Nollywood Actress, Chacha Eke Divorce her 7 years Marriage with Faani Stating Reasons in a viral video

Nollywood seasoned actress, Chacha Eke who got married to a Nollywood seasoned movie producer and director, Faani seven years ago, has announced her divorce, stating reasons in a viral video.Nollywood Actress, Chacha Eke Divorce her 7 years Marriage with Faani Stating Reasons in a viral video

Chacha Eke is from Ngbo community, Ohaukwu LGA of Ebonyi State. Daughter of a former Commissioner for Education in Ebonyi State, Professor John Eke.

Any man who can’t make it in marriage with an Ebonyi woman I don’t think can make it by one-third with any other elsewhere.

Even as myself will not make it to a woman from Ebonyi for a reason beyond my control, I make bold to say that Ebonyi State produces best wife materials in the whole of Africa. This is not a hyperbolic statement.

This is more with girls that come from Ezaa, Ikwo, Izii, Agba, Ngbo, Ezillo, and indeed every other axis of the state.

Our women persevere all manner of conditions a man could be characterized with. Prostitution in marriage is a taboo to them. It’s only our men that are a little way promiscuous, 30 % of them, moreover those from Ikwo.

No matter how material the economic and financial status of parents of our people are, the culture of moral upbringing reflects in their marriage.

Faani must have been suffering our daughter (Chacha) too much to have warranted her divorcing him.

Chacha is one of the few decently costumed and dressed Nollywood female stars, if not the best among her equals. She’s very decorous in her carriage. Stardom doesn’t, and has never carried her away from sanity.

Our girls married outside suffer a lot of ills in their matrimonial homes — moreover in Anambra State.

It’s high time our girls are respected by their husbands and should not be treated disdainfully. If you cannot take our women for true wives, please, leave them for us.

We are capable of taking care of them. Stop calling us names and still sneak in to pick our well-packaged girls whom you will later humiliate. We can’t take it anymore.

Our girls, too, should be wary of their desperation to marry “outside”. You should allow nature choose for you.

There’s no special thing about that “outside”. Accept the hustling beginner and forge him into your standard if you so think you or your parents are wealthy.

Stop distorting your marital sanity by pegging marriage to a particular place or people or standard of family. Allow nature decree over your marital journey.

If you can’t make it with an Ebonyi daughter, young man, you can’t make it with any other elsewhere. Our girls are very beautiful with perfect physique, respectful, brilliant, industrious, perseverant, etc.

Faani must have dealt with our sister but, before we raise the sledgehammer of judgement, may the two put behind their differences and remarry themselves if their differences are conciliable. Nollywood Actress, Chacha Eke Divorce

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