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32 Secret and Irresistible keyboard Combinations you should know Today

Have you ever thought of how many secret Irresistible keyboard Combinations inside of your computer? Only 20+ years ago, the most advanced computer had a hard drive capacity of 320 megabytes. Cool Right?

Meanwhile, this was considered as a break through on computer technology of that time. Since then a lot of thing have change, we almost don’t use mouse any more, going for touch pads and touch screens. But the keyboard is the only thing that seems to be unchanged. Here’s the list of all the hot keyboard combinations;

Top Irresistible keyboard combinations

Note that the keyboard combinations here are very handy and easy to use at all time with your windows and iOS devices;
  • Windows keyboard combinations
  • iOS keyboard combinations
Starting with windows Keyboard combinations which are 23 secret hidden combinations you should know;
The Windows key – located on the lower row to the left to the space bar. However, this windows key will be involved in all the combinations that I will be shearing with you here on windows keyboard combinations. Ready? Let’s go;

Windows keyboard combinations

Here are the list of Awesome Window Keys we should know today; below are Secret and Irresistible keyboard Combinations:

1. Windows key known as the Win Key
This key will open the windows menu once you tap on it for any windows operating system.
2. Windows key + A
In windows 10 it will open the Action Center, and the Action center will give quick access to your computer settings.
3. Windows Key + B
This combinations will help you locate the icons in the notification area and you can then switch between the icons using the arrow keys
4. Windows Key + Control Key + B
This combinations switches to a program indicating a new message in the notification area.
5. Windows key + C
This combination will show the side bar in windows 8 or 8.1 while in windows 10 it opens the cortana which will help you to use a supporting language to locate your PC files and more.
6. Windows key + D
Once you press the above combination you will see your desktop in matter of seconds.
7. Windows Key + E
This combination provides quick access to windows file Explorer in seconds. Just as easy and fast as possible.
8. Windows key + F
Once you press Win key and F key it opens directly a box to search for Files in other windows but in windows 10 it opens Feed back Hubs.
9. Windows key + Ctrl + F
This combination will open File Computers.

10. Windows key ” Win key” + G (Secret and Irresistible keyboard Combinations)

This works differently in different windows versions. In windows 7 and Vista it brings all the gadgets to the front of the background that you need to process at the moment while in windows 10 it opens the GAME BAR. Do you wanna play games PC? now you know how to do it quickly.
11. Win key + K
This will open a new start menu to take the following actions;
This keys works perfectly on windows 8 and 8.1 while in windows 10 it will open a connection menu for wireless display and audio devices connection.
12. Win key + L
This combination will change the user or lock the work station of your computer
13. Windows key + M
This is one of the hot keyboard combinations which we make use of every day as a Microsoft windows PC user. This combination will minimize our windows. Isn’t that awesome?… Get it cool to restore the minimized interface or windows now!…
14. Win key + Shift + M
This will Maximize the minimized windows, program or interface on the go.
15. Windows key + O
Will enable rotation and disable the Table display Mode on your windows
16. Windows key + P
Do you use any form of projector this combination will help you switch to any display you want in seconds on the following;
Computer only
Projector only
This keyboard combinations works on windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and above.
17. Windows key + Q
Are you searching for something on your computer. Win key plus Q is the right key to use were you will have access to search Everywhere and everything in your PC.

18. Windows key + R (Secret and Irresistible keyboard Combinations)

This combination will open a dialogue box for you just press win key+ R key and then choice a program or application you want to run or access.
19. Windows key + T
This combination focus on the Taskbar. Which only works in windows 7 and above.
20. Windows key + U
Here U stands for utility. When you press the above combination it opens the utility manager for you.
21. Windows key + W
This will open the windows the following direct access menu for you;
Sticky notes
Recent used App or other
Screen sketch
The above many are referred to as Windows Ink Work-space.
22. Windows key + X
This combination will open windows Mobile Application setup in your PC. Try this you will love the interface. This works only for more mobile computer in windows Vista and 7. While on windows 10 it will open a list of menu as follows;
Programs and features
Mobile center
Power options
Event viewer
Device Manager
Network connections
Disk management
Computer management
Command prompt
Task manager
Command prompt admin
Control panel
File explorer
Shutdown or sign out
Once you select any of the menu from the list above you will get to take the action as you want.
23. Windows key + Y
This is the last windows keyboard combinations we will be talking about on this page. However, once you press win key + Y it will open the Yahoo messenger for you if it is installed in the Computer.

9 Irresistible iOS Secret and Irresistible keyboard Combinations you will Love

Here on this sub topics ‘iOS hot keyboard combinations you should know‘ these includes the following combinations;
1. And 2. Command key + Up arrow or down arrow keys
This will help you more to navigate on websites very fast and easy by scrolling to the Top of the page you are on the sites.
However, if you want to go down the page use the win key + down arrow key.
3. Command key + colon and semicolon key
This combination will help you to cycle through misspelled words in any open document. Just press the command key and semicolon and here you go!
4. Command key + 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
This combination will gently be move through many open Tabs on your browser once a time as you change the Numbers. Easy! Isn’t it?
5. Option key + Delete key
This handy keyword combinations will delete one word at anytime, as opposite to one latter at a time. This works all across OS X, whether you’ re typing in text Edit or even when typing a website into your browser’s URL Bar.
6. Command key + H
This will help you hide all the open windows from the currently active windows. Just press the command key followed by H key to hide.

7. Command key + shift + T Key (Secret and Irresistible keyboard Combinations)

This combination is a life saver, if you accidentally close the windows of your browser and can’t remember the URL just press the command key plus shift followed by T key together.
8. Command key + F3 key
This will remove all open Apps from view and will take you directly to desktop and to bring your wine back press the command key plus F3 keys again.
9. Option keys + shift key + volume up or Down
This combination becomes very handy when you try to increase or reduce your audio option
However you can check out the top 9 windows 10 tricks and hidden features.
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