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GIFT Internship in South Korea: Fully Funded GIFT Internship In South Korea 2022-23

When it comes for a great opportunity i guess you should not miss the GIFT internship in South Korea which is open for all scholars across the globe. GIFT offers an Internship Program (Student Research Participation Program) during the summer and winter sessions. The Internship Duration is 4 Weeks & will take place at the Graduate Institute of Ferrous& Energy Materials Technology. Therefore, South Korea is inviting applicants to apply for the GIFT Internship Program 2022. in this article we will discuss more on the review, documents, benefits, and how to apply for the GIFT internship program.
GIFT Internship in South Korea

Recently, GIFT is the only institute in Korea that is providing technology-related education and multiple opportunities to students in Korea and international students.

The program is a fully-funded internship program offered by the Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Material Technology.

Therefore, this Fully funded international internships are offered to the undergraduate students of the third and final year level. They are also students who are very much interested in Technology studies in developing the economy of their country.

More about the GIFT Internship in South Korea (GIFT Internship in South Korea)

Firstly, you should know that GIFT Internship in South Korea 2022 is currently open for International Students. Many students are not charged any fee based on this internship.

The internship program is in South Korea and will take place at Pohang University of Science and Technology. Both Korean students and international students are free to apply for the program.

Pohang University has been ranked 1st in the category of 50 young Universities  and according to QS Global World Ranking, it is ranked 77th best university.

The program is not only fully funded Internship in South Korea, but no IELTS & TOEFL Requirements are needed for the Internship.

There are 43 National and 180 Private Universities in South Korea that offers admission to international students without IELTS.

GIFT internship program is offered in summer as well as winter, pursuing all students to widen their Career Development by taking part in this Program.

In addition to that, their basic aim is to develop professional expertise in students with the spirit of scientific innovations. Also, foster technological advancement that are coupled with excellent results.

All the expenses during the internship period in Korea are covered exposing students to meeting with different people all around the world.

They present you with the opportunity to live and work in a foreign country while being mentored by their team of experts.

The program is a full free invitation and application and there are no restrictions based on culture, religion or country.

The GIFT Internship in South Korea Summary Details

  • Country: South Korea
  • University: Graduate Institute of Ferrous& Energy Materials Technology.
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Deadline: 15 May 2022 & 30 November 2022
  • Applicants: Both Korea students and international students
  • Applications: Online

GIFT Internship to all International Students

South Korea is one of the best countries that still offer great opportunities for Internships in South Korea especially without IELTS OR TOEFL.

The country has been a center of attraction for many young students due to its education system and fast developing technologies.

The program is a challenging and rewarding internship based in South Korea that is fully-funded internships to eligible candidates.

If you are an international student then you are eligible to apply for the Korea GIFT Internship Program 2022. The GIFT Institute is the only recognized educational institution that offers graduate education in science and technology.

Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy materials Technology (GIFT), is founded in 2006, which is located in Pohang, Gyeongbuk. The Korean Institute offers a wide range of professional development through its educational facilities.

GIFT internship does not only help students build knowledge capabilities but also introduces new scientific strategies and methods.

The Institute adapts its vision to the emerging social needs of highly educated professionals to strengthen the well-being of students through well-informed knowledge.

All students or applicants are advised to apply for the internship on time before the deadline or close up date so are to qualify for the program.

Documents Required (GIFT Internship in South Korea)

  • Application Form. Note(Korean) & Application Form (Foreigner) is separate.
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • English Language Proficiency.
  • Agreement for utilizing personal information


Here are the benefits of the GIFT internship in South Korea: GIFT Internship is one of the famous fully funded internships that will cover all the costs.

  • Accommodation security and providence for all interns.
  • A round trip economy class air ticket for international interns (only once).
  • KRW 500,000/4 weeks for living expenses.
  • Support in transportation.
  • Gain practical work experience and make your CV effective.
  • For international applicants, Round Trip Air Fare economy only,
  • For Korean applicants, KTX or Bus fare will be provided.
  • Living Expenses will be assisted.

Eligibility Criteria (GIFT Internship in South Korea)

Here are the eligibility criteria for the GIFT internship in South Korea 2022:

  • International students, as well as Korean students, can apply.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in the 3rd or 4th year of the undergraduate program.
  • There is no restriction of gender, age, background or country.
  • Female students are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Korean Applicants are Eligible.
  • Foreign Applicants having Any nationality are Eligible.
  • Undergraduate students in 3rd or 4th year Are Eligible.
  • Applicants must have a Good Academic Record.
  • It is not a must to have an English proficiency certificate.

How to Apply (GIFT Internship in South Korea)

Below are the steps on how to secure the GIFT internship, make sure to follow the guidelines and submit documents before deadline…

  1. The student has to first check the eligibility criteria of the GIFT POSTECH Korea Internship 2022 program to know if they meet up with it.
  2.  The students including Korean and international students have to download the application form and fill up.
  3.  An applicant has to fill out the application form and has to send their forms along with the required documents.
  4. Applications can be sent via email to


In conclusion, GIFT internship is a fully-funded internship in South Korea. All expenses relating to travel, visa sponsorship, insurance will be paid for by the GIFT program. GIFT internship help students build knowledge capabilities and also introduces new scientific strategies and methods.


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