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Study in Ireland from UK: A Guide for Ireland Studies, Cost of Living, Tuition Fees and Visa Types for International Students



Found on the edge of Europe, Ireland is an island nation with a great deal of character therefore a Study in Ireland from UK gives a whole lot of experience. Colorfully referred to as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is understood for its history, culture and lively night life, specifically in Dublin and Cork. Ireland’s rugged shoreline, rolling hills and valleys and affordable cost of living make it a popular location for travelers and worldwide trainees alike. The reality that it is both an Anglophone nation and an EU member state makes Ireland among the more appealing research study abroad destinations for numerous students.

Study in Ireland from UK

Ireland is a welcoming island with cosmopolitan cities and a strong history related to literature. The Irish government is committed to supporting trainees and invested 11.1 billion EUR in education.

What is it like to study in Ireland? (Study in Ireland from UK)

There are 8 universities in Ireland, all providing a wide array of postgraduate and undergraduate courses to 35,000 worldwide trainees from 160 countries.

Located on the western coast of Europe, Ireland is a member of the European Union and, following Brexit, will quickly be the only English speaking country in the Eurozone.

Irish universities offer a great higher education experience in an uniquely stunning setting. The Irish qualifications are the same as the UK equivalents, so your undergraduate or postgraduate degree brings just as much worth when you begin your profession.

The Free Fees Effort for EU trainees (see below) enables those who fulfill the requirements to prevent paying tuition charges..

Dublin, the Irish capital, has been voted by Lonely World as the world’s friendliest city on numerous celebrations and a lot of the biggest companies in the world such as Google, Medtronics and Microsoft have workplaces there.

How do I get a visa to study in Ireland?

No visa is required for EU citizens.

Can I work as a student in Ireland?

EU students are totally free to use up work while studying in Ireland. You must register with the Irish Tax Workplace and obtain a PPS number as soon as you have a job offer. You can not get a PPS number before receiving a job deal.

Practical Reasons why it is great to use up a Research Study in Ireland (Study in Ireland from UK)

Tuition Fees

When it comes to tuition fees, it’s rather a tie. Both Ireland and the UK require a similar quantity of cash to be dedicated to tuition charges. That amount is usually cheaper than tuition fees in the United States or Australia.

When comparing tuition costs, there are two things to remember. Not every course has the same tuition fees, arts and humanities tend to be normally more affordable, while courses that base their teaching in labs or need specific devices and facilities are usually more expensive.

The second thing to remember– not every university has the same tuition charges. Capital cities such as Dublin in Ireland and London in the UK are more expensive than the rest of the country. That indicates both tuition costs and living expenses are bigger in capital cities.

Tuition charges likewise depend on the university itself too, so prestigious universities like Cambridge and Oxford in the UK will be more pricey despite the fact that they are not situated in London.

Free Charges Effort

The Free Charges Effort in Ireland will see your tuition charges paid to the university by Ireland’s College Authority. To qualify for the Free Costs plan you should satisfy the following requirements:.

You have actually lived in the EU for at least three of the previous five years.
The You are registering on your first undergraduate course.
Your course lasts a minimum of two-years and is full-time.

Lodging or Accommodation (Study in Ireland from UK)

With best universities comes the most expensive accommodation. That indicates that if you choose to study at Trinity College Dublin you will need 8000EUR each year for lodging and 11.000 EUR if your option is University College Dublin.

Like the UK, Irish personal lodging appears to be usually cheaper than university used accommodation.

Based upon Education in Ireland’s suggestions, you will need roughly 427EUR a month for rent, plus approximately 28EUR for utilities.

In the UK the situation is similar, with the exception that energies and bills are consisted of in the rent. The 2019 National Trainee Cash Survey claims you will need approximately ₤ 439 per month for rent, costs included.

If you select to stay at university lodging in the UK, according to the Times College the regular monthly rent amount goes up to ₤ 535, or ₤ 640 if you’re studying in London.

Expense of Living

This type of details is best to be found on the internet. Among the best pages to compare living costs in cities around the world is Expatistan.

Expatistan is based upon thousands of rates for various products that are gone into by countless individuals.

So, if you’re looking to study in among the capitals then Dublin seems to be more affordable than London, however this might change so it’s best to get an updated comparison on Expatistan.

Other online sources suggest that the expense of living is quite comparable in both capital cities; around ₤ 12.000 per year in the UK and 8.000-12.000 EUR in Ireland.


