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ForumEngine WordPress Premium Forum Theme Tutorial

Do you Need a Premium Forum Theme for your Community …? It’s very easy to Build a forum from start till Finish with the aid of a Premium Forum theme like ForumEngine and On this page, we will also guide you more on how start gaining Much Forum Engagements.

ForumEngine is a paid WordPress forums theme which turns your WordPress site into a discussion forum. It’s a powerful theme built specifically for creating a forum in WordPress. The theme shows the forum threads right on your website homepage.

ForumEngine Installation & Overview

ForumEngine theme lets you create forums where users can interact in many ways like posting topics, questions, replying, liking or disliking a topic. Members can quickly search any topic in the list with Ajax live search. It also provides a private space to members to and manage all their activities in the forum.

The  theme is installed by uploading the zip file through the WordPress admin dashboard or by transferring the files using FTP software. Once installed and activated, a new menu item is added to the WordPress admin area entitled ‘Engine Settings’.

Configuring the Theme

Once your theme has been installed and activated you can configure the theme by 1. Go to theme management area, located under the ‘Engine Settings’ menu item, allows you to setup the theme and customize it to suit your forum needs. The menu will be split into three sections which include OverviewSettings and Members.

Overview gives you access to usage stats for the forum on your site, it gives you a complete description of those that register on the forum and also thread statistics. This data can be viewed for a number of predetermined date ranges, from seven days to one year. This has been custom made to be that way.

Settings is where features and options for the ForumEngine theme can be managed. Here you can set the logo of your forum , the forum title and description and your social media links.

The admin area of forum engine has a well-design appearance, You have to note that some of the fields, such as those for social profiles and Google Analytics are mandatory to be fill if not other settings will not be accessed. You can see the pictures below and see how it looks.

Theme management pages

Also, the area is the location you can manage forum members including already existing members before installation of the forumengine theme.

The theme management options

In the dashboard also allows you to creates two new custom posts. types entitled ‘Threads’ and ‘Replies’. These post types are how the forum content is under management by admin users, and this content can be on view and edit section via the WordPress admin area.

Therefore the admins can create a new post using the normal WordPress backend editor. Threads can also have their own categories and tags, which are separate from the regular post categories and tags in WordPress.

Therefore, the forumengine theme should undergo activation which will project it as a full fledg forum. Directly from homepage of your forum, your readers can begin posting new threads or replying to existing ones.

The new topic creation functionality is pretty nice as it allows non-registration users to enter their response before promoting them to login or join the site. The registration process is pretty simple as it demands only name and email address.


Forum-Engine is a forum software that turns your WordPress site into a full forum. In case the features of the forumengine theme does not suffice for the functions you want, there are other Forum WordPress plugins that can turn your site into a forum and they all have unique amazing features.

ForumEngine WordPress Theme Features

Here are lot of Features which you will gain making use of the WordPress Forum Premium Theme and the below list will give you more details:
  • Responsive theme.
  • Forum support.
  • Custom front-end controls.
  • 3 page layouts.
  • Custom logo.
  • Large top search-bar.
  • 8 built-in color schemes.
  • Unlimited color options.

Meanwhile, Users can create individual profiles with images and basic information, as well as stats on the number of comments and posts they’ve made.

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