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Transfer Money from Payoneer to Paypal – Payoneer and PayPal Transactions

I bring to you today ways to Transfer Money from Payoneer to PayPal account without stress. This is just an easy method of transferring funds to your PayPal account, many organizations and companies including individuals make use of this account.

Today you can Send Money from Payoneer to PayPal, for some operations, many prefers sending or transferring funds to your PayPal account.

Payoneer creates an easy and simple solution to the issue of allowing: customers, organizations, and employees out there to make use of it.

It will be nice to know that it is a safe and convenient means to access their funds and account using the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

Therefore, one can only say that the Payoneer online payment service allows its users to receive and send payments through their Payoneer account. If you have a Payoneer account you can be able to operate a virtual U.S bank account

Transfer Money from Payoneer to Paypal

Transferring Money from Payoneer to Paypal as said earlier is an easy process of transferring funds into your Paypal safely.

Also, for the online payment to take place, use a Mastercard which allows users gain full access to their funds and other financial transactions.

However, the question is: do you know that with this card you can Sen Money from Payoneer to PayPal? Yes.

You can transfer the funds from your Payoneer account to your PayPal account by connecting both accounts to each other.

Although, there are fees attached to this small transaction, but you do not have to worry as the charges are not much.

Finally, for you to enjoy this service, you need to have both accounts, that is, a Payoneer account and a PayPal account.

Those that have the two accounts can easily receive and transfer money from their payoneer account and PayPal account.

Creating The Payoneer Account

As you already know, to set up this account requires some procedures you have to follow and some details you have to provide.

However, within 15 minutes, you will be a proud owner of a Payoneer account. To get this A/C, you have to provide a valid email address, personal details, contact details, ID photo.

Get It Working

  • Visit the official Payoneer site
  • Tap on the “Sign Up”
  • On display, you will be asked to choose: to open an individual account or company account.
  • For an individual account: enter your name, email address, date of birth and click on “NEXT” to load.
  • For company account: enter your business name, type of business entity, the website of the company (if available) your name, email address and date of birth.
  • Finally Click on “NEXT” to proceed .

Contact Details

On this platform: you have to enter your country, your address, City of residence, Postal code of the city, Phone (mobile or landline) and Enter your phone number. Then tap on “Next”.

Security Details

This will look on your preferred password that you can remember, Choose a security question you can remember and give an immediate answer. Also, Enter your ID card issued to you, Choose the ID type and enter the ID number then tap on “NEXT”.

Getting started

This is actually the last stage in creating payoneer account.  Enter your desirable currency. Currently, the Payoneer supports 3 types of currencies, which are US Dollars, Euros and Pounds. Then, Provide your bank name, account name, and number. The SWIFT code or Bank Identifier Code of your bank is also needed. tap on “SUBMIT” to enter.

Signing in into your Payoneer Account (Transfer Money from Payoneer to Paypal)

Here are few steps on how to sign in.

  • Go to official.
  • From the homepage right side, tap on the “Log in”
  • Type in or key in your Payoneer User ID and password.
  • Tap on “Sign In” to enter.

How To Connect Payoneer to PayPal (Transfer Money from Payoneer to Paypal)

So, now you know how to create a Payoneer account and how to sign in to your account. You can also hit the road with any other activity.

However, you have to go through your PayPal account in order to connect with your Payoneer account.

Once you are done with the pairing and connecting process, you can then Transfer Money from Payoneer to PayPal.

Now lets look at the few steps you can begin with:

  • sign in to your PayPal account on
  • Type in your email address and password and sign in.
  • From the top page, tap on the “Wallet”.
  • On the next page, tap on “Link Card
  • Fill in the details of the Mastercard for Payoneer account .
  • Click on “Save” to proceed.
  • Now, PayPal will send you some payments in order to confirm your
  • tap on your PayPal wallet and choose the bank account you just added, you will find the option to confirm it.
  • Finally you click on “confirm bank”, key in the amount PayPal sent to your Payoneer account and confirm.

Sending Money from Payoneer To PayPal (Transfer Money from Payoneer to Paypal)

I guess this is the moment you have been waiting to see. Routine measures and many processes involved before getting here, without them you will not be eligible to Transfer Money from Payoneer to PayPal.

You have to carefully follow these steps below to get the transaction done.

NOTE: surprisingly you cannot transfer your funds from Payoneer to PayPal, you can only use your Payoneer MasterCard to withdraw your PayPal funds.

  • Once you apply for a Payoneer account the next thing to do is your master card.
  • When you get your card, activate it by; sign into your account on com. Select the card to activate. Enter the details of the master card and follow instructions to activate it.
  • Now, if you have activated the card. Go to your PayPal account on com
  • Tap on “Send Payments”.
  • Key in the email address of the account then click on “Next”
  • Key in the details of the transaction and the amount. tap on “Continue”.
  • PayPal will then credit your Payoneer account within some days.

Finally, the good news is that notifications of credit alert will be sent to you. You can now withdraw your money from any ATM using your Payoneer MasterCard.

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