From my own experience of living in the UK, I ‘d state that ₤ 10.000 each year would also be manageable to live with but it is essential to examine each university’s expense of living guides as they can differ depending on the university and their accommodation alternatives.

London does not represent the whole of the UK and Dublin is not the only city in Ireland. There are lots of other cities that use excellent courses and have much lower living expenses.

For example, Bristol is 25– 30% cheaper than London and Galway is normally around 20– 30% more affordable than Dublin, but it is necessary to examine Expatistan for an up-to-date contrast.

Food costs

Typical regular monthly food expenses are not high. You’ll invest around 250 – 350 EUR/month for grocery shopping. You can discover cheaper food in grocery stores such as Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Dunnes or Superquinn.

You can likewise dine in a little dining establishment and pay 15 EUR or take pleasure in a three-course meal for two in a mid-range dining establishment for 55 EUR.

Transportation Costs (Study in Ireland from UK)

If they utilize the Trainee Leap Card or the Bus Éireann services to take a trip around the nation, trainees can benefit from discounts for transport.

Around 27% of the students use public transport in Ireland, and a month-to-month pass with a special discount rate for trainees is around 50– 55 EUR/month.

The most popular mode of transport is the bike, picked by 38% of the students. You can lease a bicycle to get around the city for around 20 EUR/day.

Student Living costs in Ireland

The costs of living in Ireland are a bit higher than the average for the European location; you must anticipate to invest anywhere in between 550 – 1,000 EUR/month.

Average expenses of residing in Irish cities ( consisting of accommodation costs):

Dublin: 1,100 – 1,800 EUR/month.
Cork: 860 – 1,400 EUR/month.
Galway and other smaller sized cities: 800 – 1,100 EUR/month.

Language Requirements

All postgraduate courses in Ireland are taught in English so you must be proficient in the language.

If English is not your very first language you will require to pass an approved language test before registering for your course.

Approved tests consist of:

Cambridge Efficiency.
The Cambridge Advanced.
PTE Academic.

You may be able to take English courses at your university, but if these are not offered there are a number of personal English language colleges around the nation.

Student visas (Study in Ireland from UK)

If you are a student from these areas UK, EU, EEA or Switzerland you do not need a visa to study in Ireland.

A complete list of nations exempt from requiring a visa can be discovered at People Info – Visa Requirements for Going Into Ireland. If your house nation is not on this list you will require a research study visa.

If you do require a visa to study in the country you should get this online at the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS).

Finally, If your course will take less than three months to finish you should obtain a ‘C study visa’. If your course lasts longer than 3 months, you need to obtain a ‘D research study visa’.

You will require to send the following files with your visa application:

A letter of acceptance from a recognized college, school or university confirming that you have actually been accepted onto a full-time course.

proof of your scholastic and English language ability.

verification that course costs have been paid in full.

Evidence that you have enough funds (typically EUR7,000) to support yourself throughout your stay.

Evidence that you or a sponsor have access to at least EUR7,000 for each subsequent year of your studies.

verification of private medical insurance.

An explanation of any spaces in your instructional history.

confirmation you plan to return to your house country after leaving Ireland.

You will likewise need to supply 2 colour passport pictures, your existing passport and a signed letter of application including your complete contact details.

If you’re a non-EU student you will need to sign up with the Garda National Migration Bureau (GNIB) upon arrival if your duration of research study will last more than 90 days.

Visa application costs are EUR60 for a single journey visa and EUR100 for a several journey visa. Objective to make an application for your visa as early as possible – the basic processing time is 8 weeks however this can increase throughout busy durations.

Application Process for Irish Universities

If you wish to apply to an Irish university you must do so through the Central Applications Office ( You can apply for up to 10 courses at Irish universities.

You will not get conditional offers from Irish universities. Places at university are not granted till the results of the Leaving Certificate are known. This is generally around the exact same time as A’ level results are announced in mid August.

Places are awarded at Irish universities according to the results of the leaving certificate. A levels and IB Diplomas are granted points that represent equivalent to the Irish Leaving Certificate.

However, these points vary from the UCAS tariff. It is rather possible for popular courses in Ireland to need a points amount to that is just attainable with 4 exceptional A levels.

Then, please examine the CAO site for additional information about the application process. Please call the specific universities for an indicator of the grades that are likely to be required for admission to particular courses.


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