

Google, have the best online storage for you and all you device on the go. However, you can gain access to all your files right from any of your device just with the use of Google Account.

Google have free 15GB Space, and with the online space you can make use of Google Drive with the help of your Google ID to access the Account.

Features of Google drive

Explore the Storage Features of Drive Your stuff, on your way today and have the best chance to these benefits;

  1. 15 GB space. Keep any file. Share how you want just by creating a sharable link from any of the device you want to share with friends or relatives both far and near in any part of the world.
  2. Built to work with Google. Save Gmail attachments. Powerful search. Google Photos. have it known that you don’t have to lose any of your personal files and and you can keep them for years online and more with easy access from other devices too.
  3. Work smarter with apps. Docs, Sheets, Slides. Google Forms. You can create a unique forms to collect data from various places online.
  4. Take Drive even further. Scan documents. Work offline. Do you know you can work offline in drive and safe it later once there is internet connection without losing any file.

Multiple Chrome users

Google today have made chrome browser to be the best internet browser in the world even for Microsoft edge to be built just like chrome. With the latest update Today, you can get single Chrome to share many Google ID. Meanwhile, we will take time to give a clear details on how to create multiple users using Chrome browser

How to set multiple user in Chrome

Add a person or profile:

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click Profile .
  • Click Add.
  • Choose a name and a photo.
  • Now, Click Add. A new window will open and ask you to turn on sync.
  • (Optional) Turn sync on in Chrome with a Google Account for the new profile.

Turn sync on in Chrome

This one of the best feature you will get on chrome and this feature have all to give. Once you synchronize your email in chrome, you will get back your Browsing history, bookmarks, saved password and any other thing you did using your email in other browsers with the same Google Account.

On on the second part of this page

We will start with the details of you having and gaining back your Account if lost of in any way hacked or stolen:

  1. How to create Google Account
  2. How to recover password or Account
  3. Steps to Access your Google ID

You can create a New Google Account Now

Just to cut it short, you can make use of the following steps to create a new Google ID;

  1. Visit from your PC or Mobile or you can Click here (
  2. Click on create new Account
  3. Select the type of account:
    1. Personal Account
    2. business Account
  4. Fill in your Name; Full name please
  5. Choose a Google username
  6. Select your Gender
  7. Add your Date of Birth
  8. Add your Phone or recovery email
  9. Now, click on continue

How to recover your password or email

This is the best guide you need to get your Account back;

  1. Click on Login
  2. Enter your Username
  3. Click on Forget Password
  4. Enter your email address
  5. You will receive an verification Code
  6. Enter the Code to verify your ownership
  7. Now, you can add your new password
  8. Click on finish to login.

Do you forget your username?

This is how you can get best steps to regain your USERNAME;

  1. Visit from your device
  2. Click on find my Account
  3. Enter your Mobile Number
  4. Enter the name on the Account
  5. You will see the username in
  6. Now, you can get to login to your Account with the new recovered username.

How to login your Google Account

To access your Account is very easy on the go;

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Login
  3. Enter your Username and password
  4. Click on login below

Do you know what?

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Wikipedia
  • CEOSundar Pichai (2 Oct 2015–) Trending
  • Founded4 September 1998, Menlo Park, California, United States
  • Parent organizationAlphabet Inc.
  • Number of employees132,121 (2020)
  •, Fitbit, YouTube TV, Firebase, MORE
  • FoundersLarry Page, Sergey Brin

You have all you need to get along with Google Account and you have the best benefit to get all you have to do in Google Products and with the best way to get this Account will help you a lot benefit online on the go.

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