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Study in Australia from UK: Australia as One of the Best Study Destination Country



Countless British individuals take a trip to Australia every year searching for heat filled adventures along remarkable beaches, stunning landscapes, hustling cities, in most cases a study in Australia from UK. Studying in Australia is the very best choice to really experience the true-blue Aussie lifestyle whilst having the ability to still go on adventures. Did you know that the country has a worldwide respected greater education system? It likewise has the 3rd greatest number of worldwide students in the world, behind just the United States and the UK. All these foreign trainees can’t be wrong so it’s not surprising that Australia is among the most popular research study locations on the planet.

Study in Australia from UK

The cost of living is high, so be prepared for the expense. Australians enjoy the great outdoors and walking along the beach or browsing is totally free.

In your study-free hours you can explore a variety of landscapes, from urban cities and seaside idylls to rain forests and the outback.

One thing’s for certain, you’ll never be short of locations to explore thanks to the country’s 19 world heritage websites.

A Rundown Details on Australia

A country built by migrants and ready to welcome you with open arms, Australia is among the most popular, distinct, and multicultural research study abroad destinations to pursue a Master’s degree, making it easy for worldwide students to suit.

Adding to Australia’s beauty is the unique and diverse natural environment, offering you red deserts on one side and rainforests on the other.

Australia is home to a number of top-ranked universities, with outstanding graduate programs, which are hosted in a few of the best student cities worldwide.

Australia is the 3rd most popular worldwide research study location in terms of the total variety of enrolled worldwide students.

Trainees can enlist in Master’s degrees from a large range of subjects consisting of: Computer Science, Company Administrations, Psychology, Electrical Engineering, Medication, and more.

Why Choose Australia for Research Study?

If you are questioning why go to Australia for research study, you ought to know that out of all the other nations, presently, Australia is the very best study location provided the plentiful job chances and migration possibilities it provides.

Australia has a lower tuition costs as compared to the UK and US. Additionally, studying in Australia will enable you to live like a local and explore places and culture around you.

Main actions to take for the Australian student visa (Study in Australia from UK)

Here is what British students need to do to get a student visa that will enable them to study in Australia:

If you are not an Australian resident, to study in Australia a student visa is needed. The trainee visa types vary depending on your scenario and that you describe the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs site to check your eligibility and the criteria.

British students perhaps need to provide biometrics throughout the visa application process. Your biometrics are, essentially, additional recognition (e.g. fingerprinting and pictures) that countries use for security functions.

You possibly have to attend a visa interview throughout the application procedure. The Trainee Visa Australia from Australia stands for as much as the duration specified on the official visa site.

That you can stay throughout your entire degree program, you might require to renew your visa every year.

If you want to stay in Australia after your degree is over, you will have to request a various visa, or a visa renewal through the migration office.

Australia Trainee visas

To study in Australia you must obtain a student visa. All worldwide students require to make an application for the Trainee visa (subclass 500) online, which allows you to study full time in Australia in an acknowledged education institution. This visa lasts approximately 5 years and costs around $575 Australian dollars (₤ 309).

To secure one you should: (Study in Australia from UK)

offer evidence that you have actually been accepted onto a course, be this a copy of your verification of enrolment or offer letter
offer evidence of your financial resources
have English language proficiency abilities
have health insurance
not have a significant rap sheet.

Nutshell Reasons why studying in Australia on the Student Visa is a great option

Study and Work: Australia is one of the few countries worldwide that grants working rights to worldwide trainees. You will have the ability to work up to 40 hours every fortnight while you study.

A trainee visa can last a long period of time. Some trainees will study for six months while others may study for 5 years or more on their Australian Trainee Visa. All of it depends on the length of your course( s).
No age restriction: There is no age limit for a trainee visa 18s. The main requirement is that you are a real trainee with a desire to study.

Include a person on your visa: You can include your partner or under-age kids when lodging your student visa application. This implies, if you are studying, your family may also have the ability to join you in Australia.

The Post Graduate visa: After you finish from your Australian certification, there are visa options that will allow 18 months, 2 years or perhaps 4 years work and travel. This means you will have the opportunity to work full-time and search for a sponsor or irreversible residency after your research studies.

Language requirements: Programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level are taught in English. In some cases you might need to provide proof of your proficiency in the language through an identified English language test.

