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Sabanci University Scholarship For International and African Students 2021

Have you been to turkey? do you know about the Sabanci Scholarship? well, you must not be there to learn a little about the university and the scholarship itself so therefore let’s discuss about the Sabanci University Scholarship. The Sabanci scholarship is a scholarship scheme for all international students across the globe who wish to improve more more on their educational portfolios.

Overview of Sabanci University Scholarship

Firstly, all academic fields and majors are available at Sabanci University for Bachelors, Masters and PhD Degree program. Also, the award will cover all the expenses to pursue degree from Turkey under this grants to all.

Furthermore, Sabancı University was established in 1999 and located in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition to that the University ranked between 351-400 worldwide.

The scholarship is open to all International Students from all over the world irrespective of their country. however, nor every students application will be eligible for the Scholarship at Sabanci University.

Most importantly, Students who wishes to upgrade in their Undergraduate Degree, Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree from Turkey are highly encouraged to apply. Therefore, the Turkey Scholarship is one of the Fully Funded Scholarships available for the academic session of 2021-2022.

A full academic fields and majors are available at Sabanci University for Bachelors, Masters and PhD Degree program. In addition to that, award will cover all the expenses to pursue degree from Turkey under this scholarship.

In addition to that,  the university provides best education to all national and international students. Finally the University has wide range of study areas for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degree program.

Details of the Scholarship (Sabanci University) 2021

  • University: Sabanci University
  • Degree level: Bachelors, Master, and PhD certificates
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible nationality: International countries
  • Award country: Turkey
  • Last Date: 28 August 2021 (for BS) 18 August 2021 (For MS, PhD).

Financial Benefits

Firstly, the Sabanci University Scholarship 2021 in Turkey is a Full Free scholarship for all candidates. However, every international student who applies to this University is automatically be considered for scholarship when they fulfill the requirements during application.

(Sabanci University Full Scholarship)

Firstly, It covers Full Tuition Fee Exemption, Monthly Stipend, and Dormitory Support.

Master Fee range of 2,500 TL/10 months + Dormitory (room for double)(**) for 10 months
Ph.D. Fee range of 3,000 TL/12 months + Dormitory (within the bounds of possibility single room, if occupied, room for double) for 12 months

(Full Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship and Dormitory Scholarship)

Master or Doctorate Students are provided “Full Tuition Fee Exemption” and “Dormitory Support.

(Sabanci University Undergraduate Scholarship)

However, If you want to be considered for this award, here are few other steps to follow. Firstly, all the Students are required to Submit the Documents they will be evaluated by the scholarship.

Moving further to create a committee and these can raise your Chances. However, all the candidates will be automatically considered for the scholarship.

Finally, candidates should get academic background, transcripts, exam results, reference letters, interview results. They can also get any document showing your academic success such as prizes in the competitions, any Olympiad certificates will be considered by the Scholarship.

List of Available Study Fields

New academic program offered by Sabanci University in academic session of 2020-21. List is given below:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
    1. Cyber Security (MS, PhD)
    2. Electronics Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
    3. Energy Technologies and Management (MS, PhD)
    4. Mathematics (BS, MS, PhD)
    5. Industrial Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
    6. Manufacturing Engineering (MS, PhD)
    7. Materials Science and Nano Eng (BS, MS, PhD)
    8. Computer Science and Eng (BS, MS, PhD)
    9. Mechatronics Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
    10. Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bio engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
    11. Physics (MS, PhD)
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    1. Cultural Studies (MS)
    2. Economics (BS, MS, PhD)
    3. History (MS, PhD)
    4. Political Science (MS, PhD)
    5. Psychology (BS, MS)
    6. Turkish Studies (MS)
    7. Political Science and International Relations (BS)
    8. Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (BS, MS)
  • Sabanci Business School
    1. Management (BS, PhD)
    2. MSc Business Analytics (MS)
    3. MBA (MS)

Application Requirements

Firstly, to apply for this scholarship some requirements must be followed by candidates. Have a look below for for details:

  • For Graduate
  • For Undergraduate
  1. Online Application Form (
  2. The copy of the exam/diploma result(s) accepted by the University (Sabanci University SAT Code: 7100).
  3. If taken before, copy of language proficiency exam score (TOEFL with minimum score 80).
  4. Therefore, you can submit an academic letter of recommendation.
  5. If available, the photocopy of High School Diploma (if in another language rather than Turkish or English, notarized translation should also be submitted).
  6. Official transcript, showing all courses and grades taken in the entire high school education, sealed and approved by the authority of that high school.

Application requirements for the university purpose

  1. students should be able to submit their documents like: (SAT, GCE, ACT, etc.). Also, diploma certificate should be submitted together with the Original Test Score.
  2. get the original certificate of school diploma (language translation can be verified).
  3. High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Education.
  4. Also, try to submit the Original Transcript (language translation can be verified).
  5. Photocopies of the applicant’s passport with photograph affixed, identification information and the copy of visa page. Both sided copy of the Residence Permit, if taken before (obtained from Immigration Office).
  6. candidates should get 8 passport size (4.5 x 6 cm) photos.

Read also:

  1. Identification and Address Declaration Form: This form will be sent to the students before registration. It should be filled and submitted on registration dates.
  2. Financial Commitment Form: This form will be sent to the students before registration. It should be filled and submitted on registration dates.
  3. Student ID Card Form: This form will be sent to the students before registration. It should be filled and submitted on registration dates. Forms submitted without photo will not be accepted.
  4. Original language proficiency certificate for the students who would like to be exempted from Foundation Development Year
  5. Letter of attorney is required for the students under 18 years old (if they are unable to come together with their guardians/parents/legal representatives)
  6. Student Information Form: This online form should be completed from “” page by filling all parts. It is necessary to submit its print out with student’s signature to Student Resources. To be able to fill the form, it is necessary to create a Sabanci University account. Steps for creating the account will be sent to the students before registration.
  7. Information and Declaration Form: students will receive this form before registration. It should be filled and submitted on registration dates.

Application Deadlines

Note: The last date to apply online for the Sabanci University Scholarship 2021 in Turkey is 28th August 2021. This 28 august is for Undergraduate Degree and 18th August 2021 for Masters & PhD Degree.

#Finally, one can apply to secure your scholarship and get enroll for the course of your choice. Check more details under.

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