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Setbacks We Encounter In All Our Doings That Are Not The Machinations Of Our Enemies Or Satan

In this post i will calm down and explain to you all you need to know about our lifestyle, There are setbacks we encounter in all our doings that are not the machinations of our enemies or Satan.

Whether you are rich or poor, progressive or retrogressive, famous or underfoot, you are bound to have opponents and enviers. It’s a natural thing. Your ability to flaw them at all times and tower on to their chagrin now makes the difference.

Some setbacks are not natural. This doesn’t mean that when one is following the natural processes, they are suffering setbacks. No. A setback is different from an implausible denial. Nature might destine one great, but if care is not taken, the greatness may not manifest or could do so when the person’s grave is openly close.”Setbacks we encounter”

It’s not that you are not trying. It’s not that you are not working hard or using your brain the same way others do, it’s just that you are missing something so crucially common.

Go home and have a tete-a-tete with an elderly person in your family (extended or nuclear or kindred setting) who is not a churchgoer, and abreast with such a history.

Churchgoers don’t know anything. Ask him certain questions. Let it be down in the evening under a tree shed, available of which must be gift that’ll spur him to historical archival depth.

Ask if necessary ritual items were presented to your namesake before he or she died or up till now. Ask about how to settle the people that stand in for you in the spirit world — Igbo people refer to as “ndi obibia uwa”.

Ask if there’s anybody dead long ago but not buried in your family. Ask if there’s an ancestral iniquity committed by the family which the earth or the spirit is yet to be appeased. Ask if all the marital obligations have been met on your mother’s head (this has caused barrenness to many and marital chaos).

Start offsetting them one after another if not simultaneously. You are not liberating yourself from the thralldom of encompassing ills and setbacks alone, you might be liberating a generation.

If you don’t have such an elder, please, consult extensively.

Some pastors can reveal this to you or ask you to go and enquire. You can only find this set of pastors in Anambra State. They did these things before bowing to the call of ministry and that’s why they are making it.

Many people you think belong to occultic covens don’t actually do. Many you think are juju people are not. They only did the needful as stated above. Some people may not be suffering from these ills.

This is because, there may not be such backlog of unfulfilled obligations in their families. Forget about the cliche “we are from a Christian family”. From a Christian family but no one in the family has seen light. No one who’s owing will go to “heaven”. That’s by the way.

These spirits, the Igbo version of the biblical travelogical accounts, without doubts — deuterocanonical to some beliefs and ecclesiastical school of thought — will now fill you to the brim with fiery gravitas in all that you do, supernatural security, prosperity and suchlike.

Don’t patronize juju people.You are killing your destiny if you do. Don’t be washed naked by masquerading clergy claiming to be God’s representatives on earth. Only a few are called by God. And mind you, there’s God! He exists in the Igbo form and other forms, not only in the English form, and here is where the Christians so to speak miss it.

And remember that achievements are contextual and vary based on individual priority quotient. Setback may not necessarily be that you have not bought a car, built a house or married and bric-a-brac.

Many people trekking today have the cash to get cars or have sources through which they can get same. There are micro growth exigencies that one needs not be lagging behind in. When people no longer value your existence and presence, you are suffering a setback. When your services have become decrepit for use, you are suffering a setback.

When your opinions are no longer needed and are not material to the things of public interest, you are suffering a setback.

When people all of a sudden develop no interest in the things you can offer, setback has crept into your life.

When you can’t feed satisfactorily, and trouble adorns a greater part of your daily living all of a sudden, it’s symptomatic of setback and the only way to check it is to travel home–your village and ask about many things.

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