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List of Luxembourg Scholarships for International Students: Fully Funded Scholarship Opportunities in Luxembourg



International trainees can request the List of Luxembourg Scholarships readily available in Luxembourg after they have actually received an approval letter from a Luxembourgish Organization. Scholarships, Funds, and Grants are supplied by the government and other private entities in the nation as a means of supporting and encouraging students to reach for their full capacity. Universities likewise encourage its students with numerous scholarships, tuition, waivers, and grants as a means of gratifying academic or general accomplishments. Some scholarships and grants for worldwide trainees in Luxembourg include;

List of Luxembourg Scholarships

What is the Cost of Living for International Students in Luxembourg?

International students who desire to pursue their research studies should have adequate funds to sustain their requirements. The estimated expense does not consist of the accommodation costs varying from 600 to 1,000 EUR per month, depending on if they are with scholarship grants.

Why you need a Luxembourg scholarship (List of Luxembourg Scholarships)

You can apply for a Luxembourg scholarship which either excuses you from paying a tuition charge or serve as financial backing in covering your living costs hence helping you to have a Luxembourg scholarship free of charge.

Students avoiding to Luxembourg for studies frequently opt for in-depth European studies, organization, or associated research study to do with economy, language, history of globalization.

Outside of the humdrum of studies, trainees have simple access to Germany’s night life, Belgian beers, and French coastlines and food, none of which is half-bad for the research study break of a lifetime.

Are International Trainees permitted to operate in Luxembourg?

International students who ambition to work while they pursue their degree in Luxembourg are allowed. If they are registered in any universities in the country, it is just possible.

The students are just allowed to work up to 40 hours each week during vacations. Throughout the year, the students are enabled approximately 15 hours each week.

The constraints apply to registered trainees at the University of Luxembourg. The majority of universities also follow these guidelines, so students must examine their university’s regulations.

Scholarship by CEDIES (List of Luxembourg Scholarships)

Financial support from the Luxembourg Federal government is approved through the CEDIES (Centre de Documentation et d’Information sur l’Enseignement supérieur) to all trainees who are enrolled for greater research studies and fulfil among the following conditions:.

They have the Luxembourgish nationality or are member of the family of a citizen of Luxembourg and live in Luxembourg;

They are nationals of a member state of the European Union, of the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation and live in Luxembourg as salaried worker or self-employed worker.

Also, as a person continuing to have this status or as a relative of among the above-mentioned categories of citizens, or have the status of irreversible local;.

They are third-country nationals or stateless, have resided in Luxembourg for a minimum of 5 years and hold a secondary school leaving certificate.

This should be recognized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education (Ministère de l’Education nationale et de la Formation professionnelle);

They have the status of a political refugee in Luxembourg and live in Luxembourg;.

they are kids of a person of Luxembourg, a national of a member state of the European Union, of the European Economic Location. Or the Swiss Confederation working or carrying on his/her occupation in Luxembourg for an uninterrupted duration of at least 5 years and for at least 50% of the contractual or legal variety of working hours.

This monetary assistance from the federal government consists in concept of a loan and a scholarship at 2% fixed rate.

It totals up to 13.000 EUR per academic year. It can not be combined with possible financial assistance acquired in the student’s nation of house.

In addition, enrollment fees approximately a maximum quantity of 3.700 EUR per academic year can be included.

Best Scholarships in Luxembourg

1. CEDIES Scholarships

CEDIES (Centre de Documents et d’Information sur l’Enseignement supérieur) is a federal government scholarship from the Luxembourg Government.

This Luxembourg scholarship likewise includes trainees who are nationals of a third-world country but is now living in Luxembourg.

The trainees need to have the Luxembourgish Nationality.
A family member of a Luxembourg resident and is presently residing in the nation.
Nationals of the EU, EEA, or the Swiss Confederation. They must likewise reside in Luxembourg as a wage employee or a household of the pointed out categories. They must likewise possess irreversible house status.
National of a third-world nation. The trainee should have resided in Luxembourg for not less than five years. The trainee should also hold a secondary school leaving certificate acknowledged by the Luxembourg of Ministry of Education.
Have a political refugee status and is currently residing in Luxembourg.
The student needs to be a kid of any nationals of the EU, EEA, or the Swiss Confederation.


Grantees from the CITIES Scholarship Program will receive monetary help amounting to 13.000 EUR per academic year.