Understand the fact that the skill level required by organizations can vary from the level needed on your student visa application


Research study Locations for either Australia or the United Kingdom (choosing Australia as destination country)

Reputation & Quality of Education

Both Australia and the UK are known for their great credibility and high quality of tertiary education. What does that truly suggest?

Australia is likewise considered as an international leader in education, which is one of the many reasons why students from around the world choose to pursue their studies there.

Not to forget it is just a couple of hours flight away from Singapore, making it perfect for good friends and household to check out frequently, and for trainees to fly house during brief breaks too.

Its impressive track record for research study attracts post-graduate trainees worldwide and the education provides a large history of teaching the world’s greatest leaders, artists and thinkers.

Studying in London is constantly popular amongst Singaporeans, where they get to live in one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities is a life-altering experience for anybody.

Employment Opportunities (Study in Australia from UK)

A lot of us choose an abroad education with the wish to improve future profession chances and to gain additional exposure to be market all set and have better potential graduate results.

In the UK and Australia, trainees are able to work and stay after they finish on a Post Research Study Work Visa.

Some courses likewise provide work experience or internships as part of the curriculum, offering students with a possibility to put their research studies into practice and add valuable market experience to their resume, along with a network of worldwide contacts.

Design of Education & Learning

In the UK, trainees at university are encouraged to discover separately which is quite different from the education style in Singapore.

Lecturers and Professors frequently provide trainees with specific standards and learning results throughout the course, leaving the students to research their own resources and critically examine and evaluate results by forming their own conclusions.

Australia on the other hand offers a combination of assisted knowing and education styles. University courses are made up of lectures and little class sized tutorials, group work and specific tests and essays.

In Australia you are anticipated to think artistically and independently, and hands-on experience is actively motivated.

Cost of Living

For lots of students, the decision ultimately comes down to cost. Trainees thinking about studying in Australia are looking at a variety between AUD$ 19,830 to AUD$ 25,000 per year. Students in the UK have the opportunity to get access to free medical care through the NHS if they are studying for more than six months.

Education system (Study in Australia from UK)

Universities in Australia allow students to pick from a large range of alternatives to choose from during the first year of study, before narrowing down their options later on.

Whereas the UK university admissions and clearing body UCAS only allows students to hold 2 offers, UK students, when using to Australian universities, can continue with as lots of as 5 offers, including 2 from the UK.

The two term Australian academic year runs from February to November. Three months summer season break enables students to take a trip back home, or commemorate Christmas with a barbecue on the Beach or a backpacking tour of Europe with good friends.

Pros and Cons of Studying in Australia, UK and the US

As we all know, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States are highly preferable destinations for trainees all over the globe. However, selecting amongst these 3 nations to study can be tough. So here we have actually detailed some advantages and disadvantages of the countries to clear the confusion..

Australia (Study in Australia from UK)


An inviting, social and vibrant culture.

Tuition fees in Australia are comparatively cheaper than in the US.

Trainee visa (subclass 500) allows trainees to work in Australia.

Lots of natural sites and activities.

Numerous identified and appreciated programs..

Australian universities like the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney are in the top 50 QS university ranking.


The high expense of living – Australia is one of the most pricey countries worldwide.

Australian speech design and accent – Some worldwide trainees believe that it’s really difficult to decode the Australian speech design and accent, in spite of exceling in English.



Staying in the nation, trainees can find a great deal of history..

As per the World University Rankings, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are the leading two universities in the world.

While studying in the UK, taking a trip across Europe is less expensive and much easier..

To be confessed in the law school, students do not need to compose LSAT (Law School Admission Test).


One of the world’s most expensive currencies.

The cost of living is high.

Mass transit fares are also high, especially for the railways. A public transportation pass may cost you in between ₤ 62 and ₤ 157, depending on the city you select to reside in..

USA (Study in Australia from UK)


Boasts many highly-ranked and prominent institutions.

Offers versatile education paths – Global students can consider going to neighborhood colleges and then later on relocate to a four-year school to get a bachelor’s degree..

Trainees can choose or pursue a specialized course amongst a wide range of subjects..


Numerous US colleges require ACT (American College Screening) or SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) ratings for admissions..

High tuition for international students..

Strict visa rules for global students with respect to working while studying and many other limitations..

The task market in the United States is really competitive, making it very hard for international students to find sponsorship to stay in the United States.


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