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Wageningen University & Research 2021 Africa Scholarship for African Students

Study in Wageningen University & Research 2021 Africa Scholarship for African Students, you must make sure you  apply before the Deadline, application is freely available online for international student to study abroad like Algeria, Liberia, Nigeria and other country in Africa. if you are an African student hoping to study in  Europe then you should consider taking up a scholarship program in the Wageningen university today.

Meanwhile, on this page we will like to guide you and show you steps on how to apply for Wageningen University & Research 2020, because is free online, and when to begin and the deadline…

Application Deadline: 1 February 2021-2022

Wageningen Origin (in a Nutshell) 

Firstly, before we discuss or give full details of the wageningen scholarship, let us look into the origin of the university and what they have to offer.

As we all know, the wageningen university is one of the best universities in Netherlands, offering scholarship to many international scholars across the world.

so the question is, what is the wageningen university all about and what can we benefit from their scholarship program.

Therefore, the wagenengen is a university in collaboration with a research foundation for a complete academic excellence available to all scholars.

A complete research project pose as the backbone and power for the wagenengen university and its research foundation.

This collaborative effort helps to make the university one of the best and one of the recognized research institution in the country.

In addition to that, this education and collaboration can be seen in courses offered in the school in the category of natural and social science.

All these and many more are the standard measures and benefits international students stand to gain as a wagenengen scholar.

Wageningen University & Research 2021-2022 Description

The Africa Scholarship Programme (ASP) has been instigated by Wageningen University & Research for the motivations of students from to study in Wageningen.

All African students who are talented and with the zeal to increase the academic portfolios can easily acquire this scholarship.

Furthermore, some African students who do not follow up the necessary procedures ends up failing out from the program. it is advisable that all students must present their original documents and make sure to submit before deadline.

Also the Wageningen have a well develop research institutes for all scholars to to perform various experiment during their study programme.

in addition to that the university is one of the popular university in Netherland because of its study programs, teaching methods and research.

This programme is not for undergraduate scholars in their various institution rather it is for masters scholars. there are many course programs available as well for the scholars.

Therefore, in this programme, Wageningen University wants to bear the dimensions of building in Africa to attract excellent students for a 2-years master’s programme.


Number of Wageningen scholarships: 7 scholarship available

Country of study for the programme: Netherlands

Citizenship: All African countries

Course program: Masters

Start master’s programme: 1 September 2021-2022

Wageningen Eligibility for the Scholarship: Perfect students with a GPA of 80 percent or even more than in a bachelor degree, and to a Wageningen University MSc Programme.

Important Benefits to gain via the Scholarship (Wageningen University & Research 2021 )

  • Travel to Wageningen.
  • Still travel from Wageningen.
  • Living allowance for 2 years.
  • Tuition fees.
  • Visa costs and costs for health insurance.
  • Budget to visit one seminar/conference in Europe.
  • Involvement in the programme.

The above benefits are given to each student when the scholarship is fully approved. Students are place on full time 2 years course program living allowance.

Also, the tuition fees are paid by the scholarship program, the scholarship also tries to cover the health of the individual.  The visa cost will also be covered in some cases.

Do you know that as a scholars you will be allowed for a special visit ? A visit either for seminar or conference to any university during your study program in Europe.

Selection Criteria

Here are the step you must follow below:

  1. ACCEPTABILITY:  students must check their acceptability for the Africa Scholarship Programme before applying and approval.
  2. APPLY: candidates must Apply for an MSc programme before the date for the scolarship ( before 1 February 2021-2022).
  3. SELECTION TYPE: yes, the institution provides a student Selection or scrutiny for invitation to the Africa Scholarship Programme
  4. RESULT: candidates must Check if the result of the selection process favors them completely.
  5. UPDATES/CHANGES:  final touches and review process.

I hope the selection procedure is clear, students can easily visit the official website of the university for more inquires.

Clear Records for the ASP at a glance

1 February 2021-2022: Deadline to apply for an MSc admission.

16 March 2021-2022: selection of candidates to take part in the further selection process (approx. 60 candidates will be selected).

30 March 2021-2022: Deadline additional assignment.

13 April 13 2021-2022: Decision about skype interviews communicated (approx. 20 candidates will be interview)

20 to 30 April 2021-2022: Skype interviews

14 May 2021-2022: Results of the selection process communicated.

However, every students must be updated with the below information and the follow up procedures so that they can be selected.

Merit Qualification Process (Wageningen University & Research 2021)

This is the requirements students need to help them in securing the scholarship they want.

  • student academic performance in previous institution should be 8.0 and above to be able to qualify for this masters program.
  • candidates must present valid documents showing the bachelors degree certificate in a filed relevant to the study program.
  • International scholars must present the English proficiency test.
  • other valuable credentials must be present as well for evaluation.

valuable documentation materials for the wageningen scholarship

So let’s look at the documents that scholars should submit for the scholarship. Also, remember all documents must be original and valid.

  • English Language proficiency test result.
  • A Bachelor’s degree certificate (or equivalent) in Dutch.
  • Official transcript result of records of your bachelor in Dutch or English.
  • The transcript must come along with your name, logo and official stamp of your university.
  • Statement of motivation.
  • CV PAPER: A typed Curriculum Vitae or brief personal history (in English language).

For More Guidelines: You must be permitted to apply for Peter & Sharon Ivany Scholarship, all the candidates must apply using the Online Scholarship Application Form.

All candidates must follow up with the instructions, submit papers before deadline and then wait for a review and approval letter.

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