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Study in Canada without IELTS 2022-23: Canada Fully Funded University Admission without IELTS

Are you an international student who feels like getting a scholarship without IELTS will be tough for him/her? Do you feel like there are no international scholarships out there that can allow you to study without any TOEFL, ILETS or GMATS scores, well you are wrong. There are plenty scholarships that can offer you scholarship to study in their prestigious and well conducive school environment to earn your certificate in any program of your choice. and guess what? Canada is one of the top destinations that offers the study in Canada without IELTS scholarship. If you are thrilled and happy about this, then read through this article to learn more about study in Canada without IELTS.

Study in Canada without IELTS

Most importantly, here in Canada students can get admission in an Undergraduate Degree, Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree.

There are many scholarships in Canada, thus has gain them more ground and making them more preferred destination for international students to study.

The quality of education in Canadian universities is the same like the USA, Canada also have high employment opportunities. Canada has a unique Quality of education and also has more than ninety-seven Universities offering 5000+ Courses.

The IELTS test prevents most students from applying for scholarships, however, lots of Canadian universities offer admission without IELTS test.

Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships are being accepted in many Canadian universities to start a degree program or non-degree programs.

Below, this article you will still get to see Many Excellent & Amazing Opportunities like Bachelors’, Master’s, Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada.

What is the IELTS Test? (Study in Canada without IELTS)

First of all, the word IELTS stands for: The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally standardized language assessment exam. Mostly, used by universities to assess the language skills of potential international students. For this test, students will obtain an overall score for all of their fundamental English language divided into four sections; reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Details of Universities in Canada Without IELTS

  • Host Country: Canada
  • Scholarship: Fully Funded
  • Programs: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD Degree Programs.
  • Deadline: Varies with the various university there.

More About the Study in Canada without IELTS 2022-23

There are some top universities in Canada and it is a great opportunity for international students to study in Canadian universities without IELTS.

For international students, Canada is a dream destination, a growing Nation and much cheaper as compared to other country.

Canada announced the establishment of 5000 scholarships in Canada in 2021, also more than 2,000 study projects in all academic fields and majors.

In addition to that, Canada has 97+ public universities that offer 15,000 study programs with Internationally Recognized Degrees.

Canada is a growing destination for international students, the reason for studying in Canada is to gain world-class experience from top Canadian universities.

These Scholarships are Funded by the Government of Canada & Public University Scholarships available for international students from all over the world to study.

Canadians welcome anyone who wants to study in the country and encourages international students to build a better future for themselves.

There are best universities in Canada with good and unique research facilities for Masters and PhD Scholarships in Canada.

Although most English-speaking Canadian institutions need IELTS scores for admission into their academic programs. However, it is very possible to get admitted to some colleges in Canada without IELTS scores.

If you are interested, get your documents ready with your visa and other necessary documents that allows you to study in Canada.

List of Universities Without IELTS in Canada

  1. University of Regina.
  2. Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  3. Concordia University.
  4. Cambrian University.
  5. University of Saskatchewan (Faculty wise vary).
  6. Brock of University.
  7. Carleton University.
  8. University of Winnipeg.
  9. University of Alberta (Faculty wise vary).
  10. Queens University, Canada.
  11. University of Guelph (Faculty wise vary).
  12. Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  13. University of Colorado.
  14. Northwood University.
  15. Algoma University.
  16. Brandon University.

Financial Benefits (Study in Canada without IELTS)

All approved applicants will get to enjoy the below benefits…

  • Travel expenses
  • Health and sickness insurance 
  • Free accommodation
  • Additional costs such as study, food, and book expenses 
  • The University or the organization will wholly or partially fund the tuition fee.
  • Monthly or annual stipends

A Little Hint on how to Select the Option for “Study in Canada Without IELTS”

They are:

  • After filling up the form and you are ask about your IELTS Score. Try to email them for IELTS Exemption if you are from English Speaking country.
  • If they ask you about your IELTS Score. Try to ask and submit English Proficiency Language Proof instead of IELTS. (That’s work for non-English speaking countries).
  • The above universities accepts students without IELTS score. So you can apply with them.

Alternative English Proficiency Tests Apart from IELTS

The following are alternatives to IELTS you can take:

  • Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Pearson Tests of English (PTE)
  • Duolingo
  • Canadian Academic English Language Assessment – CAEL, CAEL-CE, CAEL online
  • Cambridge Assessment English (C1 Advanced/C2 Proficiency)
  • CanTest by University of Ottawa
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  • Academic English Program for University and College Entry (AEPUCE).

Scholarships in Canada for Undergraduates

University of Toronto Scholarships: The University of Toronto, along with its faculties, campuses, and colleges awards approximately 4,400 scholarships each year.

Concordia University International Undergraduate Scholarships: Provide international students with a means to study at Concordia University in Montréal, open to international students.

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship: It is a Program for University of Toronto Undergraduate Students on tuition, books, and incidental fees. The scholarship will provide full residence support for four years.

York University International Student Scholarship Program: International students who have an excellent academic record are eligible for scholarships worth $60,000 – $100,000 for a four-year degree in Canada University.

Scholarships for international students: The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship is a prestigious award worth $60,000 over the four years.

University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards – Merit-based scholarships to study in Canada for international undergraduate students.

Scholarships in Canada for Masters (Study in Canada without IELTS)

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships – Scholarships and fellowships offered by the Canadian government to international students undertaking postgraduate study.

Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program – Scholarships awarded to Canadian students enrolled in a master’s degree or PhD program at an eligible.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program – The Canadian government offers doctoral scholarships to international students studying in Canada.

Canada Memorial Scholarship – British postgraduate students may apply for full scholarships to study at any accredited Canadian higher education.

UBC Graduate Scholarships – A searchable database of scholarships for master’s and PhD students at the University of British Columbia, including its four-year doctoral fellowships.

University of Alberta International Scholarships – The university offers a variety of scholarships to international students wishing to study at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship at University of Toronto  – Offers scholarships for domestic and international students to study at the University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies.

PhD, Scholarships in Canada

Ontario Trillium Scholarship: The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is for highly qualified students from all over the world who wish to pursue PhD programs. in Ontario under Canada University Admission. The University offers full scholarships to international students studying master’s and PhD programs. Available Programs more than 200 undergraduate programs, more than 500 graduate programs, and 300 research areas.

University of Ottawa Scholarships: Applicants can apply for scholarships to study undergraduate, masters, doctorate, microprograms, etc.

Simon Fraser University Scholarships: Undergraduate, Master and PhD programs are eligible for this scholarship.

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