It can cover tuition and accommodation of eligible students granted to take a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the country.

The program also uses costs deduction for students who will take up courses such as Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain.

2. Max Planck Luxembourg Ph.D. Scholarship Program (List of Luxembourg Scholarships)

The Max Planck Luxembourg Institute uses an annual scholarship program for international doctoral trainees who are interested to take up their research study studies in Luxembourg.

The objective is to promote assistance to young foreign scholars and additional advance their research study studies through this scholastic exchange.

To be eligible for this scholarship at Luxembourg, applicants must satisfy the list below requirements:

Doctoral prospects carrying out their research study within the Institute’s locations of research study.

Aspire to be associated either to the Department of International Law & Dispute Resolution or the Department of European & Relative Procedural Law.
English Language Efficiency (Compulsory).

Interested candidates must likewise require to send a cover letter, up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV), a summary of the Ph.D. task (max. two pages)’

A clear 2 recommendation letters. Grantees from the scholarship will receive a month-to-month installation of 1.500 EUR.

The picked candidates shall have access to the library, a separate workstation, and the chance to take part in any scientific event hosted by the Institute.

The scholarship deal is likewise open to trainees whose composing their thesis in a language other than English.

3. LSB: Luxembourg School of Organization Scholarship

The Luxembourg School of Company (LSB) offers two types of scholarships for international students who aspiration to pursue their MBA degree in LSB, Luxembourg.

It is a competitive-based scholarship awarded only according to a rigorous set of requirements. Interested applicants are required to submit first an application to the Weekend MBA before inquiring about a scholarship.

International Business Owner Scholarship (List of Luxembourg Scholarships)

The International Entrepreneur Scholarship program generally concentrates on applicants who have actually started their own company and wishes to enroll in LSB to acquire pertinent understanding, practice, and abilities. This Luxembourg scholarship award may conceal to 75% of the tuition expenditure. Applicants need to also send statements on how the Weekend MBA program will help them establish their endeavor.

Merit-based Scholarship

The Merit-based Scholarship program gives its support to proficient students who desire to get service knowledge in LSB.

Interested candidates for this scholarship program must send all the requirements and need to have shown their exceptional scholastic efficiency to be chosen.

All applications for the Luxembourg School of Service (LSB) Scholarship will be examined thoroughly based upon the provided MBA Application of the candidates.

Applicants who have applied for the scholarship should have shown exceptional records on their motivation letter, scholastic transcripts, letter of suggestion, and other supporting files.

4. Spiritual Heart University Scholarships

Sacred Heart University (SHU) offers a yearly Luxembourg scholarship program to trainees who wish to pursue their MBA degrees at SHU.

The program is also available to worldwide students who likewise aspirations to reduce the expense of their MBA education throughout their MBA study. Interested applicants may only make an application for one scholarship.

Merit-based: The merit-based scholarship grant is for trainees who have shown excellent academic track records. The basis of selection and decrease of fees are from the GMAT rating of the candidates. 10% reduction for 550-600, 15% for 601-650, and 20% for a score of 650 and above. In case the GMAT score is unavailable, accomplishments besides GMAT are accepted.

Internship: The program is for trainees who are presently pursuing their MBA degrees at the university. Students granted this scholarship shall get payment throughout their assigned internship. The length depends on particular requirements and will vary from 6-10 months. On the other hand, the trainee will receive a compensation between EUR1.000 to EUR1.400.

Real estate: The scholarship is for trainees who require monetary help on their real estate costs. Grantees from the scholarship will get real estate expenses at the university’s dorm throughout their study and will last after the trainee receives reimbursement from the internship. Approximately EUR 400- EUR500 will be provided monthly.

5. EBU: European Company University of Luxembourg Scholarships (List of Luxembourg Scholarships)

The European Company University of Luxembourg (EBU) offers a swimming pool of scholarships to help finance and assist their students throughout the study.

The EBU Africa, Central or South America, and Asia Scholarship programs are open to worldwide students who want to study at EBU under specific requirements.

This scholarship in Luxembourg intends to contribute to the Sustainable Advancement Goals by widening their trainee help to selected nations.

It will be a competitive selection, so students are needed to reveal and show outstanding requirements defined by the university.

Grantees from the EBU Scholarship program will require to pay first a EUR10 commitment/processing charge prior to getting the scholarship of EUR730.


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