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How To Write A Complete Research Proposal | Research Work Analysis To a Better Output



This post contains in details ways on how to write a complete research proposal for that your research work. all the objectives, methods and questions are present in this post.

Are you wondering how you can put up the best proposal for that research? Do you need new guidelines on how to present your proposal? Why is a research proposal important? Do you know the tips on how to write research work proposal? All these and more are what you tend to grab as you read this post to the end.

Research Proposal And Making A Proposal

Let us start by getting a good definition of a research proposal. Now, a research proposal can be defined as a brief, clear and concise summary of that your research work. In writing a proposal, you don’t have to complicate things, that is why I say brief and concise.

However, your project work might be tedious and requires lots of work for months or years, while a research proposal on the other hand requires a little attention to complete.

Therefore, your research proposal speaks more on your work and what you have to offer even when you are not there.

In more details, a research proposal shows your work and its field category, relates your work to current literature. Also, the research proposal describes your work field of study, shows off recent studies and old studies on the work.

In fact, let me just drop it here that research proposal shows originality, it shows how authentic your ideas are in that research.

In addition to that, it shows your abilities to perform a task, takes your work far places and speaks for you when you are not there. It is a true representation of your creativity or ideas in field work.


How Can I know how to write A Complete research proposal?

This is one of the most important things you need for your proposal application. check these points:

  • Try to Examine if you’re a suitable scholar or candidate for that research.
  • Do you always get facts before performing a task: Get more facts about your research work even before you begin.
  • Check if your area of study accommodates or supports the research work.
  • Then, Select a good supervisor to guide you during the research work.

I know so many people might say why should you include this: check if the research work supports your field or area of study.

However, research can come from any angle provided you have gathered enough information to help you. Therefore, what I mean is that research proposal differs from the area of study.

To explain this I will give illustrations, the requirements and style for writing proposals on social sciences differs from the requirements for writing on engineering sciences. Why not think about it.

Outlines Of A Proposal

  • Show and define your proposal research topic.
  • Give details showing you have an idea on your area of research.
  • Try to back up your research work with questions and also try analyzing them perfectly.
  • Also, show that you know how to conduct a good project research.
  • This is a serious business so Look professional.
  • Make sure that your research proposal is clear, original and backed with references.
  • You are not perfect but try not to make spelling mistakes.
  • Show a good quality work and not quantity work without ideas.

Steps on How To Write A Complete Research Proposal

This post will help scholars and students in one way or the other to finalize their work. Applies for both Undergraduate, Master’s, PhD degree holders can use this information.

So without wasting much time, I will drop down the steps below:


This is very important, you should start with a good title for the work. Also, try to know your title always. Title can be changed but put a good one before submitting.


An abstract has a few areas to address to. Abstract states the problem you encounter during the research work, purpose of the work. It is a brief statement of not more than 150 words.


Here, is simply the geographical location. You just have to have to state the location where you intend to carry out that research. In a nutshell, it is overview of the area of study.



However, having know your context, abstract etc. Research method tends to show the methods and outlines explaining how you want to carry out that research.

My research work is library based. However, try to describe the key resources (such as journal).

Research method analysis involve these strategic steps: gathering either empirical data and giving details of where are you going to conduct your research? How many research questions and interviews are you looking forward to conduct?

To be complete on this part, it must show the ways by which you’re going to analyze the findings of your research.


Just like the name goes, it sets out to show original and authentic your work can be. This shows why your research work is important or significant. What makes your research work different from others.

Furthermore, if you really know the significance of your work then you are good at this part. What ideas does that your work bring to already existing articles and currently how does your work affects the present situation of that research. This takes your work to a verified level.

NOTE: bear this in mind when carrying out research work: what do you want to achieve? how do you want to achieve it? and when do you want to achieve it?


Finally, I bring to you questions that can be modified into data, this questions tends to show how your research affects the society. A research questions also carry out your objectives of the research.

However, some people do not present this but I tell you today that a research question is very much necessary for that work. Make sure you take sometime to draft out your own questions which can help you in findings when the time comes.

Drop vital and key questions regarding your work. Also, it is necessary to narrow down your proposal with good points so as to get your readers eager to read more.

Finally, make your research work easy to ascertain within a time frame. The research should highlight strategy to answer a lot of questions.







The Purpose of Literature Review

•   Helps researchers to give accolades to individuals who helped in the research topic.

•   Provides opportunity for individuals to showcase their knowledge.

•   Literature review increases your creativity and analysis power because you are allowed to show critical analysis on the research work.

•   The review present records in view the researcher ability to combine and extract facts about a particular topic.

Mistakes when Writing your Literature Review

•   Inappropriate placement of ideas.

•   Content failure: to ensure the matching of the content.

•   Reference problem due to Inappropriate and incorrect citation ( references).

•   Lack of updating to the current reforms on that particular topic.

•   Copied content and over dependent on secondary information.

Common Mistakes when Writing a Research Proposal

I.   Inability to form the research questions correctly.

II.   Lack of citation in a particular subject area.

III.   Poor contributions of other researchers in a proposal.

IV.   Fear and losing interest on the research questions.

V.   Failure to write down a good argument to support your work.

VI.   Poor explanation for the central issues of research.

VII.   Incorrect work citation and referencing.

Essence Of The Proposal

Below you will see key points on the relevant of the research work. A research work is mainly for: A research proposal is for:

  • Potential supervisors(work).
  • Admission tutors.
  • Financial lenders since it helps them to know originality of your thoughts and ideas.

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